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A good thought to use as the chosen thought is :
'who am i' or 'to whom has this thought arisen'

In 'Who am i?' (nan yar?) , the title given to a set of questions bearing on self-enquiry put to Ramana Maharshi by Sri M. Sivaprakasam Pillai...

Ramana Maharshi puts forth a raja yoga technique for rendering the mind quiescent.

The technique :

Pick a thought -> as each other thought arises, think the chosen thought

It does not matter how many thoughts arise, after each one, think the chosen thought.

Is is the intention of the technique to still the mind, and control thought to quiescence.

In addition to the mind control technique, another means for strengthening mind is through darshan (the company of spiritual presence).

It is my insight that if two raja yogi's practice this technique together they can enter into samadhi.

General topics / Stillness through Centering with one thought
« on: May 06, 2016, 10:15:15 AM »
In 'Who am i' Sri Ramana gives instruction on rendering the mind quiescent. He instructs to
still thought as each arising thought comes, by centering with one thought.

Centering here does not imply to focus or hold onto. It is simply to consciously think one thought, after mind begins to wander or un-center.

In addition to the technique, I have found profoundly deep stillness in sitting in the NY arunachala Ashram, and meeting with other spiritual devotees, 'satsang'.

I very much so believe that with the centering practice and satsang (centering with another practitioner) I can go to the deepest levels of stillness.

Has another devotee had this experience?

General topics / Re: Panic attack from extremely slowed down mind
« on: April 25, 2016, 09:23:03 AM »
It was momentary, mind was stopped because it met its desires of being in an ashram and having presence contact with a spiritually attractive devotee. It did not need to think any more about planning future to achieve sat sang, vasanas were gone, it was not possible to put attention on an object ,It was most striking how beyond impersonal it was, it was as if I died but death did not mean the end of existence. I didn't want to hold it steady because it was too scary, it was like the feeling of my foot falling asleep, but it was my existence falling asleep, and with such intense fear and dissapearance of any sense of I, I had to jerk myself out of it.

General topics / Re: Panic attack from extremely slowed down mind
« on: April 25, 2016, 08:42:43 AM »

Dear Sri Ravi,

However, as for breath getting shortened, I wish to say that this is sometimes caused by the fear which one experiences when one has the momentary glimpse of the Infinite Reality during Sadhana, and one is not yet ready to steady such divine experience.

This. It was the infinite, it was the unchanging.  it was also an intense pressure in the head but I was too afraid it was death, and I had to stop it. With a great spark of fear I threw my arms up into the air so as to snap out of it.

The conditions was a new devotee walking into the ashram sitting area and me sitting with purpose in his being. As other thoughts arose, one pointed control with repeating who am I.

Sat sang contact and attention on a single thought were the conditions.
My mind has a burning desire for contact with spiritual devotees, and it got it.
I cannot share in personal stories or small talk. I need the conscious presence of the spiritual human being. With enough attraction, my being can be brought immediately into the greatest depths of stillness.

Hey , I sent you a PM

General topics / Panic attack from extremely slowed down mind
« on: April 21, 2016, 07:11:00 AM »

Who am I
To whom has this thought arisen

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