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Title: Attained the LOTUS FEET OF OUR MASTER
Post by: drsundaram on August 24, 2016, 07:39:33 PM
shri kumara raja reports:

SMT.Sulochana Natarajan,ardent devotee of Sri Ramana Maharshi and pioneer of SRI RAMANA MUSIC ,whose entire family is dedicated to Bhagavan Ramana(RMCL BANGALORE) , attained the Lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Ramana
yesterday night (23/08/2016) at Bangalore. Heart felt condolences to the family members (KUMARI DR SARADA NATARAJAN AND SMT DR AMBIGA KAMESHWAR ) and Devotees.
She was a Member of the Governing Body and heads the Music Division, 'Ramananjali'. Under her leadership, more than 400 live programmes have been given in India and all over the world and 140 music cassettes have been recorded. She has also notated and set to music all the compositions of Bhagavan Ramana and those on him by Ganapati Muni and Muruganar and is the compiler of several Ramana Sangeetham books

i join every one in praying that her Soul lie in eternal peace

om namo bhagavathe sri ramanaya
Title: Re: Attained the LOTUS FEET OF OUR MASTER
Post by: Ravi.N on August 24, 2016, 08:33:11 PM
Smt Sulochana Natarajan and her 'Ramananjali' group have done a great service in setting most of the compositions of Sri Bhagavan and devotees like  Sri Muruganar,Sri Sadhu Om,Sri Ganapati Muni to music and making it available to devotees of the earliest Albums that I was exposed to is 'Ramana Amudam' in the form of a cassette (in the 80s)(not Ramana Nadha amudham by MSV)....and it is still among my favourites had Sri Bhagavan's Akshara Mana Maalai ,'apaara satchit sukavari','maRRuvamai illaadha' and other fine compositions (mostly in Tamizh)....The other set of 6 Albums are 'Sri Ramana Geetham' by Sri Sadhu Om (all in Tamizh) and well rendered...Like this the group had brought out Sri Muruganar's compositions as well ...The CDs were accompanied by Books with the Lyrics & Music notation incorporated so that devotees can learn from them while listening to the music at the same time.
This is a great boon to all devotees for which we are deeply indebted to smt Sulochana Natarajan ....We can do no better than to remember this true devotee with gratitude.
Some of us may be interested in listening to 'Sri Ramana Geetham' songs....especially 'enakku enna vendum,enna vendaam enbadhai ellam'('What I want and want not ,My Lord knows much better than I) ...a composition of Sri Sadhu Om.
You may explore other songs here as well: (
Our salutations to this great soul.
Title: Re: Attained the LOTUS FEET OF OUR MASTER
Post by: atmavichar100 on August 25, 2016, 01:49:18 PM
My first intrroduction to Bhagavan's Akshara Mana Malai was by listening to the Cassette of the Ramananjali group and later I switched on the Ashram's Chants for my regular listening . However what motivated me to take interest in Bhagavan's works was  the cassette of the Ramanagali group and I offer my prostrations to this great soul who kindled my interest in Bhagavan's Tamil works .