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Title: The episode of Perumal Swami
Post by: ksksat27 on April 22, 2013, 11:01:17 AM
Any discussion on Sri Ramana Maharishee is not complete without referring to Perumal Swami.

Well,  while with other evil people like Ravana , atleast in that birth,  they were really evil from the start.

But here is a man , who started well,  was a good devotee,  even carried the excrements of his Guru and served him totally,  but then something happened that turned him totally opposite.

What is more heartening to me is,  this man suffered for his actions in this very birth itself by becoming a house bound invalid.

While everybody around Ramana Maharihsee are taking as much grace as they could, here is a man who finally headed only towards Hell because of his association with Sri Ramana.

I don't support him, but seeing his story,  sometimes fear comes that we should not land in even a slightest of that situation.

Sometimes the feeling of pity comes that again and again people are telling he is going to Hell,  but after all he was with Ramana Maharishee.  I pray he finishes his punishments as soon as possible and be born again in Thiruvannamalai as a good devotee.

It seems in his final days,  he apologized to Sri Ramana and clearly saw that he is going to hell.  Even Maharishee did not object to his prediction,  he only said that He is in hell also.

We cannot dismiss that Hells don't exist,  they do exist in subtle planes. Even Papaji acknowledged the same.

Who am I to pass judgement?

But we can definitely do one prayer constantly:

with folded hands, turn towards Arunachala Shiva and with total humility and a humble prayerful mood,  we can pray like this:

O Arunachala,  Supreme Father, though you know all actions to be done at appropriate moments,
I place this humble prayer towards you. Our Lord,  please listen to our prayer:

for all those sinners who were offending against Bhagavan like the mouni who burnt old meditation hall,  Perumal Swami , and all others in current world who are offending against Bhagavan , O Arunachala, they were also devotees only but somehow slipped from their good path.

Now if you punish them by your Supreme Anger which earlier burnt the entire city of Woraiyur in Trichy due to the offence against your devotee Saarramaa muni and many other instances in past,  so , likewise, if you now punish them in Hell,  they will cry and suffer.

O Lord, we all pray ,  please give them solace and bring them back to earth as good devotees,  O Lord please forgive your children.  Not only those sinners,  atleast they were clearly sinners which they knew,  but also your current devotees who are really sinful in thinking in their core of the heart,  for all of them also, O Lord Sonagiri,  please forgive .

Please give all of these class good birth and make them adopt virtuous path.

For if anybody who having had associated with Sri Ramana somehow, if he suffers in hell,  future people may fear Sri Ramana.  They erred and I err in my own capacity.

Please forgive all of us and lift us back O merciful Arunachala.

O Arunachala ,  let anybody else fails ,  does not matter,  but not one who initially came to Spritual path and then went bad,  let this class not fail anytime.  Let them not suffer, please lift us up constantly,  when we fall down thousand times,  oh our Father,  you lift and embrace us the same thousand times, one day we will change ourselves.

Arunachala shiva arunachala shiva arunachala shiva arunachala.
Title: Re: The episode of Perumal Swami
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 22, 2013, 11:46:51 AM

Dear Krishnan,

When Perumal Swami was seriously ill, Sri Bhagavan arranged to send gruel for him!  Then, when he said, 'Swami, I shall
surely go to hell for what I have done for you.'  Sri Bhagavan said: 'Do not worry. Even if you go to hell, I shall be beside you!"

KaruNArNavamAi karudha
gadhi nalhum Arunchala Sivam eethAm.

(Sri Bhagavan)

Arunachala Siva.