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Title: visited Sri Ramanasramam
Post by: ksksat27 on January 28, 2014, 08:11:46 AM
Dear devotees

It brings joy to visit Sri Ramansramam and then it brings joy to discuss the visit in this forum in a reminiscent mood.

After a long gap of 10 months, I visited Thiruvannamalai Arunachala and Sri Ramasramam.  I took a volvo and landed at the holy place early morning 4 AM on last Saturday and checked in a hotel. Throughout the bus journey from Bangalore, I slept only a bit.

I slept in the hotel room for 2 hours and woke up at 6:30 AM. I got ready and ate Tiffin at Seshadhri Swamigal ashram after first visiting his samadhi shrine.   

From hotel, when I took the auto to Seshadri Swamigal Ashram, through the Auto windows I had the first view of my Lord Arunachala and prayed to him.  After long waiting it was a happy joining again. 

When I entered the Sri Ramasramam gate,  it was all emotion and in my mind there was the image of Bhagavan slowly walking in the ashram compound. Through the cold morning breeze, in the air was floated the akshara mana malai sung nicely by a group. The divine chorus sound was emanating from the new samadhi hall of Maharshi and the image of young Bhagavn 21 years photo resonated with that rhythm in my mind.

I slowly entered the samadhi hall and sat in my usual place silently telling Bhagavan all that happened to me in Mumbai and how it was a long period of separation. 

When it was 8 AM for the veda parayana, the ashram clerk came and politely told one of the chorus singer in his ears that it was time for vedic chanting. They have not yet finished the chanting of Akshara Mana malai.  They finished fast and prostrated and left.

Veda parayana started at 8:05 AM.

After aarthi at 9 AM, I went straight to the new Library complex where Nochur Sri Venkataraman was giving discourse on Arunachala Akshara mana malai.

When he entered the library hall, through the entrance, I was standing by the side. He was playing with a child , spending some time standing down the entrance near the tree shade.  I looked at him for a long time and he suddenly turned his gaze at me for few seconds and again continued playing with the child.

At the end of the beautiful discourse that lasted for 1.5 hours, I wanted to have a conversation with him but found that few people were surrounding him.

I gathered courage and went slowly near him and suddenly broke my silence saying, asking my question.

The Nochur Acharya replied but the sentences were not complete gramatically.  It was cryptic, scattered words that rushed forth with speed from his mouth. It was almost like a splutter but it had the aura of authority and holiness.

Me:  "I have lot of desires , not able to overcome , any works or sadhana from Bhagavan can you kindly tell for me"

Nochur Sri Venkataraman: Eka nama japa, one nama. Do you chant any such?

Me:  mathru sri sarada ,  daughter of  Lakshmana swamy

Nochur acharya listened attentively slightly nodding his head.

Me:  also Arunachala Shiva.

Nochur:  Do you chant Arunachala Shiva?  That will  ..............(I dont remember what he finished the sentence with)

Me: Blessings

Nochur: nodded the head

I slowly withdrew while some westeners started conversing....

After this wonderful satsang, I went to Virupaksha Cave and Skandashrama.

This time I spent lot of time near the Videha Mukthi room of Mother Azhagammal concentrating on her photo and worshipping her.

It was all filled with Bhagavan and Mother Azhagamal in Skandashramam and Virupaksha cave.

After coming back and resting for 2 hours evening time fully for my Father Arunachaleshwara.

I was in his hall surrounding the sanctum sanctorum and spent 1.5 hours near the Nataraja Sannidhi where the powerful form of Lord Shiva smiles and dances.

I asked him why he sent me away for longer time and pleaded to be with him frequently in future.

I went to Holy Mother Apeethakuchamba sannidhi later.

Next day my bus was at 12:30 PM again Volvo bus as roads are not good.

I went to Sri Ramanasrmam and skipped that day's lecture of Nochur Acharya as I spent that time sitting in old meditation hall.

I came back turning my head back into the ashram premises frequently in a mood of not having the inclination to leave it.

While in Bus it was all happy memory.

I should say I did not want to come back to world at all.

Vasanas were subdued there and I wish I continued there forever in my Father's loving embrace eternally.

-- Krishna

Title: Re: visited Sri Ramanasramam
Post by: Nagaraj on January 28, 2014, 08:53:47 AM
Title: Re: visited Sri Ramanasramam
Post by: Ravi.N on January 28, 2014, 01:27:05 PM
Happy to know that you could visit Sri Ramanasramam after a long gap and also attend Sri Nochur's talk there.
Title: Re: visited Sri Ramanasramam
Post by: ksksat27 on January 30, 2014, 08:49:55 AM
Happy to know that you could visit Sri Ramanasramam after a long gap and also attend Sri Nochur's talk there.

Dear Ravi sir

Thankyou very much.  It was a peaceful holy trip.

Dear Nagaraj,

Your smiley could not be understood.  Sometimes these chat smileys are so confusing  :-[
Title: Re: visited Sri Ramanasramam
Post by: Nagaraj on January 30, 2014, 08:55:18 AM
Dear Krishnan,

Your post recollecting your visit produced a smile in my face of happiness :)

it was nice.
Title: Re: visited Sri Ramanasramam
Post by: Balaji on January 30, 2014, 10:56:51 AM
Dear ksksat

Very nice to hear your trip to Ramanashramam and talks with  Sri Nochur Ji.