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Title: A Divine Hospital of Medication through Meditation.
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 02, 2016, 01:02:06 PM
(The above article is by Shilpi Virupakshi Davangere, a civil engineer, who gained solace at the
feet of his Master, Sri Ramana Maharshi.  The article appeared in Mountain Path, Jan - Mar. 2016)


It is now way back - twenty five years ago - than an intimate spiritual bond got established between us
and Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.  We visited Sri Ramanasramam in the year 1990.  Fifteen of us
reached Tiruvannamalai from Davangere, Karnataka, by bus to have Bhagavan's darshan.  It was as if
Bhagavan Himself had invited us to His abode.

I had had many divine experiences by then, and at the time my mind was always in an ethereal state.
These cosmic experiences were so new and strange that I felt like exclaiming 'What, what is it...?,
just as Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa did when he first had divine experiences.  The differentiation
between the real and the unreal (Ishvara and Nashwara) was vivid in my being.  The quintessence of
Sri Ramana Maharshi's sayings  -- the 'I' manifested everywhere; and there nothing existing other than
the divine 'I' - became part of my consciousness, leaving me in a permanent state of joyousness (ananda)

My Sadguru, Sri Shishunaala Sherief, was a mystic and divine master from a small village in Haveri
district. Through his spiritual songs and divinity, he made it well known place in India. His songs are
always very dear to me and ever hover on my tongue.  Sri Shishunaala Sherief says, 'Know yourself'
(Ninda nee thiluko).

Guru Ramana's philosophy begins with the same thought  - Who am I?


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Title: Re: A Divine Hospital of Medication through Meditation.
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 02, 2016, 04:46:13 PM
As I crossed the arch of Sri Ramanasramam,  a deep silence enveloped me, in which I felt ever abided,
having been there many many ages and that I would be forever.  I felt that the Asramam could give
the true seeker the experience of being in Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Siva,and perhaps an even
better one.  A seeker like myself, who is still in the bondage of the physical body, would find it difficult to
control mind and body in a challenging place such as the Himalayas.  The cold and the scarcity of food and water would distract me.

In Tiruvannamalai I realized that Lord Siva, Kailashapathi Himself, had incarnated on earth as Sri Ramana.
My quest, yearning, delusions and dualities were quenched by the master's divine grace and mercy,
elevating my mind to a deep state of meditation.  I found no difference between Sri Shishunaala Sherief
(my first Guru) and Sri Ramana Maharshi.  I realized that it is Lord Siva who dwells in the lotus hearts
of both the souls. 
In the ocean of life, with its enormous ebbs and tides Bhagavan drew me into the deep ocean of silence.
Later I received His guidance and teachings through His writings. His words were like an oasis in the desert.
Advaita is not easily understandable, but Bhagavan made it sound familiar and easily attainable.  This is
what makes Him a unique master.  More than His words and teachings, Sri Ramana Himself became very
dear to me.  He is a true father, a loving mother, a divine friend, an eternal Sadguru.  His simplicity,
desirelessness, freedom from all passions, and His teaching that only 'I' exists and nothing else, His state
of ever abiding in the 'I' made a deep impression on me.


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Title: Re: A Divine Hospital of Medication through Meditation.
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 03, 2016, 10:03:53 AM
Sometimes my heart wept and melted, looking at the photos of Bhagavan when He sat on the hot rocks
of Arunachala, caring nothing for the sun's heat that scorched His human form.  At His Asramam He
fed us with delicious food, and soothed our bodies and souls under the cool roofs.  Such motherliness
makes my heart melt and tears come to my eyes.  We are indeed fortunate to have a father and master
like Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

Bhagavan silently summons us every year.  We, a group of ten to fifteen, come once or twice a year
and stay for three to four days in Sri Ramanasramam under His divine care.  Bhagavan takes us into
deep meditation, immersing our karmic minds in the divine water of the invisible Ganges, eliminating
all obstacles and washing out the impurities of the mind, to realize the only 'I'.  In the twenty five
years that we have made our annual journeys to Tiruvannamalai we became acquainted with Sri
Ramanasramam, Arunachala Hill, the Arunachala Temple, the Giri Pradakshina route and the railway
station which brings us to Him.  Beyond these places, we never felt the need to go as the whole world
lies within Sri Ramanasramam.


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Title: Re: A Divine Hospital of Medication through Meditation.
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 03, 2016, 02:58:39 PM
For many years we traveled by bus from Bangalore to Tiruvannamalai. About two years ago, we were
pleasantly surprised to hear that a train from Kurla to Yashwantpur would continue on to Pondicherry,
through Tiruvannamalai.  It seemed that Ramana Himself had organized a train from Davangere to
Tiruvannamalai. Is not this a true example of Bhagavan's affection towards His devotees. 

Sri Allamma Prabhu, the great Shiva sharana (devotee of Lord Siva) of the 12th century in Karnakata
and Nijaguna Siva Yogi of the 15th century, were Masters and Jnanis and were praised and loved by
Sri Ramana.  Bhagavan read the writings of these two great personalities and sometimes guided His
devotees by narrating instances about them.

Like the sixty three Tamizh Nayanmars, the Siva sharanas of the 12th century were devotees of Lord
Siva, who strove only for his love and grace and created a spiritual atmosphere wherever they went.
The period of the Saranas is considered a period of great spiritual revolution. People of all castes came
together to attain the knowledge and bliss and were transformed into Maha Siva Saranas.  They wrote
about their spiritual experiences and their way of life in verses called Vachanas.


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Title: Re: A Divine Hospital of Medication through Meditation.
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 04, 2016, 01:10:36 PM
Allama Prabhu was the first leader of the assembly (Shoonya Simhasanandheesha) at the Anubhava
Mantapa, the place where the Siva Sharanas met everyday and shared their spiritual experiences.
He guided many devotees on the path of Advaita. One of his vachanas is as follows:

Karpuradha giriyamele aragina kambaviddhuyahdha kande,
Aragina kambadhamele hamsaviddhudha kande,
Kamba bendhu, Hamsa haariththu noda, Guheswara.

Guheswara is his Ankitha Nama
The Lord of the great secret.
I found a pillar of wax on a mound of camphor,
I found a swan on the pillar of wax,
The pillar burnt and the bird flew away, Guheswara.

Here, the mound of camphor represents the mundane world, the pillar of wax represents the human being,
and the hamsa -- the swan represents the self.  When the body consciousness is burnt, then the self is
awakened towards liberation.  One day, as I was circumambulating Bhagavan's shrine, my mind withdrew
itself and my eyes closed without my knowledge.  My tread slowed, and I was plunged into the Samadhi,
deep in the self, unaware of the surroundings, place and time. Another day, at dawn, in one of the rooms
in Sri Ramanasramam allotted to us, sitting on bed, I kept gazing at Arunachala Hill through window.
Watching the Hill, my mind and eyes were stilled, and I could not withdraw my sight from the vision of
Arunachala Hill through the window.   I sat like this for hours, drawn inwards into deep meditation.  When
I regained consciousness of the outer world, it was dusk.  I had lost myself in the Self the whole day, as
Sri Guru Ramana says.  During recent visits, such a state of meditation persists as long as we stay in
Sri Ramanasramam.  These deeper meditational experiences were beyond anything I had imagined.

Bhagavan was ever in the state of Samadhi (awareness of the Self) from His 17th year to His 70th,
and even in the absence of His mortal body, He exists everywhere in Sri Ramanasramam and its vicinity.
This made a deep impact on me and is perhaps  the cause of my experiences.


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Title: Re: A Divine Hospital of Medication through Meditation.
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 05, 2016, 10:00:34 AM
We have been to several Ashrams all over India.  But Sri Ramanasramam stands unique and is the true
Asramam for sadhana towards liberation or self realization.  There is no place for ego, money, worldly
matters or other mundane activities.  The Asramam can aptly be called Kalpatharu, as it satisfies the
yearning of seekers in search of true silence,  meditation, peace and self realization. 

Though Sri Ramana Maharshi is not in His mortal body, He still is regarded as the monarch of the
place and the Asramam is run as per His wish and guidance.  People from various corners of the world,
who are His devotees and true seekers of knowledge come here to stay and have His darshan. They
relish the love and grace of the Master and experience the joy and bliss found nowhere else.  Devotees
stay in the Asramam for three to four days and return to their homes.  Some are fortunate enough
to stay there permanently.  Parayana (chanting of the Vedas), Narayana Seva ( feeding the poor and
the needy), meditation, Prasadam for devotees,  circumambulating the Hill and the Guru's Samadhi
are some of the regular routines in Sri Ramanasramam.   And Bhagavan's Presence is experienced
in all these activities.  His presence is also seen in the acts and deeds of all who serve in the Asramam -
the cooks, laborers, Ashramites running the library and the management personnel.  It is His discipline,
philosophy, simplicity and perfection in every act that is reflected in everyone, and it assures us of His
continuing presence. Silence speaks more than words and there resides a deep calm and peace everywhere.


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Title: Re: A Divine Hospital of Medication through Meditation.
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 06, 2016, 10:57:15 AM
Sri Ramana Maharshi has become the breath of our life, and without Him, we cannot exist.  He is our
philosophical deity.  Meditation occurs spontaneously in the vicinity of His Samadhi.  A serene feeling
always exists within the premises of the Asramam.  He condenses all thoughts, liquidates them and silences
the mind.  He becomes the discoverer of the 'I' in us.  There are thousands of masters in the world, who
are giving diksha and upadesa.  Sri Ramana never thought of Himself as a Master or as one who gives diksha
and upadesa to devotees.  But directed by His devotees towards the path of self realization just by His
presence and divine silence.

There is a saying, 'The presence and divinity of a Sharana is best experienced and witnessed after death.'
Guru Ramana left His mortal coil in 1950 and is presence is even more alive and more intensely felt now.
He who did not care for food, clothing and shelter, He who just wore a loin cloth, begged alms and burnt
Himself in the scorching sun without awareness of the external body, now so affectionately and caringly
provides us with cool rooms and delicious food, and envelops us with the blanket of self knowledge.
Guru Ramana is the supreme example of a real Guru.


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Title: Re: A Divine Hospital of Medication through Meditation.
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 07, 2016, 10:51:21 AM
We truly forget the presence of the overcrowded, ego driven ignorant and messed up world outside us.
It is a wonderful surprise that such a secluded place exists on this earth, that can enlighten and elevate
us above all vasanas.  Sri Ramanasramam is not abode for worldly people.  One must have practiced intense
penance in previous lives in order to step into such an Asramam and have spiritual  experiences.

Sri Ramanasramam is the ultimate destination for a true seeker of the Self.  I see the devotees in the
Asramam, and I can in no way think that there are ordinary people.  I feel the presence of great rishis,
sadhus, and Jnanis among them.  The devotees who have come from far off lands in search of such a
destination, dedicating their lives at His feet, truly belong to this place. I feel inferior to them when I
see them chanting Sri Rudram and singing Tamizh parayana.  Guru Ramana shows no discrimination
between the rich and poor, black and white, literate and illiterate.  East and West and showers His grace
through His divine look according to each person's inner capacity and yearning.

I bow in thanks to Lord Guru Ramana Mahadeva for having created this divine temple of self knowledge
for His devotees on this earth.


Arunachala Siva.