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Apart from meditation, I was using incantations, mostly silently, seldom aloud.  The mind needs some diversion even in sadhana.
While in the hill station, one evening I felt very strongly the urge to switch over to the incantation of OM but I hesitated,
not having received such initiation.  I knew by then that one should be properly initiated into a mantra by someone authorized
to do so who has the power to transform the recipient.  A mantra is a revelation from the depth of eternal silence.  Reality
turned towards manifestation reveals itself as sabdha, nada, a vibration of primordial sound, which translates itself into
various forms on various levels. A mantra becomes truly potent when the physical sound does not deviate from the vibrations
of the sound-origin as revealed to Rishis who transmit them to recipients only when they are ready.  If a mantra is concocted
to be used as a convenient  means for concentration and imparted by people who are ill equipped to do so, it can do great
harm and lead astray into confusion.  Sound vibrations are known to have shattered glasses.   This applies also to people.

Pythagoras explains that all beings and things produce sounds according to their nature, aggregates of dancing sound producing
atoms whose perpetual song creates dense or subtle forms.

The urge to switch over to OM from another incantation into which I had been initiated by a Western Guru became stronger.
I sat musing.  all was quiet, the children having gone to sleep.  Suddenly I heard it, OM....OM.....OM a low reverberating sound
like the humming of a bee going on and on.  OM....OM......Om... I listened spellbound, how long I could not say. 


Arunachala Siva.       
Post by: Subramanian.R on May 13, 2013, 09:46:17 AM


Then to my great surprise I realized that the sound came from myself, deep down from my own heart.  This must be
initiation, I thought, and from then on I used this incantation without compunction.  Actually OM can be used as an
incantation by anyone without initiation; far so safer than to be initiated into it by self styled teachers not authorized
to do so.  OM is the substratum of all sound.  It is pronounced at the beginning of every rite, prayer or undertaking.

Sitting on a rock on the plateau at Kodaikanal facing Perumal hill one day, everything joined in this incantation like a low
steady vibration at the heart of the cosmos.  It went on and on, a low humming sound on which the whole creation
seemed to  be strung.

According to Gaudapada, OM is known as the Lord present in the heart of all.  He defines it as the Pranava, as the
immutable; the beginning, middle and end of all and the best and most efficacious of all mantras.  It may reveal itself
to a devotee in a paean, an Alleluiah of praise and thanksgiving at the throne of God, the sky rent asunder with the
glory of it.  Wagner might have been inspired by such an experience, as in some of his compositions, there seems to be an
echo.  In Mozart's The Magic Flute, the lovely quiet voice of the flute comes through calling....calling throughout the din of the
world (samsara) which again and again drowns it.  But the voice will not be stilled.  Krishna's flute, a reminder from the inner
witness in the heart watching what we think or do.

'The best is repetition with the mind', Sri Bhagavan reminds us. "The point is to keep out all other thoughts except the one
thought of OM.....Then by conscious effort or invocation, or meditation we prevent our minds from thinking of other things, then
what remains  is our real nature which is OM....."

In Virupaksha Cave where Sri Bhagavan spent a number of years, sometimes the sound of OM becomes audible, always
like the humming of a bee.     

The enlightened Virupaksha lived and is buried there.  In the inner shrine a Lingam was erected over his Samadhi.  The
Cave is said to be in the shape of OM.


Arunachala Siva.     
Post by: Subramanian.R on May 14, 2013, 10:44:45 AM


Once on a Sivaratri (the night of Siva), a group of us went around the Hill (pradakshina).  On the way back we
stopped at Virupaksha Cave. The swami who lived there had just finished a fast of one week and a number of
people came to see him and bring food to break his fast.  There was quite a hubbub.  I was sitting in meditation
in the inner shrine when suddenly I heard of the sound of OM, a low humming sound quite unaffected by the considerable
noise. A devotee asked Sri Bhagavan about hearing he sound in the cave, and Bhagavan told him to go and find out.
It does not always reveal itself.

When the spark in the ashes of the heart bursts into flame, fanned by the invocation in a breathless moment, one may
swallow the whole universe -- mountains, rivers, seas, whales elongating themselves to enter more easily into one point
of the heart.  It all starts from there, a projection.  Such is the reality of the world.  Sayings of sages from diverse sources
confirm it:  'The vast orb of heaven with its myriads of outgoings and incomings was concealed in single point'.  (Rumi).
For the Chinese Zen Master Huang Po, a grain of dust is identical with all the world systems:  'All the phenomena are
intrinsically void and yet this mind with which they are identical is no mere nothingness.  It does exist but in a way too
marvelous for us to comprehend.  It is an existence which is no existence, a non existence which is nevertheless existence.
So this true void does in some marvelous way exist.'


Arunachala Siva.