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Title: Is that you in this video?
Post by: Nagaraj on August 26, 2013, 04:05:28 PM
With smartphones intruding into personal space, people are often seen missing the real fun. Are you one of them? Watch this video to know how smartphones have actually changed our lives, and significant things have inadvertently become insignificant for us. (


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Title: Re: Is that you in this video?
Post by: Jewell on August 28, 2013, 04:24:15 PM
Dear Sri Nagaraj,

Wonderful and funny video!  ;D

We are indeed like this,and it is,in fact,very sad,absurd and also,very rude. Social networks,reality programs,the way of life today is absolutely unhealthy,and it makes us stupid and shallow. All became so superficial,and idiotic if You ask me. Relations became superficial and without any depth whatsoever. I also noticed that we are doing so many things at once these days,that we dont spend much time and energy or something specially,to devotee ourselves truly to something,but do so many things very superficially. That is like that for everything,work,relations,parenting,school. And,the worst thing is,we teach the children to be like that. They imitate our way of life,and they dont have childhood anymore,or any imagination,to play,to do anything. It is a sad thing. When my relatives come with their children i have noticed those kids only looking at telephone,television,and are always bored. I cant understand how can they be bored,and how they dont have any imagination. They need so much requisites to play normally,and watch some weird cartoons and reality programs. But they are only kids,we are teaching them this,it is our product. And we are product of all this idiotic social networks and so called reality shows. If there is evil,that would be it. I can only imagine what will be the product of new generations. All that is making people so distant,mechanical,and also very cruel.

Well,i hope that will change one day,or at least anyone can change himself and his way of life.

I loved this video. Thank You Very much,dear Sri Nagaraj!

With love and prayers,