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                                                     OM NAMO BHAGWATE SRI RAMANAYA

Dear Devotees,

Sri Bhagwan says:
“It is enough that one surrenders oneself. Surrender is to give oneself up to the original cause of one’s being. Do not delude yourself by imagining such source to be some God outside you. One’s source is within yourself. Give yourself up to it. That means that you should seek the source and merge in it. “

We should note here that Sri Bhagwan says that only because we think or imagine ourselves to be out of It that we raise the question, “Whence are we? or, where is the source?”

Sri Muruganar, the great poet and devotee, sings:
“Be aware that the two paths of jnana and bhakti are inseparably related. Therefore, without separating one from the other through the delusion that they are different, practice both simultaneously and harmoniously in your heart.”
                                                                                         V-731, GVK, Edited by Sri David Godmam

 Sri Muruganar says that the claim that, out of these two i. e. Bhakti and Jnana, one is the means to the other, is due to simply not knowing the nature of either.

Thank you,

General topics / Maharshi Mehi Das
« on: October 17, 2010, 03:54:06 PM »
 Dear Devotees,

 Modern districts of Munger, Bhagalpur and adjoining districts constituted the ancient Kingdom of the Aung
 Pradesha of the King Karna of the Mahabharata.His capital was situated where there is today located
 the modern city of Munger on the Bank of the sacred river , the Ganges. Vestige and remains of his castle and
 attached buildings have been excavated and are protected by the Archeological Dept.

 There was approximately a 50 K.M.  long, deep and secret tunnel, much below the bed of the sacred river, connecting the cities of
 Munger and Bhagalpur in Bihar. To our wonder, this tunnel still exists, though in dilapidated and ruined condition.
 King Karna utilised this secret tunnel to rule over his kingdom.

 Maharshi Mehi Das attained Self-realisation meditating in this dark tunnel for several years. His Ashram is
 located where the tunnel emerges out or exits on the left bank of the Ganges in the city of Bhagalpur in Bihar.
 Maharshi lived in the late twentieth century and attained Maha nirvana  in eighties of the last century.He was 
 a famous sage of the eastern India. He has a very popular following in the eastern Bihar in particular and in the
 states of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orrisa etc. in general.

 I am not much aware about His Teaching but on the main gate of His Ashram are inscribed following 
 Sentences in Hindi :

 " That which jivas witness or experience ( Hindi word is darshan in verb form ), having severred identification
    with the 'jada tattva' and turned away from it, is called 'Ish Darshan'.
                                       ( Translation is my own. Please bear with it if there is any inaccuracy. )   

  Dr.Sarada asked Sri Muruganaron on a visit," Is it enough if I think of Bhagwan as my Guru and practice
  self-enquiry ?" On hearing the question Muruganar was deeply moved. He went red in face and
  his voice choked with emotion as he said 'Enough! Enough! Cent per cent sufficient.' After a moment's pause he
  added, 'More than hundred per cent sufficient.' He then stressed that Bhagwan is the only everlasting illumination
  within us and that His Presence is the only existence everywhere and for all time.

                                                                                                       From Surging Joy by
                                                                                                             Dr Sarada

General topics / No Ashram Like Sri Ramanasramam
« on: September 06, 2010, 03:19:21 PM »
    Where in the tree worlds one can find an Ashram like  Sri Ramanasramam ?
 In the cosy embrace of Lord Arunachala where His palpable Presence , as the Lord of the Universe,
 and as the Universal Guru in Bhagwan Sri Ramana, Sri Ramanasramam emanates  the 'Light of True Life',
 calm and serene, which emancipates the seekers from the mind's tyranny.

 Thank you.   

General Discussion / Sri Stefen Hawkin's new book 'The Grand Design'
« on: September 06, 2010, 09:53:27 AM »
 Sri Stefen Hawkin in his new forthcoming book 'The Grand Design', has , as per New Paper Reporting,
 has expounded that this our beautiful creation is without a Creator. Sri Bhagwan has once remarked
 that where goes the theories, inventions, hypotheses etc when he is in deep sleep slumber
 enjoying bliss ? In my view, those pursuing spiritual sadhana in India as well as abroad
 simly needs to ignore such fantastic hypotheses.

 thank you. 

   From 'Who Am I',

 Devotee:       Are there no other ways of destroying the mind ?
 Sri BhAGWAN: There is no other adequate method except Self-enquiry.If the mind is lulled by other means it stays
                     quit for a little and then springs up again and resumes its former activity.
 Devotee:        But when will all the instincts and tendencies (VASANAS), such as that to self-preservation,
                     be subdued in us ?
 Sri Bhagwan:   The more you withdraw into the Self, the more these tendencies wither, and finally they
                     drop off.

  When Sri Ganapati Sastri submitted to Sri Bhagwan that all that had to be read he had read,even Vedanta 
  Sastra  he had fully understood; he had performed japa to his heart's content; yet had he not up to that time
  understood what tapes was. Therefore, he sought refuse at His feet. He prayed to Sri Bhagwan to enlighten
  him as to the nature of tapas.

 Sri Bhagwan : " If one watches whence the notion 'I' arises, the mind is absorbed into That; that is tapas. When
                      a mantra is repeated, if one watches the Source from which point exactly in the body
                      the mantra sound is produced the mind is absorbed in that ; that is tapas."

    From Talks,
  Sri Bhagwan: The quest "Who am I" is the axe with which to cut the ego.

 Profound,profound Self-enquiry can penetrate to the core of one's being and break it open.
 Watching keenly, with one pointed concentration, the point from where exactly the mantra sound is
 produced is, in my opinion, integral part of the Self-enquiry.

 Thank you.       

General topics / Self-Not Self
« on: August 21, 2010, 02:43:30 PM »
 My body sits, stands, plays, eats, walks, runs, drinks, etc., but I say I sit, stand, play,eat, walk, run, drink, etc.
 My body-mind complex thinks, writes, talks, speaks etc., but I say I think, write ,talk, speak, etc.

 Who Am I ?

 Bhagwan Sri Ramana says that the 'Self', that is 'Aham' or 'I' is quite different from the three bodies i.e.
 gross, mental, and astral which are 'Not-Self'. It is because of  ignorance that the 'sense of Self '
 or the 'I-Notion' is erroneously foisted on that which is 'Not-Self'.And this is the bondage or Hriday-Jada
 Granthi as this is generally known.This erroneous foisting of Self on the Not-Self is the genesis of all the
 troubles.Since this Granthi arises due to ignorance only, knowledge ensues Light, and knowledge of one's
 own Self.To know thus from the Guru is the Sravana.

 Sri Bhagwan says that after Sravana, contemplating deeply and discovering through subtle 'Enquiry'
 of 'Who Am I ?' that which is different from the three bodies and exists Single and Universal
 in the 'Heart' as 'Aham' or 'I' is Manana. Sri Bhagwan says that this 'I' is denoted by tvam in the Scriptural
 Mahavakya 'Tat tvam asi' (That thou art) as delicately as a stalk of grass is drawn from its sheath.
 And this leads to Samadhi.

                                             Arunachal Shiv Ramana           

   Om Cinmudrine Namah

 "That, which is called Brahman, the supreme reality,cannot be imparted to others by words. It can only be taught
  by Mouna,unqualified silence. Though Bhagwan graciously wrote explanatory texts and spoke to all who were
  sincere in their enquiries , it was the silent, powerful presence of Sri Bhagwan that was His supreme teaching".

                                                                                                  Mountain Path,July-October, 2006 

 From 'Forty Verses In Adoration Of Sri Ramana' by Sri Ganpati Muni

 Verse I8

 "Now, when righteousness has been destroyed,when the three worlds are in turmoil of evil, when
 people vainly bandy about knowledge in terms of words, and when the very existence of the Supreme Lord, the
 Father, is in vacillation and doubt, who else but you could be the refuge of good people,
 O Peacock borne, in the mask of man!"

 Verse 32,

 "Striking at the 'I-thought' of these human beasts, you cook them and hand them over to the Supreme Siva
  as food".

 Verse 34,

 "Plunging again and again into the ocean of births and deaths, at long last, thoroughly fatigued , we,
  thy devotees, have, now taken shelter under the haven of the pair of thy lotus feet.
  O Ramana, Our Lord merciful, the abode of all auspiciousness, protect us with thy sidelong glances, moist with

 Thank You.


                                                    Arunachal Shiv Ramana


  Sri Bhagwan has taught:

               Absolute Conciousness or Sri Arunachala or Sri Ramana is the Self or The Original Source.
                                                (Abstract Knowledge)
                 From the Original Source rises the ego or the mind.

                 From the ego rise the thoughts.

                 Thoughts give rise to words

                 Therefore,it follows naturally that words are the great grandson of the Original Source.

                 If words can produce effect, how much more powerful shoud be preaching through Silence ?


                                                     Arunachal Shiv Ramana       

General topics / Satsang
« on: August 05, 2010, 02:25:41 PM »
 Dear Devotees,

 When I was drawn irrevocably to Bhagwan Sri Ramana and and knew intuitively that He is my Guru, I wished with
 an overwhelming urge to talk about Him,His life on the earth His teaching, etc.Then in the initial years I tried invain
 to look for devotees of Sri Bhagwan in Patna where I come from and then at my present place of posting at
 Bhagalpur,in Bihar. But to my dismay I found no one. Then In Talk no 482 on page 479 I read the following:

 Devotee-"My profession requires my stay in my place. I can not remain in the vicinity of sadhus.Can I have
 realisation in the absence of Sat Sanga as necessiated by my circumstances ?"

 Sri Bhagwan-"Sat is aham pratyaya saram=the Self of selves. The sadhu is that of Self of selves. He is immanent in
 all. Can anyone remain without the Self ? No. So no one is away from sat sanga."

 I need not say that above reply of Sri Bhagwan consoled me like nothing else and gave me courage and   
 solace to follow steadfastly His Teaching.

 Thank you.


                                                     Arunachal Shiv Ramana   

Ashrams / How To Reach Tiruvannamalai ?
« on: August 04, 2010, 02:39:49 PM »
 Dear Sir,

 I come from Patna,Bihar.I wish to visit the Ashram in the month of November.I shall board Patna-Bangalore
 Saghmitra Express which runs via Chennai. On which railway station should I leave the train to reach
 Tiruvannamalai comfortably. Should I board a taxi or a bus ? Kindly inform.

 Thank you.


  My name is Anil Kumar Sinha. I am very interested in Satsang with the devotees of Bhagwan Sri Ramana
  in Patna,Bihar.I do not know anyone of you in Patna. However, if you are out there, and wish to participate in
  Satsang and discussion over the teachings of Bhagwan Sri Ramana in Patna, please get in touch with me.
  Thank you.


                                                        Arunachal shiv Ramana

General topics / Baba Sri Baidnath-Sultanganj to Deoghar
« on: August 03, 2010, 01:51:06 PM »
Dear devotees,

 I do not know how many of you are aware of Baba Sri Baidnath,The Chief Deity in this part of our country (Bihar
 Jharkhand,Orrisa,etc.).Baba Sri Baidnath,One of The Twelve Jyotirlingams,is located in Deoghar, about 220 K.m.,
 in the state Of Jharkhand.

 In the month of Shrawan, all 30 days of the month, more than a hundred thousand (one lakh) devotees of
 Sri Lord Shiva from all over the world take water daily from the Holy River Ganga from Sultanganj,about 200
 K.M. east from Patna, in the state of Bihar.Putting on bhagwa approns,they tread about 105 K.M. on foot,
 strictly bare footed,a difficult path which in certain reaches is thorny and in other reaches either sharply edged
 beaten, pebbled hilly path or metalled road. Devotees of lord Shiva negotiate this path carrying the holy Ganga
 water observing utmost purity in about three days. But many people take upto seven days depending on their
 physical ability. At last when they reach Deoghar, they pour holy Ganga water over the The Siva
 Lingam after Darshan admist great thunderous chanting,"Hail to Lord Shiva".The Piety and religious 
 and spiritual fervour with which devotees undergo the whole process can not be described.The
 105 K.M. sanctified Path is known as the 'Kanwar Path' and and devotees treading the path, carrying
 the holy water, are called Kanwarias or Bams.

 In this part of the country,this Kanwar Journey by devotees of Lord Shiva is regarded as of great religious and
 spiritual importance and every devotee aspires to perfom it as soon as they could.

 Thank you.


                                                     Arunachal shiv Ramana                 

General topics / Why Advaita is Not To Be Applied to the Guru ?
« on: July 30, 2010, 01:36:00 PM »
  One of Patanjali's Yog Sutras as wll as the Verse No 39 in 'Forty Verses On Reality: Supplement',
  which has been taken from Tattvopadesha by Shri Adi Shankara states:-

          "Keep advaita within the Heart. Do not ever carry it into action. Even if you
           apply it to all the three worlds, O Son, it is not to be applied to the Guru."


                                                 Shri Arunachal Shiv Ramana 

 Dear Devotees Of Bhagwan Shri Ramana,

 An ignorant fool that one is, by His Mercy and Grace, he is drawn irresistibly to Him, like a very small piece of iron
 to a very, very powerful magnet.Inspiration,intuition and knowledge of His Sublime Life in this world of illusory
 forms make a devotee out of him.Slowly but surely his bhakti deepens to ananya bhakti. Meanwhile, he, by His
 Grace,practices Self Enquiry which first cleanses him, internalises his consciousness within, and inspires to keep
 his attention unwaveringly on himself.Feeling and experience of I-ness deepens and expands within him which help 
 him identify the ego better.The non-existence and spuriousness of the ego becomes manifest to him.And then
 His All Pervading Grace teaches him to,'Be As  He Is.' which becomes his Sadhana as well as the Goal-his 

 Oh Bhagwan Shri Ramana ! Take me from the darkness to Your Light.
 O Shri Arunachal Shiv Ramana ! Absorb my head to Your All Pervading and Grace Bestowing Feet.
 O Shri Raman Mahadev,
                                I do not know whether You called me or not.
                                 But I have come.
                                 Now my yog as well as chhem are Your responsibiliy.   

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