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I totally agree with Sadhak. Most of us are unaware of these emotions. Congrats Krishna for observing. When I become aware then I remind myself to " Be in the Now". This always helps me. Especially worry, & Anger. Also, in such situations I thank the supreme God and say, " What ever I am today, I am deeply, Completely & consciously accepting my self". This is my 2 cents...!! :D

Warm Regards

Health & Welfare Issues / Re: Reiki Healing Practice
« on: March 02, 2016, 12:14:52 AM »
Dear Ritter,

Yes, I am a Reiki practitioner. I am new to this forum...just registered 2 days back. I learned Reiki I & II and Seichem I & II. Also, I am a certified Practitioner of Medical QiGong.

I know its almost 3 months that you posted.. :)If you see this, pl respond.


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