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Namaste all

I remember reading in different places Maharshi's comments on the role that time plays in the "process" of self-realisation (for want of a better word), in two different contexts, and wanted to trace the exact statements and sources:

1) Responding to some people's account of his own "awakening" experience, that it lasted half an hour (or some such duration).  His response, as I recall, was something like "It's a lie.  Maybe (?) minutes.  No, not even that-where does time enter in this!"  Can anyone here recall the exact statement, and its source?

2) In the larger context of the supposed role of time in sadhana.  Many seekers lament their slow progress, some even despair if, at the rate they are going, they will ever make it, etc.  I believe there are many statements in the scriptures which suggest that it takes several lifetimes even to acquire the necessary qualifications for the enquiry or sadhana.  At several places, Maharshi seems to have refuted this idea, or at least advised seekers not to be limited by such beliefs

I hope you will excuse me if this seems too vague or elementary!

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