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Ashrams / Re: Request for stay in the Ashram
« on: January 05, 2018, 01:19:47 AM »
Thanks for the details!

Ashrams / Request for stay in the Ashram
« on: January 03, 2018, 08:06:19 PM »

I have been requesting for a visit to the ashram but I have been declined twice! The second time, it almost sounded rude! Please help me! I want to visit the ashram. I am from Bangalore, India.

Can anyone help me? Any date is fine with me. Thanks!

OM Namo Bhagavate Sri Arunchala Ramanaya

Dear Kripa,

Welcome to this forum.

Most Vedantic teachers today talks about Sravana, Manana and Nidhidhyasan of Maha Vakyams. This results in the mind thinking / imagining about Brahman and tries hard to claim that I am Brahman.  The outcome faced by most who followed this process is thus confusion.

One of the works of Bhagavan (Ulladhu Narpathu) : Do we say continuously man to claim that I am man.

For a Vedantic student who wants to start understanding Bhagavan's teachings, I would suggest the book:

Tamil book: Ramana Vazhi by Sadhu OM. Available for purchase at Sri Ramanasramam Book store (one can buy online from their online store too)

English translation of this book (The Path of Ramana) is also available (

Wish you all the best in your quest.


Thanks for the valuable suggestion Ramesh.

One thing I have observed among Ramana's disciples/followers is that there is no unanimity with regards to Ramana's original teachings. Hence I'd like to ask you this : who is the best authority in all matters concerning Ramana?

Further, I'd like to know your thoughts on the similarity and difference between Vedanta and Ramana's teachings. Whether the philosophy is same but approach is different or both are different or both are same. From your response, it appears that the philosophy is same but approach is different. Please help me resolve this doubt.


Dear kripa44,


Welcome to the forum.

About Bhagavan's teachings,well,in philosophical therms,His main teaching is certainly 'Nothing ever happened'. This is,sure,seen ans spoken from the perspective of the Self realized Sage.  But,Bhagavan preached differently according to temperaments of many different seekers who came to Him searching for the Truth.
His ultimate teaching is certainly only Silence.
Yes,i could say He certainly preached Advaita Vedanta. But,i also saw aspects of all other philosophies and teachings in His words. So,for me,it is very hard to put Him in any category.
And there lies His Greatness actually. In every sense His teachings are much more than Advaita,Dvaita,and such. They are based on the Truth,and they incorporate all philosophies. The reason is everything about Bhagavan; His unique temperament,His beautiful nature,His way of approach to devotees,to all aound Him,to the world in general. And,most important,His way of approach to the Self. So to say. And there lies His liberality,how You call it. It is the same Truth,but the Truth preached from the mouth of one beautiful man,in every sense of this word. Of the One who spoke only from the highest state,from Love Itself.
So,'the Sage' is the right word to describe Bhgavan. Or how many call Him,the Silent Sage of Arunachala.

Advaita Vedanta or not, i find these classifications truly non important. And i could never make one. I feel,it would make everything about Bhagavan rigid and placed it in some category,when He is above all categories. Simply,the beauty would be lost.

In fact,that can be said for many Great Sages. They always preached the highest Truth,but gave it names only for our sake.

Regarding Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj,i find His teachings to be same as Bhagavan's. Leading to the same Self,same Truth and Reality. They only differ in temperament and style. Someone preferes Bhagavan,someone Maharaj,but again,it only depends on the temperament of each seeker.

With love and prayers,

Thanks for the welcome Jewell.

I must say, I am quite satisfied by your answer. When I thought of Ramana as a 'liberal alternative to the traditional Vedanta', I was thinking within the Advaitic framework. But you have correctly pointed out that, he transcends even philosophical categorisations.

Another thing I'd like to add about Nisargadatta is that, I found his teachings to be very similar to Ramana. Owing to Ramana's silent nature, many think that Ramana's teachings are only for the advanced seekers whereas newbies like me find Nisargadatta's teachings to be more detailed compared to Ramana's. Hence I wanted to know if there are any subtle variations or differences among the two.

I thank you again for your kind response.

Namaste All,

I have been studying Advaita Vedanta for quite some time now and I have come across so many great testimonials about Ramana Maharshi. I have been able to get the gist of his teachings but several doubts still linger. I hope to get them clarified.

My first query is : Did Ramana practice and preach Advaita. I know he didn't pro actively preach anything but can his teachings be called Advaita. I got this doubt because the Wikipedia page on Ramana Maharshi says his teachings are different from Advaita Vedanta.

Second : I have read 'I am that' by Nisargadatta Maharaj. Can I reconcile Ramana's teachings with that of Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Third : can Ramana Maharshi be seen as a liberal alternative to the rigid caste-conscious traditional Vedantins?


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