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The teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi / Re: Self-Attention
« on: April 30, 2008, 06:35:40 AM »
Hi nonduel,

The conclusion you have got to is absolutly correct.

I have gone through this few days back while doing meditation.It was great fealing which cant be expressed.

I like to take this oppurunity to ask every member of this forum,

1) How much time do you spend for meditation?
2) When you are writing a comment for a members query, do you have any personal experience or do you write this reading books?

Please be clear....
Cheers :D

General topics / Re: Bhagavan and Others of that State.
« on: April 21, 2008, 12:35:13 PM »

Thats a pretty good question you have asked.

but as maharshi in his teaching have already mentioned, "as we cook the food and we eat only when it is fully cooked, we need to purify our self and when you have no thoughts and thoought of "I" is lost, the "SELF" itself guides you.

In this matter, even a GURU wont be able to help you.

"SELF" itself is the Supreme teacher/guru or whatever word you can use.

Until there EGO or we have the thought that "i am the doer" one will not be able to make progress.


General Discussion / Re: Method to Self Inquiry
« on: April 21, 2008, 11:05:56 AM »

Very nice to hear, the seed has been sown, and keep practicing Self-Enquiry and every thing will be fine.

Both of your questions have one answer.

As told in Bhagawad Geetha, Keep working and dont expect anything from it. I dont mean salary .... :D

Well, though in the initial stages one will be in this kind of dilemma, it will be cleared once you start practicing self-enquiry.

Read Upadesa Saram, first in that bhagavan has clearly mentioned about self.

As far as answer to your question,starting doing meditation every day before you sleep and before you get up.

if you forget even one day, then all the work you have been doing will be lost.

and the question rises, what i have to do in meditation???? well, destroy every thought that rises during that period then and there.

this process leads to SELF-ENQUIRY...

Just start, every thing will be fine




Well friends, what ever we do and what ever the work we do, keep meditating every day.......

We need to be prepared and make our self free from thoughts and Crystal Clear to reach the destination...... "SELF"


Hi jaizaon,

Try to read the Upadesa Saram, written by Bhagavan. Keep reading that and if you the meaning along with that, it is better.

my sincere suggestion to you, is that Bhagavan as a "Pure Aatman" is always there in every one of us.

If you search for a guru external to you, is ignorance.

No one in present days have the capability to teach and guide you  on Aatma Vichara (Self-Investigation).  i mean there may be guru's but as disciple we have to prepare our self in order to digest what a guru is telling.

Remember the words of bhagavan, "God, Guru and Self are one and the SAME".

First start with Upadesa Saram and once you have question arising we can discuss online.



Which ever the line you read in upadesa saram, it points out that you have to remove the thought of "I" or in normal words the "EGO".

In order to destroy the EGO, bhagavan's policy of "WHO AM I ?" is the one and the best way.

The state which we are in deep sleep, this state has to achieved when we are Awake.

Destroy the thoughts as and when they arise..... That is the First and foremost step and that is Upadesa (Teaching) Sara ( meaning).


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