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There is a difference between the yoga which has been taught by the sastras and the Self-enquiry taught by Sri Bhagavan. Accepting the wrong understanding of ordinary people, 'I am this body, I have a separate existence', as the base, the sastras teach the four yogas, namely karma yoga,bhakti yoga, raja yoga and jnana yoga:-

1. 'Act without attachment to the fruit thereof', says karma
2. 'Do not love any other thing; love God alone', says bhakti
3. 'By separating yourself from God, you have degraded
yourself into a petty individual soul (jiva); go and unite
with Him again', says raja yoga.
4. 'Know God', says jnana yoga.

In each of these four yogas, there must be an 'I': an 'I' to do action without attachment to the fruit thereof; an 'I' to love God; an 'I' that separated itself from God and that must now go back and unite with Him; and an 'I' which was so far ignorant of God and which is now trying to know Him. Thus, in all these four yogas the individual existence of an 'I'in the form of 'I am this' or ?I am so-and-so? is indispensable. Without this 'I', no yoga can be performed!Then, is it not necessary first of all to find out: 'Who is this I? Does he actually exist? Does he have a separate existence? Is he real?' Instead of frittering away one?s energy in attempting to attain the much cherished Godhood through the four yogas, it would be easier, more important and also best to know oneself first by scrutinizing 'Who am I ? what is my true nature or existence?'. Until and unless a doubt-free knowledge of oneself is obtained, however much one may know about God by reading about Him, hearing  about Him, or seeing visions of Him, doubts and miseries will be rising in one again and again ? because there is an 'I'. It is only after accepting the conception that this 'I' who is to perform the four yogas is a separate entity that the sastras have given us the teachings on them.

But Bhagavan Sri Ramana does not at all allow us to accept this conception!

 First set about to enquire and know yourself, and after knowing yourself, if 'you are still in need of anything (God, liberation, happiness, etc.), let us look to it then', advises Sri Bhagavan !
The 'I am   the body'-consciousness (dehatma-buddhi) is the individual soul (jiva); in other words, the nature of the individual soul is nothing but the wrong knowledge 'I am the body'.

Since the body is insentient, it has no 'I'-consciousness; hence this consciousness (which rises as'I am the body') cannot be said to be the body! Can we thencall it Self (atman), since it is an 'I'-consciousness? No, we cannot, for rising and setting is not the nature of Self. The nature of Self is existence-consciousness (sat-chit), shining ever as 'I am' without rising and setting. thus, this
consciousness 'I am the body', which has a rising and a setting, cannot be said to be Self either. It is neither Self,which is consciousness, nor the body, which is insentient! It is a ghost-like false appearance, taking the size of the body as its own size, being limited by time and space, being a mixure of the quality of the body (i.e. rising and setting) and the quality of Self (i.e. shining as an 'I'-consciousness), but at the same time alien to both of them, and rising as a knot (granthi) between Self (chit) and the insentient body (jada)? chit-jada-granthi. This is the ego, otherwise called  bondage, soul, subtle body, samsara (the mundane state of activity) mind and so on.

Presupposing the existence of a non-existent thing and then wanting to get salvation for that imaginary 'I', you have to start and try to do so through the above-said four paths of yoga. When your sadhanas themselves become a means of giving life to the non-existent ego, how can they destroy it? To do any sadhana except Self-enquiry (atmavichara), the existence of the mind (jiva) is indispensable.
For, how to perform those sadhanas without the mind? To try to destroy the ego by sadhanas other than Self-enquiry is to be just like a thief turning himself into a policeman to catch the thief who is none but himself. Only Self-enquiry can reveal the truth that the ego (mind or jiva) has no existence whatsoever!

So do not accept this ego, the truth of which you have not yet found out by scrutiny; deny it by giving no importance to its existence, root it out and burn it to extinction by attending to how or from what (whence) it rises! Instead of doing so, if you accept it as a real entity even before enquiring and finding out what it is (i.e. before finding out 'Who am I?'), it itself will be a fetter to you and will create many non-existent obstacles (such as lust, anger, etc.) for you, and will then involve you in the aforesaid unnecessary efforts to overcome them' ? thus says Sri Bhagavan.

Sri Bhagavan used to say that nishkamya karma (desireless action) cannot be done so long as there is a sense of doership while performing the action. Whether one wants the result of the action or
not, it will certainly give him the fruit since he remains as an entity, the doer. So it should be corrected to 'nishkartritva karma' (doershipless action) instead of nishkamya karma. Thus, the real defect in performing karmas is the doership and not the expectation.


The Srimad Bhagavata / Excerpts from Srimad Bhagavatam
« on: October 10, 2014, 01:41:00 AM »

Gajendra's Prayers of Surrender

Gajendra said:
I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Person, Vasudeva [om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.
 Because of Him this material body acts due to the presence of spirit, and He is therefore the root cause of everyone.
He is worshipable for such exalted Gods as Brahma and Shiva, and He has entered the heart of every living being.
Let me meditate upon Him.
The Supreme Godhead is the One on which everything rests,
the ingredient by which everything has been produced,
and the Onewho has created and is the only cause of this cosmic manifestation.
 Not bound by the works of cause and effect(karma).
I surrender unto Him, the Supreme Lord, who is self-sufficient in everything.
The Supreme Lord, by expanding His own energy,
keeps this cosmic manifestation visible and again sometimes renders it invisible.
He is both the supreme cause and the supreme result, the observer and the witness, in all circumstances.
Thus He is transcendental to everything. May that Supreme Lord give me protection.

In due course of time, when all the causative and effective manifestations of the universe,
 including the planets and their directors and maintainers, are annihilated, there is a situation of dense darkness.
Above this darkness, however, is the Supreme Lord, I take shelter of His lotus feet.

An artist onstage, being covered by attractive dresses and dancing with different movements, is not understood by his audience;
 similarly, the activities and features of the Supreme Artist cannot be understood even by the demigods or great sages,
and certainly not by those who are unintelligent like animals.
Neither the demigods and sages nor the unintelligent can understand the features of the Lord,
 nor can they express in words His actual position. May that Supreme Lord give me protection.
Renunciants and great sages who see all living beings equally,
 who are friendly to everyone and who flawlessly practice in the forest the vows of brahmacarya [celibate student],
vanaprastha [retired] and sannyasa [renunciation] desire to see the all-auspicious lotus feet of the Supreme.
May that same Supreme Lord be my destination.
The Lord has no material birth, activities, name, form, qualities or faults.
To fulfill the purpose for which this material world is created and destroyed,
He comes in the form of a human being like Lord Rama or Lord Krishna by His original internal potency.
 He has immense potency, and in various forms, all free from material contamination, He acts wonderfully.
He is therefore the Supreme Brahman. I offer my respects to Him.

I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Lord, the self-effulgent Supersoul,
who is the witness in everyone's heart, who enlightens the individual soul
and who cannot be reached by exercises of the mind, words or consciousness.
The Supreme Lord is realized by pure Souls who are devoted to Him.
 He is the bestower of uncontaminated happiness and is the master of the transcendence.
Therefore I offer my respects unto Him.
I offer my respect to Lord Vasudeva, who is all-pervading, to the Lord's fierce form as Lord Nrisimhadeva,
to the Lord's form as an animal [Lord Varahadeva],to Lord Dattatreya, who preached impersonalism, to Lord Buddha,
and to all the other incarnations.I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Lord,
who has no material qualities but who accepts the three qualities of goodness, passion and ignorance within this material world.
 I also offer my respectful obeisances unto the impersonal Brahman effulgence.

I beg to offer my respectful obeisances unto You,
who are the Supersoul, the superintendent of everything, and the witness of all that occurs.
 You are the Supreme Person, the origin of material nature and of the total material energy.
You are also the owner of the material body. Therefore, You are the everything.
 I offer my respectful obeisances unto You.

My Lord, You are the observer of all the objectives of the senses.
Without Your mercy, there is no possibility of solving the problem of doubts.
The material world is just like a shadow resembling You.
Indeed, one accepts this material world as real because it gives a glimpse of Your existence.
My Lord, You are the cause of all causes, but You Yourself have no causes. Therefore You are the wonderful cause of everything.
I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, who are the shelter of the Vedic knowledge contained in the shastras
 like the Pancharatras and Vedanta-sutra, which are Your representations, and who are the source of the parampara system.
Because it is You who can give liberation, You are the only shelter for all transcendentalists.
Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto You.

My Lord, as the fire in arani wood is covered, You and Your unlimited knowledge are covered by the material modes of nature.
Your mind, however, is not attentive to the activities of the modes of nature.
Those who are advanced in yoga are not subject to the regulative principles directed in the Vedic literature.
Because such advanced souls are transcendental, You personally appear in their pure minds.
Therefore I offer my respectful obeisances unto You.
Since an animal such as I has surrendered unto You,
who are supremely liberated, certainly You will release me from this dangerous position.
Indeed, being extremely merciful, You incessantly try to deliver me.
Like Paramatma, You are situated in the hearts of all embodied beings.
 You are celebrated as direct transcendental knowledge, and You are unlimited.
 I offer my respectful obeisances unto You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

My Lord, those who are completely freed from material contamination
always meditate upon You within the depths of their hearts.
 You are extremely difficult to attain for those like me who are too attached to mental concoction,
home, relatives, friends, money, servants and assistants.
You are the Supreme Lord, uncontaminated by the modes of nature.
You are the reservoir of all enlightenment, the supreme controller.
I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto You.
After worshiping the Supreme Lord, those who are interested in the four principles of religion,
economic development, sense gratification and liberation obtain from Him what they desire.
What then is to be said of other benedictions?
 Indeed, sometimes the Lord gives a spiritual body to such ambitious worshipers.
May that Supreme God, who is unlimitedly merciful,
bestow upon me the benediction of liberation from this present danger and from the materialistic way of life.
True devotees, who have no desire other than Him,
worship Him in full surrender and always hear and speak about His activities, which are most wonderful and auspicious.
Thus they always merge in an ocean of transcendental bliss. Such devotees never ask the Lord for any benediction.
I, however, am in danger. Thus I pray to the Supreme Lord, who is eternally existing,
who is invisible, who is the Lord of all great personalities, such as Brahma, and who is available only by transcendentce.
 Being extremely subtle, He is beyond the reach of my senses and transcendental to all external realization.
He is unlimited, He is the original cause, and He is completely full in everything. I offer my obeisances unto Him.
The Supreme Lord creates His minor parts and parcels, the jiva-tattva, beginning with Lord Brahma,
 the demigods and the expansions of Vedic knowledge [Sama, Rig, Yajur and Atharva Vedas]
and including all other living entities, moving and nonmoving, with their different names and characteristics.
As the sparks of a fire or the shining rays of the sun emanate from their source and merge into it again and again,
the mind, the intelligence, the senses, the gross and subtle material bodies,
and the continuous transformations of the different modes of nature all emanate from the Lord and again merge into Him.
He is neither demigod nor demon, neither human nor bird nor beast.
He is not woman, man or neuter, nor is He an animal.
 He is not a material quality, a fruitive activity, a manifestation or nonmanifestation.
He is the last word in the discrimination of "not this, or not that," and He is unlimited.
 All glories to the Supreme Lord.
I do not wish to live anymore this life of an elephant..
What is the use of an elephant's body covered externally and internally by ignorance?
I simply desire eternal liberation from the covering of ignorance.
 That covering is not destroyed by the influence of time.
Now, fully desiring release from material life,
I offer my respectful obeisances unto that Supreme Person who is the creator of the universe,
who is Himself the form of the universe and who is nonetheless transcendental to this cosmic manifestation.
He is the supreme knower of everything in this world, the Soul of the universe.
He is the unborn, supremely situated Lord. I offer my respectful obeisances unto Him.

I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme, the Supersoul, the master of all mystic yoga,
who is seen in the core of the heart by perfect mystics when they are completely purified
and freed from the reactions of fruitive activity by practicing devotion.

My Lord, You are the controller of formidable strength in three kinds of energy.
You appear as the reservoir of all sense pleasure and the protector of the surrendered souls.
You possess unlimited energy, but You are unapproachable by those who are unable to control their senses.
I offer my respectful obeisances unto You again and again.
I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Supreme Lord, by whose illusory energy the jiva [individual soul],
forgets his real identity because of the bodily concept of life.
I take shelter of the Supreme Lord Vasudeva, whose glories are difficult to understand.

Srimad Bhagavatam
Canto 8 Chapter 3

Edit: corrected spelling of title from Excperts to Excerpts

General topics / Understanding Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's teachings
« on: July 24, 2014, 09:31:40 PM »
I opened this topic on request of Sri Krishna(ksksat27).

Dear Sri Krishna,

I am not sure i understood anything,but anyway,i will write what i think i understood.
What Maharaj teaches is pretty much the same thing all Great Sages teach,and our Bhagavan too.

How i see it,ultimatievly,there is no teaching,there is only wisdom and life,alive wisdom,so to say. There is not any goal to reach,no realisation in a way i imagined it to be,some sort of some special illumination or explosion,where i will be all powerful and wise. Only droping of this prison,this weight in a way of I. Now,i see that there is only Life and Wisdom,Wisdom which comes when we drop the mind. And this life goes by itself,leading,unfolding itself in a most beautiful way,when we are surrendered to it. There is no single universal teaching,one which all can embrace,only wisdom for each of us,valid in some particular moment and situation. Something utterly alive,,and Eternal.
It is only important to watch this mind,its behaviour,how operates,how it is capable to catch hold of us. I noticed it needs food,just one touch,one little grip,and than it grows,it grab us deeper and deeper when our guard is down. And it feeds on everything,litteraly. All these things which we took like "I",this person. Most important thing is too be just indifirent watcher,to watch our behaviour,impulses,thoughts,and to see how they operate,how they lead us to completely wrong conclusions,and beliefs,how all unfolds when brought in touch with awareness. How it is not what we are. Not to condemn,not to praise,just to watch itvpatiently,and only than we will see it in right light,what it truly is.

Like Maharaj loved to say,to drop all concepts. Whenever i come to some conclusion,after some time this gets destroyed too,and i am left empty handed. I was sooo irritated so many times coz of it. Thinking and imagining that something is like this,like :' Ooooo,this is how it is!' Than i see,or read something different,where some more explanation is given,and i think in line like:"What is the Truth for Gods sake!!!   Would i ever understand it?! Can someone just tell me raw Truth,without tricks,symbols,alegories...!" And than i saw that is actually the point. To destry all concepts,all imaginations,all pictures we had in mind. To drop the mind itself. What is left than,is only to follow Life,to discriminate always,to recognise mind always when it is doing its usual things,in a very usual pattern.

The metod itself i understood to be all this and traying to catch and hold this very I,in a way of selfenquiry. And ultimatievly,to drop doership. I see it like only thing which constitute this person. Whithout it,there is only That,our very Self,God Almighty,and all is well. Ultimatievly,this little self is only Him too,and there is nothing appart from it. How,why,what,when,all this must be droped too.

I do not know,what ever i say there is a new thought and seeing which anulate it. So,no conclusion. Just adopting the metod we like the most,with love toward our Guru or God,with endurance,preservance,patience and determination. And above all Faith. But Faith is all this anyway.
There is one important thing i forgot to say,how much i love Maharaj's way of teaching,and teaching itself. When i read about His way of life,His words,that is all in union. It does not betray one anither. And i believe that was His message too,like He said it. To live this wisdom.
And that is indeed hardest for me. [edited later].

This is how i see all Maharaj's words. For now. :-)

What are Your thoughts?

With love and prayers,

General Discussion / Translation needed for one bhajan
« on: July 04, 2014, 08:09:32 PM »
Dear Friends,

I recently found one beautiful bhajan devoted to Lord Shiva. I loved it very much,but i do not understand a word from it. I will be grateful if someone can share translation of it. Here are the words and video of it. I only saw it is a morning prayer.

Thanks in advance!

       *Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Karle bande yeh subh kaam
Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Karle bande yeh subh kaam
Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Shiv ayenge teri kaam

Om Namah Shivaye
*Om Namah Shivaye*
*Om Namah Shivaye*

Khud ko raakh lapete phirte
Auro ko dete dhaan dhaam
Khud ko rakh lapete phirte
Auro ko dete dhaan dhaam
Devo ke hith vish pee dala
Neil kant ko koti pranaam
Neil kant ko koti pranaam

Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Shiv ayenge tere kaam
Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Karle bande yeh subh kaam

*Om Namah Shivaye
*Om Namah Shivaye*
*Om Namah Shivaye**

Shiv ke charano mei milte hai
Saare tiraath charo dhaam
Shiv ke charano mei milte hai
Saare tiraath charo dhaam

*Karni ka sukh tere haatho
Shiv ke haatho mei parinaam
Shiv ke haatho mei parinaam

Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Shiv ayenge tere kaam
Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Karle bande yeh subh kaam

*Om Namah Shivaye
*Om Namah Shivaye*
*Om Namah Shivaye**

Shiv ke rahete kaise chinta
Saath rahe prabhu aatho yam
Shiv ke rahete kaise chinta
Saath rahe prabhu aatho yam
Shiv ko bhajle such payega
Maan ko ayega araam

Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Shiv ayenge tere kaam
Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Karle bande yeh subh kaam
Subaha subaha le shiv ka naam
Shiv ayenge teri kaam

*Om Namah Shivaye
*Om Namah Shivaye*
*Om Namah Shivaye***

General topics / Dark night of the Soul by Saint John of the Cross
« on: August 02, 2013, 05:37:24 PM »

Here is the link of one wonderful Christian library,and the writings of Saint John of The Cross,Dark Night of The Soul,which speaks about many things spiritual seekers encounter from the beginning to the end. It is also full with advices how to deal with many things. It is written in the style unique for that period and that particular school,so it is best to have that in mind when reading it. At least,that is my impression.

On the site are many other Sacred writings from other Saints. Maybe it will be of some help to someone.

General Discussion / Touching story
« on: June 16, 2013, 08:52:36 PM »
This is the story of one,absolutely adorable baby elephant Bona,which was found alone,on the edge of death. Her parents died tragically,and three good people took her to look after her. Her story is so touching,it touched deeply my heart.

Bona is an 18 month-old orphaned baby elephant currently in care at the Seblat Elephant Conservation Centre (ECC) in Sumatra, Indonesia. Bona was rescued in April 2011 from a palm-oil plantation, after she was found wandering alone with no sign of her mother. Sadly, it is believed that her Mother was one of seven adult elephants found to be poisoned by palm-oil farmers and Bona is now completely alone.

At the time she came to our attention in February 2012, Bona weighed a tiny 182kg, a result of her extremely poor and insufficient diet. An elephant of Bona's age would be naturally drinking milk from her mother, and her overall body condition is very poor; she is suffering from malnutrition, has curvature of the spine and is very weak.
Rescue team

Here is the link of the video where she is being naughty. Sooooo cute! 

And here are the links of pages dedicated to adorable Bona.

General topics / Who Am I-some thoughts
« on: May 23, 2013, 08:14:45 PM »
I was pondering over something...

When thinking and realising that all questions and attempts to do this and that,to archieve this and that,are belonging to separate entety,to ego,to this particular person,i wonder,is there any question or answer which doas'nt belong to it. Then its obvious that the Truth can only be the Silence,or that is atleast most close truth all the Wise Ones could say. Then,where is the room for any conclusion,when all conclusions will be only in the realm of thoughts only,and from the same ego. To think I am this or that,seems to be,alltogether wrong. Even,everything is going on in the realm of mind,something which is by itself changeful,not constant,and it is a play beyond "our" reach. Because,that same "we" its play itself.

In essence,there is not anything which is appart from the Self,but that can only be the Truth if its coming from the Truth itself,without interfering of ego self,when it is seen through the eyes of the Truth.

To keep individuality,to act from there,and in the same time to try to go beyond seems silly and absurd. If there is no Jewel,where is realisation then?... This beingness,which is part of guna play,and which depends on body,want to go beyond beingness... It is impossible. Who is trying to go beyong what?! Everything is in the realm of thoughts only.
How to let go? Is there anything to letgo really? Is leaving the mind alone and not trust it a bit,only remedy? Then only thing which seems true is that ego,this person must go. How is that done and why is  not important then,coz any attempt to understand will be attempt of ego only.

And yet,again,all this is in the realm of mind...

Dear Friends,

I opened this topic coz i want to share some excerpts from this wonderful book. Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj was Guru of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.
This introduction and writings i am copying from the wonderful site

*"SIDDHARAMESHWAR Maharaj wished that people all over the world be happy. His teaching is available to those who are fully dedicated to realising final Reality [Brahman] so that they may enjoy eternal happiness.
"The following exposition describes only one of the ways to attain final Reality – the knowledge that you are apart from the four bodies. Once this knowledge penetrates the heart, the ego of knowledge dissolves in Reality.

General Discussion / Zen Koans
« on: February 22, 2013, 04:51:47 PM »
*In the Hands of Destiny*

A great Japanese warrior named Nobunaga decided to attack the enemy although he had only one-tenth the number of men the opposition commanded. He knew that he would win, but his soldiers were in doubt.
On the way he stopped at a Shinto shrine and told his men: "After I visit the shrine I will toss a coin. If heads comes, we will win; if tails, we will lose. Destiny holds us in her hand."
Nobunaga entered the shrine and offered a silent prayer. He came forth and tossed a coin. Heads appeared. His soldiers were so eager to fight that they won their battle easily.
"No one can change the hand of destiny," his attendant told him after the battle.
"Indeed not," said Nobunaga, showing a coin which had been doubled, with heads facing either way.

General Discussion / Happy Christmas Eve!
« on: January 06, 2013, 09:57:18 PM »
Dear Friends, Today is Christmas Eve in Serbia. I wish You All Love,Peace and Well Being. May Jesus Bless You with Realisation of Your True Nature. Happy Christmas Eve!!! With love and prayers,

General Discussion / Opposition of the Hostile Forces
« on: November 12, 2012, 06:30:52 PM »
From Letters from Yoga-Sri Aurobindo

IT IS a fact always known to all yogis and occultists since the beginning of time, in Europe and Africa as in India, that wherever yoga or Yajna is done, there the hostile Forces gather together to stop it by any means. It is known that there is a lower nature and a higher spiritual nature − it is known that they pull different ways and the lower is strongest at first and the higher afterwards. It is known that the hostile Forces take advantage of the movements of the lower nature and try to spoil through them, smash or retard the siddhi. It has been said as long ago as the Upanishads (hard is the path to tread, sharp like a razor's edge); it was said later by Christ `hard is the way and narrow the gate by which one enters into the kingdom of heaven' and also `many are called, few chosen' − because of these difficulties. But it has also always been known that those who are sincere and faithful in heart and remain so and those who rely on the Divine will arrive in spite of all difficulties, stumbles or falls.


Normal human defects are one thing − they are the working of the lower nature of the Ignorance. The action of the hostile forces is a special intervention creating violent inner conflicts, abnormal depressions, thoughts and impulses of a kind which can be easily recognised as suggestions e.g. leaving the Ashram, abandoning the yoga, revolt against the Divine, suggestions of calamity and catastrophe apparently irresistible, irrational impulses and so on. It is a different order from the usual human weaknesses.


The normal resistance of the lower Nature in human beings and the action of the Hostiles are two quite different things. The former is natural and occurs in everybody; the latter is an intervention from the non-human world. But this intervention can come in two forms. (1) They use and press on the lower Nature forces making them resist where they would otherwise be quiescent, making the resistance strong or violent where it would be otherwise slight or moderate, exaggerating its violence when it is violent. There is besides a malignant cleverness, a conscious plan and combination when the Hostiles act on these forces which is not evident in the normal resistance of the forces. (2) They sometimes invade with their own forces. When this happens there is often a temporary possession or at least an irresistible influence which makes the thoughts, feelings, actions of the person abnormal—a black clouding of the brain, a whirl in the vital, all acts as if the person could not help himself and were drawn by an overmastering force. On the other hand instead of a possession there may be only a strong Influence; then the symptoms are less marked, but it is easy for any one acquainted with the ways of these forces to see what has happened. Finally it may be only an attack, not possession or influence; the person then is separate, is not overcome, resists.

There are some who are never touched by the hostile forces.


There is a natural movement of the ordinary human nature in the material consciousness which takes time to get rid of. Of course we call them forces of the lower nature but one must not regard them as hostile, only ordinary. They have to be changed but it usually takes time and it can be done quietly. One must be more occupied with the positive side of the sadhana than with them. If one is always thinking of them as hostile things, getting disturbed when they come, considering them as hostile possessions, then it is not good.

The things that are really hostile are few and must be distinguished from the ordinary movements of the nature. The first must be repelled, the second dealt with quietly and without getting troubled or discouraged by their appearance.

The defects of the nature are nothing, they can be dealt with progressively. It is these outward attacks, these suggestions and throwing in of wrong forces to which the sadhak must shut himself altogether.


The lower nature is ignorant and undivine, not in itself hostile but shut to the Light and Truth. The hostile forces are anti-divine, not merely undivine; they make use of the lower nature, pervert it, fill it with distorted movements and by that means influence man and even try to enter and possess or at least entirely control him.

Free yourself from all exaggerated self-depreciation and the habit of getting depressed by the sense of sin, difficulty or failure. These feelings do not really help, on the contrary, they are an immense obstacle and hamper the progress. They belong to the religious, not to the yogic mentality. The yogin should look on all the defects of the nature as movements of the lower Prakriti common to all and reject them calmly, firmly and persistently with full confidence in the Divine Power—without weakness or depression or negligence and without excitement, impatience or violence.


It [the vital ego] is part of the ordinary human nature, everybody has it. It has to be purified and transformed, the ego being replaced by the true vital being of which it is a distorted shadow. The forces of the lower nature are often rebellious and resist transformation out of attachment to the familiar movements of the Ignorance, desire, vanity, pride, lust, self-will etc., but they are not in their nature hostile. The hostile forces are those whose very raison d'être is revolt against the Divine, against the Light and Truth and enmity to the Divine Work. 

The forces of the Ignorance are a perversion of the earth-nature and the adverse Powers make use of them. They do not give up their control of men without a struggle.


The hostile forces have a certain self-chosen function: it is to test the condition of the individual, of the work, of the earth itself and their readiness for the spiritual descent and fulfilment. At every step of the journey, they are there attacking furiously, criticising, suggesting, imposing despondency or inciting to revolt, raising unbelief, amassing difficulties. No doubt, they put a very exaggerated interpretation on the rights given them by their function, making mountains even out of what seems to us a mole-hill. A little trifling false step or mistake and they appear on the road and clap a whole Himalaya as a barrier across it. But this opposition has been permitted from of old not merely as a test or ordeal, but as a compulsion on us to seek a greater strength, a more perfect self-  knowledge, an intenser purity and force of aspiration, a faith that nothing can crush, a more powerful descent of the Divine Grace.

Sri Aurobindo-Letters from Yoga

Humour / Funny pictures,quotes,videos...
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Ashrams / Impressions from travels to Tiruvannamalai
« on: September 14, 2012, 08:14:44 PM »
Dear friends,

I opened this topic because it would be nice to hear about impressions from travel to Tiruvannamalai,and Ramanashram.

Dear Subramanian sir,

You said that You were in Tiru,so i wish to know do You have some story from there to share,and what are Yours impressions. I am curious. :)
Sure,only if You have something to share.

Security Issues / Stealing password or something else?
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Dear friends, I just wanted to ask something about security. Usually i am coming here from my phone,and recently,from few weeks back i noticed some strange things happening with it when i am on this site. Sometimes i cant post,or my phone just black out. And yestertay,i came through computer,log in,posted something,logged,and then saw that i am still on the site,my name was there. But,actualy i wasnt. So i changed my password,erased history and all. Did anyone had that problem and how to deal with it?

General Discussion / Divine poetry and thoughts
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Hang Up The Swing Of Love Today!

Hang the body and the mind between the arms of the beloved,
in the ecstasy of love's joy:

Bring the tearful streams of the rainy clouds to your eyes,
and cover your heart with the shadow of darkness:

Bring your face nearer to his ear,
and speak of the deepest longings of your heart.

Kabir says: 'Listen to me brother!
bring the vision of the Beloved in your heart.'

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