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Dear Anil ji,
         I agree this is one point of contention between the two of us :

1. self inquiry is to see that there is no "I" and thus just be --- this is my view.
2. you do not disagree with (1) but only add that it is not easy to simply remain thus... for support we need to constantly be aware of the sense of "I AM" within.

lets have a sane discussion around this ... a matured discussion that can be very useful for both of us as well as anyone reading / watching this.

note that (1) is also effort. Every time i find myself using effort, i use the same effort to letgo the one who is putting in effort and just be.

This is how i understand self inquiry. it is a practice... but the practice is again and again resolving the "I" in big "I" , and remaining effortless. To put it in the language of ashtavakra gita :

यदि देहं पृथक् कृत्य चिति विश्राम्य तिष्ठसि।
अधुनैव सुखी शान्तो बन्धमुक्तो भविष्यसि॥१-४॥

[if you detach yourself from body (that includes the sense of i) and remain relaxed in Awareness(this is the essence).
 immediately you shall experience sukham, extreme satisfaction, and peace , shantam ... and be free of all bondage]
body includes the subtle body , ie, mind or sense of i.
again and again doing this ... is my self inquiry understanding.

concentration on "I AM" , is still effort, so i even dissolve that.
yes, everything i see myself getting into some effort or else, i immediately first withdraw to "I AM" and only then it is possible to dissolve that "I" ... now my stay is relaxed awareness... no me state ... where i do not concentrate anymore. for me "I AM" is a step towards that relaxed awareness ... stay is in awareness , not at "I AM".

What do you think about this.

Dear Anil ji,
        I have a feeling that many books or writeups on what Ramana said are "colored" by the note taker's own notions and ideas.
probably because they took notes for themselves ?

I think Self Inquiry as explained by Ramana is extremely simple : manasantu kim margane krite naiva manasam marga arjavat.

look for "I" and you find no "I" ... and in its place is found the Self, the I of the I. and there ends everything.
not a continuous search
not a long process.
and so he said "ati sulabham", its easy.

people , color it with lot of notions, ideas and start making it complex. i think japa is very complex when compared to seeing there is no I and thus no one to do japa ! unfortunately somewhere we have this tendency to complicate things and look at things from our own stand point ... what Bhagavan said is so simple that our complex mind's seem to miss it altogether.


Dear ksksat27,
     :) No need to do anything in sleep. We are already "doing" a lot. Continuously.
If you relax and live a conscious life during the day. Relaxed Alertness. There is no need to worry about sleep.
Sleep shall take care of itself.  The idea is to understand that there is no "I" apart from the Self. the Self IS, and this body is only am empty boat , there is no one  inside to quarrel with things, ideas, feelings , happenings.
So if you feel a physical urge... its ok -- there is no one to fight it. No one to say this should not happen.
The Relaxed Awareness/ Presence within, is absolutely mute about this.
The body too is only prompting ... the sensations etc are there.
There is "one" person within who is in disagreement with what is happening. Who is constantly judging oneself as incomplete , weak etc. This "person", goes by other names as mind, ego etc. Who constantly comments upon the events of life. In this vast creation... if we observe carefully this is the only voice of descent, disharmony.

This person is to be recognized as an illusion. This is Self Inquiry. Manasantu kim margane krite , naiva manasam marga arjavat. to see whence is this voice of descent arising and discover that here is no one out here. The Awareness does not have trouble. This body is absolutely mute. so body may simply disintegrate but is not worried that its getting old! the sensations we experience are also mute. the internal mental commentary is not of the body. so this Self inquiry is to see that there is no one inside and this empty boat is now absolutely free. There being no one within other than the physical body and the presence or awareness within ... who has a problem with what is ? who does what ?

The idea is to simply to try living thus:

सुखमास्ते सुखं शेते
सुखमायाति याति च।
सुखं वक्ति सुखं भुंक्ते
व्यवहारेऽपि शान्तधीः॥१८- ५९॥

sukham : in that relaxed state of awareness ,
when you stand , stand in that sukham.
when you sit , sit thus.
when you come or go , when you speak, when you experience the world.

This is liberated living. That Relaxed Awareness is God.  That is I AM.


General topics / Re: Karmayoga Doubt
« on: March 18, 2019, 05:06:56 PM »
Dear gopalgtg ji,
          Karma yoga is to work in the Present moment - being in present moment is to be the Presence.
Again and again "Be" as presence and act. That Presence is God.
This is totally non-dualistic. There is no either or ... where karma is there itself Presence is and so there itself is God. So karma is used as an aid to abide as Self.


General topics / Re: All Thoughts Are Lies
« on: March 18, 2019, 04:22:09 PM »
Dear BelovedAbstract,
             ;) Then you should practice telling Truth  ;) and thinking of the same.
move your mind from untruth to truth. ;) ;) ;)

General Discussion / Re: A Request
« on: December 03, 2018, 11:02:56 AM »
Dear Agnoia,
            I wish you speedy recovery. It is good to seek God's help for your health and recovery. God, after all, is your best friend - who else can help ?

First : God is present as Awareness/ I AM (aham asmi) in you. Directly available.

so sit down , close your eyes , and relax into this Awareness [you can observe your breath / body to relax into awareness] and simply speak to that Awareness. you need to be silent and relaxed , in the presence. you can use a simple prayer like om namah sivaya : which can be your way of seeking help. you can say, "i do not know how to solve this situation and do not really know what is best to ask , so i chant your name as it is said that chanting name  is very powerful and can heal any situation" , and thus relax into that awareness and be there.
you are actually invoking god ! Like Gajendra of Gajendra moksha. so seeking help is fantastic, good and useful. it increases faith and reliance on God. it deepens your faith that world is only a leela of god.


Dear Anil ji,
          I am really sorry to know of the sad demise of your sister. My heartfelt condolences to you and family.
May the grace of Bhagavan always be with you.

Dear gopalgtg ji,
           :) Did you try the following meditation ?



I have been suggesting this as a starting point for any meditation enthusiast. seasoned meditators also tend to gain through this.


Dear gopalgtg,
         :) I'll give you a simple suggestion - please do not mind the language used.

sit down for some time and tell yourself "i am dead" [or if you want a more soft language : the person inside this body has gone to visit God :) ]
and remain thus.
this body is like a breathing statue - or a log of wood. [infact Ribhu Gita calls it kunapam, dead body]
the awareness within is mute witness - it has no commentary to add.
no one in-between the body and awareness to worry, feel nice , feel bad etc.

do this for some time. the mind gathers. because there is no one to propel it anymore.

now imagine God has returned the "person" within to handle specific role ! play the role.


Dear ksksat27 : i see ! :)

keep doing the vigorous activity :)

Hi Friends ,
          Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi's teachings are subtle , most often his highest teaching was simply to remain silent : Mauna-Vyakya.
If we were to ask what is his highest teaching in words it would be "Just Be"

And any other teaching one may come across is ultimately supposed to be a movement towards that ultimate Maunam - Just Be.

So if i have faith in God and am able to surrender completely : that leads directly to Just Be.
If i say "i cannot have faith in God", he would probably say "find out who cannot". That is a means to see that here is no one out there who cannot and so lands one in Just Be as well!

Self Attention is yet another oft spoken teaching of Bhagavan and Sri Nissargadatta Maharaj : obviously Self being not an object one cannot "hold onto it". But Bhagavan said "Hold onto Self" umpteen times. How can one hold onto Self ? Please see. Holding onto Atma is to discard anatma or withdraw attention from anatma. There is nothing like holding onto Atma in a positive sense -Bhagavan would often ask "who would say aham brahmasmi ? is it brahman ? " , same way who would pay attention to Self ? Self ? Obviously it would not be right to think one has to concentrate on Self or "I AM". "I AM" is being. one needs to withdraw attention from the non-being, jada, insentient stuff and relax as "Being". in other words Bhagavan is simply saying : revert back to Just Be. Relaxed Awareness which is the True You.

Either do this through Self inquiry: ie, ask who is not "just be" and see there is none and since there is none, what else is there but to just be ?

or through self surrender ! it just means the same.

if at all one has to hold onto : hold onto just be ! but that means to simply relax and be! nothing to do, nowhere to go.
by living a liberated life, becomes a saint. the means and the end are the same ... practice relaxed being until it becomes natural :)


General topics / Re: Nisargadatta -- Watch
« on: May 04, 2018, 06:11:01 PM »
Dear Nishta,
        :) Please ponder over this:

1. do you watch thoughts and observe them without getting carried away by them ?
2. do you root out the reason why thoughts carry us ?

if you come home one day to find the room full of dirty water , you no doubt remove the dirty water but then block the leaks through which the dirty water seeped in.



Rest in Awareness: Ashtavakra Gita
यदि देहं पृथक् कृत्य चिति विश्राम्य तिष्ठसि।
अधुनैव सुखी शान्तो बन्धमुक्तो भविष्यसि॥१-४॥
if you detach yourself from body and remain relaxed in awareness immediately you shall experience happiness, peace and freedom from bondage

To be aware of body is to detach from body !
to relax into awareness is direct experience of liberation.

General topics / Re: Nisargadatta -- Watch
« on: May 02, 2018, 09:34:43 AM »
Dear Nishta,
       :) This is the precise point i am trying to make: "any 'activity' is strenuous. one cannot do it continuously. "


General topics / Re: Seeking guidance to exercise our only free will
« on: April 30, 2018, 10:07:51 AM »
Dear Orihh,
         Who is God ? are you apart from God ? is your will outside God's will ?
Where is Arunachala ? its in your heart - Right Now. if you have not recognized this Arunachala, even though you are close to it, you shall miss it.

That fear to leave school could also be God's prompting - asking you not to do anything silly, isnt it ?

Please study what you are studying diligently - To make yourself available is to start being "Present" ! Our lives are moving at quick pace and we do not seem to be really "Living" ... we are as if sleep walking through our lives. i am here, but my mind is on something else. i am at my work, mind on facebook ! i am on facebook, mind on twitter ... so on ! Ishvara/God is "Presence"  - Here, Now. Being. That is Arunachala. To be close to it, you do not have to stop earning. What is the problem with earning ? If you remain conscious and mindful, every moment is a moment in the presence of Arunachala. Everything gets enriched in life.

The entire aim of spirituality is to remain calm , satisfied, and live through life relaxed, slow and steady - have goals, achieve them , do what ever ... just be calm and relaxed in the present moment. This is how one is supposed to live life. To be here and now, is called just be, that is the highest teaching of Bhagavan.


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