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Title: Tiruvachakam - some gems
Post by: Subramanian.R on May 21, 2013, 07:16:09 PM
Arun wrote a personal message that he very much appreciated my sharing one of the Tiruvacvakam songs, starting with
thArai udayai adiyeRku un thAL iNai anbu.......  This is in Tiru Sadakam, under Ananda Paravasam. 

The following song is from Adaikkala Pathu, again in Tiruvachakam.  Adaikkala Path means Decad on Refuge.  This is Verse 8.

மாவடு வகிரன்ன கண்ணியங் காநின் மலரடிக்கே
கூவிடு வாய்கும்பிக் கேயிடு வாய் நின் குறிப்பறியேன்
பாவிடையாடு குழல்போற் கரந்து பரந்த உள்ளம்
ஆகெடுவேன் உடையாய் அடியேன் உன் அடைக்கலமே. 8.

O the consort of the woman with eyes like split baby mangoes, either you place me under your flower like feet, or
place me in hell (kumbi).  I do not know your will.  Like the weaver's shuttle, my heart is moving here and there restlessly.
O I am lost, my Master, this slave is under your refuge. 

Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Tiruvachakam - some gems
Post by: Arun on May 22, 2013, 03:02:09 PM
Dear Subramanian.R,

Thanks for sharing the gem with us :)

Best Regards,
Title: Re: Tiruvachakam - some gems
Post by: Subramanian.R on May 22, 2013, 04:08:26 PM
Dear Arun and others,

This is from Acho Padigam (Decad of Bliss) from Tiruvachakam.  Acho is an exclamation that arises out o

முத்திநெறி அறியாத மூர்க்கரொடு முயல்வேனைப்
பத்திநெறி அறிவித்துப் பழவினைகள் பாறும்வண்ணம்
சித்தமலம் அறுவித்துச் சிவமாக்கி எனைஆண்ட
அத்தனெனக் கருளியவா றார்பெறுவார் அச்சோவே. 650

I was roaming with fools who do not know the way for liberation.  You taught me the way of bhakti and snapped all
my karmas.  You also removed my three impurities and made me Sivam (Consciousness).  O Father, who can get such
a grace, Acho!


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Tiruvachakam - some gems
Post by: Subramanian.R on May 28, 2013, 06:14:08 PM
Jewell wrote about Mirabai pining for love for Rama (Is it Krishna).  Saint Manikkavachagar has got a similar verse
in Annai Pathu (Decade to Mother).  There he imagines himself as a girl and pines for Siva.

கொன்றை மதியமும் கூவின மத்தமும்
துன்றிய சென்னியர் அன்னே என்னும்
துன்றிய சென்னியின் மத்தம்உன் மத்தமே
இன்றெனக் கானவா றன்னே என்னும். 347

He is wearing konRai flowers, crescent moon and kooviLam flowers and unmatham flowers, O Mother! 
(unmatha is said to cause madness)
He is wearing these on His neck.
The flowers on His neck which is unmatham 
Has caused today madness for me, O Mother!

Arunachala Siva,
Title: Re: Tiruvachakam - some gems
Post by: Subramanian.R on May 31, 2013, 05:22:23 PM
This is a ruby among the Tiruvachakam verses.  It comes under Anandaditam (Beyond the state of Bliss) in Tiruchadakam,
Verse 6.

விச்சு அது இன்றியே விளைவமு செய்குவாய்
விண்ணும் மண்ணகம் முழுதும் யாவையும்
வைச்சு வாங்குவாய் வஞ்சகப் பெரும்
புலையனேனை உன்கோயில் வாயிலிற்
பிச்சன்ஆக்கினாய் பெரிய அன்பருக்கு
உரியன் ஆக்கினாய் தாம் வளர்த்தது ஓர்
நச்சு மாமரம் ஆயினும் கொலார்
நானும் அங்கனே உடைய நாதனே. 100

(You will) grow grains without even a seed.  You will create the space and earth, sustain them, and then destroy them.
You have made me, this lowly down caste, stay in Your Temple gate to roam like a madman.  You made me one among your great
devotees.  O will a gardener cut off the mango tree, just because it has yielded poisonous fruits?  I am also like that tree,
O my Master.

Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Tiruvachakam - some gems
Post by: Jewell on May 31, 2013, 06:05:22 PM
So beautiful verses,dear Sir! So touching and sweet...

Thank You for sharing them!

With love and prayers,
Title: Re: Tiruvachakam - some gems
Post by: Subramanian.R on June 01, 2013, 02:51:54 PM
This is from Tiruvachakam, Setthilap Pathu (Decade on Not yet Dying).  This is verse 5.

ஆட்டுத்தேவர் தம் விதியொழிந் தன்பால்
ஐயனே என்றுன் அருள்வழி யிருப்பேன்
நாட்டுத்தேவரும் நாடரும் பொருளே
நாதனே உனைப் பிரிவறா அருளைப்
காட்டித்தேவநின் கழலிணை காட்டிக்
காயமாயத்தைக் கழிந்தருள் செய்யாய்
சேட்டைத்தேவர்தந் தேவர்பிரானே
திருப்பெருந்துறையுறை மேவிய சிவனே. 402

The saint-poet makes a beautiful alliteration here.  Attu devar = Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra.  They create, sustain (giving
pains and miseries along with pleasures) and the Rydra destroys the life.  Attu means one who rocks you here and thither,
with creation, sustenance and destruction. 

The saint says: I shall ignore their rules and seek your (Siva's) way of Grace.

Then, Nattu devar = the gods on the earth = bhu surar = brahmins. Even these brahmins, Nattu devar cannot seek you but

O Lord, You who is rare to attain even by brahmins , O Lord, I shall never be separate from you.

Kattu deva nin kazhal iNai kAtti = Show your anklet wearing feet and then,

kAya mAyathai kazhitharuL seivai =  This body which is Maya's product, please snap it and help me.

Settai devar = those mini gods like ghosts, seven planets, Mariyamma, Ayyanar which are really said to be village
protectors. The villagers pray to them whenever they suffer from fever, small pox or chicken pox.  The seven planets
also create problems if their movements are not to good positions in your horoscope.

Settai means seshtai i.e small tricks and nuisances. 

Settai devar dham devar pirAne = You are the Lord for all these nuisance producing mini gods too. (So when I pray to You,
what can these mini gods do?)

Tiruperundurai mEviya Sivane! - O Lord of Tirup perundurai. 

What is the inner meaning of Perundurai = the great shore.  Tiru is equal to Sri for respect.

This great shore is the shore of moksha, liberation!

We are all suffering in this ocean of misery called birth, and only Siva is capable of carrying our life's boat safely to the
shore of liberation.

In Sri Ramana Ashottaram also, there is a nama called Samsararnava thArakaya Namah | 

One (the boatman) who carries you safe to the shore of liberation, from the ocean (arnavam) of samsara (life).
tharaka is the boat man.


Arunachala Siva.