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Arunachala / Deepam timings 2019
« on: November 29, 2019, 09:32:53 PM »
Namaste all,

It is sooo good to see that this forum is still continuing.  I don't live in India. Would it be possible to post the times and links of news organizations that are covering the Deepam 2019. I can watch it on the internet.

Thank you

Child of Arunachala

Dear All,

There is a posting on the " Tiru Community"  Facebook page on August 16, 2017 at 6.01 a.m. about the beating of animals and ill-treatment of sadhus and poor people in Ramana Ashram. 

There is also something on the Arunachala Grace blog at

I personally have witnessed Sadhus and poor people, especially if they are women, being treated very badly in Ramana Ashram. Even the women workers in the kitchen are treated so badly by men cooks.  Complaints to the management have not helped.

The only way for us NOT to  incur the karma is to stop donations to Ramana Ashram until they treat the sadhus with love, respect and kindness. The same goes for the women and the animals.  They are all children of Arunachala, like we are. 

The donations we are giving is making these workers very arrogant and helping them to go on a power trip. Please let us put an end to it.

We want Ramana Ashram Management to ensure that the Sadhus, women workers, poor people and animals are treated with love, respect and kindness.  Arunachala and Bhagavan are in all of these people. Maybe they have come disguised to see how much compassion and respect we have for them.

with love to all,
Child of Arunachala

General Discussion / The Promotion of Arunachala Aksharamanamalai
« on: October 05, 2014, 02:47:02 PM »
Dear All,

I am wondering if you all have noticed that there is an organized but very clumsy campaign to promote Bhagavan's Arunachala Aksharamanamalai. Ramana 'Devotees' suddenly drop, what is now being called, the 'A* bomb' in conversations, in emails, on forums even if they are not related to Bhagavan. It is like they are putting the Ramana stamp on the conversation or even worse, putting the Ramana stamp on Arunachala.

Maybe someone who stands to gain from the making and sale of CDs, donations, market share of devotees thought it was a great idea... but really it is having an adverse effect on many of us.

Bhagavan needs no promotion. His quiet, peaceful and sincere face says it all. 

Besides, let us be respectful of the other siddhars who have lived and continue to live in their subtle forms around Arunachala.

How about showing some respect for Arunachala? Bhagavan became who He is because of Arunachala not the reverse. 

I read somewhere that Bhagavan himself has said promoting him is not a seva or service to him. Going within and finding the 'I' would be the only service he expects from us. Let us not forget that. By organizing such campaigns, the masterminds are only revealing to the world where they are in their spiritual evolution even though they put up pretenses of being O! I am so Holy. IMO not very high up.

Just posting what many of us are beginning to feel and talk about this. So please, don't all pounce at me at once :-)

Child of Arunachala

Arunachala / Raining in Tiruvannamalai
« on: June 05, 2013, 02:45:06 PM »
Dear all,

I think it is raining right this minute in Tiruvannamalai. The webcam has big fresh drops of rain on it and Arunachala is looking so beautiful through those drops.

Child of Arunachala

Ashrams / Ramanasramam Kumbhabhishekham scheduled for Aug 25, 2013
« on: June 03, 2013, 03:03:51 AM »
According to the latest Sarangati eNewsletter, a Kumbhabhisekam is scheduled at Sri Ramanasramam for Aug 25, 2013. The gopuram and vimanam repairs will take two months and then the kumbhabhisekam.

There is a beautiful picture of Arunachala from the ashram. Check it out.

Arunachala / Surrendering a wish to Bhagavan and Arunachala
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:41:25 PM »
Namaste, all:


In 1908, Kavyakantha had asked Bhagavan, ........What about my aims and ideals?‖ Bhagavan replied, ―It will be better if you throw the entire burden on the Lord. He will carry it, and you will be free. He will do his part.

I surrender to Arunachala and Bhagavan my wish:

That Tiruvannamalai becomes a quiet and clean town like Tirupati or Vaishnoo Devi,

That the National Highway will no longer pass by Sri Ramanasramam on the Girivalam path.

That buses and SUVs will no longer honk in the vicinity of Arunachala and disturb me while I am trying to meditate on Arunachala. 

That people wanting to do Girivalam may do so at any time of the day or night without having to dodge those IDIOT  >:(  trucks, lorries, buses and those SUVs honking and driving at break-neck speed.

That autorickshaws are not so noisy.

That dogs don't bark.

That people don't turn on their TVs and loudspeakers so loud - this includes some ashrams and small temples. I don't mind getting up at 3.30 a.m. but I certainly don't want to be awakened to what someone else thinks I should awaken to. 

I pray that there are lots of trees on the girivalam path to provide shade cover for people doing girivalam. 

I pray that Arunachala helps us do something about the noise, air and water pollution in Tiruvannamalai and shortage of clean, affordable, nice housing for those of us who want to stay for longer periods of time than what Sri Ramanasramam will allow.

If there is anything else I have missed that erks you, please add to my prayer to Bhagavan and Arunachala.

Child of Arunachala 


Cautionary advice / The annoying sadhu of Tiru
« on: April 15, 2012, 03:57:49 PM »
I wonder if anyone else has had interaction with this tall, lanky, white-haired sadhu in Tiruvannamalai that I find really annoying. He wears an orange dhoti and is usually bare chested with a string of rudrakshas around his chest. Some times he wears an orange kurta. He speaks very good English and Tamil and is often to be seen in the big temple holding court or in the tea shop opposite Ramanasramam talking to westerners. If he comes into Ramanasramam, it is because he is trailing someone.

I find him really annoying. He has been trying to strike up a conversation with me for atleast a couple of years, he may have been watching me for more. When I am bargaining with a shop owner, he appears from no where and butts in.  He wants my cell phone number.  He wants to be my teacher and show me around the big temple but I really don't like him and don't want to talk to him but he doesn't get it.  Short of throwing stones at him, I don't know what else to do to him.

Enquiries at Ramanasramam revealed that he is the son of an honorable ex-employee. Somehow this boy (now a elderly man) went wayward and is begging on the streets.  Did I mention all he seems to be interested in is your money but uses spirituality as his vehicle to nab the first time westerner.

Every time I go to Tiru now, I send up a prayer that I don't have to see this person - the tall, lanky, white haired man in orange. I don't know his name and I don't want to know. That is how miffed I am at him  >:(

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