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Title: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 12, 2013, 06:53:33 PM
Dear All,

Sometime back Nagaraj gave some verses of Mangu Thimma. This work also by D.V. Gundappa, a Kannada novelist, thinker and poet,
is about blabberings of Marula Muniya, his younger brother. It contains all philosophy coming from the mouth of non literate Marula Muniya.


Come let us seek the lotus feet of Him
Who views with delight his His own
Magnificent images and reflections in the
Vast exposure of the world mirror
Thus sang Marula Muniya.*

(*This last line in the blank verse, should be taken for all verses.)


Come let us seek His Excellency, the Emperor of Emperors
Who built this attractive royal palace
To view the images of His own empire
In the eternal world mirror.


Come, let us bow before the magnificence and majesty
Of the unseen Indweller who shaped these bamboo walls
So as to see His own glory and grandeur
In the vast world mirror.


Come, let us find out the most opulent One
Who created this enormous universe
So as to see and enjoy His masterly sports
In this vast world mirror


Their lies a state of eternal bliss beyond all dualities
Beyond all arguments, beyond all good and evil
Beyond all pleasures and pains of senses
Seek it always and every moment.



I am Marula Muniya, Manguthimma's younger brother,
I would here unburden all the sorrows of my heart,
Will not the wise and good tell me what is righteous?
Is not the world our teacher?


I am Marula Muniya, Manguthimma's younger brother,
I would pour out all the contents of my heart,
Let the wise and pious rightly judge it,
I will surrender myself to them.


Marula Muniya's mind cherishes the dreams of simple life,
Radiating the grace of delight, truth, goodness and peace.
Don't the ripples of a lake rise to sprinkle cool spray
And fall back into the lake? 


Questions of the world galore come charging at me
My stuttering tongue is itching to answer them,
The outpourings seek expression in verses,
That grow unabashedly like Hanuman's tail in Lanka.


This is neither an amusing story, nor a cascade of in-felt sentiments.
But these verses are for reflection and rumination,
Meditating on one verse at a time now and then
Experience and enjoy it.


Arunachala Siva.     

Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Jewell on January 13, 2013, 02:00:16 AM
Dear Sri Subramanian sir,

Truly Beautiful verses! I never saw them before. So sweet.

Thank You Very much!
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 13, 2013, 10:35:23 AM

Para Brahman.


Iswara is ahead and Brahman stays close behind
Eternal is Para Brahman and ephemeral are the gods
Iswara creates and sustains the universe.
But static remains Brahman.
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


What are breath, hunger, sorrows and joys!
What are heat, cold and the many shining things!
Aren't all these life experiences, the outflow
Of the eternal essence of Brahman's energy?


The ocean looks turbulent with waves on the surface,
But deep down it's an abode of lasting peace,
Likewise the family life of Brahman is a mere myth,
Brahman is really inert and unattached.


The branches, twigs and leaves move above,
But the base and trunk of the tree are static like a pillar,
Likewise the souls sway in the wind of Maya,
But immovable is Brahman.


Firm manliness in the moving world,
A firm progressive mind in the manliness and
Excellence of self is the constant goal of the progressive path
But supremely firm is Brahman for ever.


Just as a person standing before a mirror,
Beams with joy seeing his handsome reflection,
The Eternal Intelligence enjoys His infinite variety,
In the artwork of Creation.


Is the Absolute Existence one or two or one appearing as two?
The indistinct one behind the veils cannot be counted,
Permanent existence is existence but where is permanence in the world?
God only is permanent.


Closing his nose and mouth, the diver plunges into the sea.
There he searches for pearls, rises up and comes to the shore,
Likewise sports the Godpower
In the lake of the world.


The soul abiding merged in the Supreme Brahman
Appears separate in the worldly sport,
It takes human body in different forms
And suffers humiliation.


Brahman is like an infinite reservoir of water,
Gods are like canals facilitating periodical irrigation,
The Chief Gods like Vagheesa, Lakshmeesa and Goureesa
Are only there to fulfill our worldly desires.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 14, 2013, 04:26:41 PM
Offer obeisances to that One:


One alone exists and That one is eternally the same,
It is sans past, sans future and sans beginning and sans end.
It is in lanes, plains, dwellings, and jungles
Salute that Omnipresent One
Thus sang Marula Muniya


That One alone exists at all times, and everywhere,
Remaining unseen It creates and sustains everything.
Transcending everything It dwarfs everything else.
Surrender yourself to that One.


The One God wishes to enjoy a festival feast,
He started the game with two and became many,
His countless forms now march in procession in the elated world
Offer obeisances to that marvel.


I offer my obeisance to the One who accepts
Our offerings and worship in hundreds of shrines
In hundreds and hundreds of names and forms.
With all amusements and displays.


He may be God, Religion, Time or Duty
He may be Goddess, Governing Principle, all pervading Spirit, Master
He may be pure Self, witness or the Supreme Brahman
I ever bow  before Him.


Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 15, 2013, 11:55:19 AM
Siva is only a Witness:


God if the only immortal substance and the world is His shadow
Steeped in mystery He abides at every place and all times
Sorrows and deaths are all the displays of His ppwer
Let us bow to Him.
Thus sang Marula Muyniya.


Don't you think there's something designated as God
Who is the Creator, Inspirer and Sustainer of the worlds?
Let us ponder over His relations though  He is mysterious
Let us fold our hands to Him.


The wealthy Soul has made this world mirror
Since the very beginning of creation to so as to see and enjoy
His own wealth, prosperity and capabilities.
Salutations to the great God Soul.


Cautiousness, patience and power of discrimination
Qualities these three would solve most of our difficulties
If still unsolved bow and take refuge in God
Bow low with a smile.


He, the All in All remains behind the curtain
And secretly smiles on seeing His children
Playing their roles poorly on the open stage
Obeisance to that perverse pleasure Seeker.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 16, 2013, 01:20:57 PM
Remember the Protector with reverence:


Creating this world for sport as if all sports stemmed from Him,
Hiding behind the masks of names and forms.
He witnesses this world play quite unseen
Reverently remember that Protector.


This is Chit when the unmanifest Sat chooses to become manifest
It is Jagat when Chit plays spontaenously
The entire universe is nothing but manifest Satchitananda
All should offer their services to That.


Sugar dissolved in a beverage is surely present in it.
Mouth alone can enjoy the sweetness and not eyes or hands
Be a good friend to mankind like sugar in beverage
Be the Self, shedding 'I' ness.


The Infinite, Absolute Intelligent One  who grants
The power of discrimination to devotees is none but Lord Siva
He lives, loves and sports in the lotus of everyone's heart,
Cong to His feet.


The same One exists, manifests and knows,
The same one supports all, ponder over this, oh deluded one
It exists as truth, manifests as world and is realized as Self
Brahman is the One that supports and sustains all.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 17, 2013, 01:21:32 PM
Siva, the Witness:


Indestructible, indissectable, and unattached is Siva
In truth His supposed qualities of protection and destruction
Are only apparent projections and part of delusion caused by Brahma's play
Siva is only a Witness.


You may weep, rage, fight, kill, or be killed
You may flirt, crave, labor, fear and get elated,
Siva views all your plights as if they are child's play
And always remains remains cool unattached.


Ravana's blinding lust, and Kaurava's blinding greed
Kaushika's severe penance and burning passion
Anger, disease, poverty, and love -- born pranks
Each is a rich feast to Siva.


Harishchandra may grieve and Chandramathi may weep,
Damayanthi may wander in search of her husband
Subhadra and Arjuna may bewail the death of their son
Each is an extra delicacy to Siva, the Witness.


At this world is a pot of fresh  juice and Siva is a libertine,
All beings are flowers with honey of many a taste,
He tastes and enjoys each like a hungry man,
Pasupati is indeed  a Rasapati.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 18, 2013, 01:11:55 PM


Truth and falsehood, senses of knowledge and things to be known,
Nature and illusions, wisdom and ignorance
Honor and dishonor, virtue and vices,
All dissolve and become on in Siva.
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


Differences in the water of different rivers become one in the ocean
Differences of ideas and actions become one in life
Differences of the world become one in the pure Eternal Self
The very same Self exists everywhere.


Sides are two to the road of our life,
One is God and the other is the enchanting world,
Either of the two you should not discard even for a moment,
Forget not either of the two.


He who becomes one with the life of all beings in the world
And who does not think that he is separate and
Who forgets himself in embracing the entire universe
Is higher than the high sky.


A moment is the concrete image of the abstract Eternity,
An atom is the familiar face of the unknown Eternal Existence
Never neglect the ephemeral, it enables us to understand the Eternal
Atom is the representative of the Infinite Great.


God's Will is an ocean and you in it are a drop,
Would you search for the limitless mega mass in a particle?
Melt and become one in it to see the whole mass,
Annihilate all separateness.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 19, 2013, 01:31:47 PM
Awareness of the Universality of the Self:


When you behold the whole world as one complete existence,
You would realize that all the many forms and names come from the One,
When you enjoy the all complete existence in the One,
It is the all comprehensive Yoga.
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


Egoism is annihilated by the Allself awareness
Immutable peace stems from egolessness,
Deisrelessness springs from peace and that is equal vision
Allself awareness leads to Bliss.


Thousands of offsprings are hidden in one seed
Thousands of sentiments lie compressed in one mind
Infinite Spirit exists in the finite human body
Ponder over this subtle truth.


The mutual search of Prakriti and Purusha
Is the limitless sea where plays the universal Soul
The enlightenment that sees the same wave in many seas
Leads one to a blissful state.


Grandfathers, forefathers of many past lives
Are born as sons and grandsons in the present life
Our life's river can always swell and overflow,
When it is fed by the waters of many rivulets.


What are body and mind? What are solids and liquids?
What are things inert and active? What is life's energy?
All are the tiny drops of the eternal, original, selfborn
River of Energy.


All things are bundles of the original basic energy,
The subtle from the gross and the gross from the subtle,
It is not limited by time and space but appears to flow
As a continuous current of changeable living and non living beings.

chapter continues....

Arunachala Siva.       
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 20, 2013, 02:21:14 PM
Awareness of the universality of the Self:



Heredity has planted variety in quality and quantity
In grass, plants, trees, iron and gold
In gems, sand, stones, dogs and deers
In order to teach the principle of mutual dependence.
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


Paddy turns into manure and mingles with the earth and becomes soil
Then it shoots up again as corn, likewise even though
The seeds of human race sink into dark
They rise up again and grow.


However much I harass him he is not wiped out but lives
How brave he is! Surely He is the quintessence of ambrosia
So feels Fate and fights constantly against man
This is an endless fight.


Beyond earth and sun there are hundreds of earths and suns
That are hundreds of times more powerful than that of ours
Nature may again and again issue forth many such astral bodies
Brahman's power is infinite.


The universe is  primordial without beginning and end
Life flows from age to age like a river
When did the roots of virtues and sins first sprout?
What is the future course?


Our soul takes birth assimilating life essence
From mother and father, from mother's father
From uncle, and many uncles of thousands of clans and countless families
Who reflects on all these matters?


Is the Reality One or many?
What is now many in the world was originally One.
Sing the praise  of both with one mind at all times.
You are one of the many from the Original One.


Arunachala Siva.           
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 21, 2013, 04:48:22 PM
Awareness of the Universality of the Self:


Is the Reality one or two or One appearing as two?
Are flower and fragrance two? Flower is rubbish without fragrance,
Are gem and lustre two? Gem without lustre is a mere pepple,
Realty is a blend  of the two in One,
Thus sang Marula Muniya,


A spark appearing separate from the flame is the marvel of Maya
The blowing wind shakes all things in their places,
It makes each appear as two in its own place
And plays like a child.


Ganga is a river and Yamuna is another river,
The separateness is only up to Prayag, the place of their confluence'
Which is Ganga, and which is Tunga in the Bay of Bengal?
Is it possible to differentiate them?


One who sees many in one and the One in many
Is the Seer who has realized the Supreme Truth.
Sorrow touches him not and attachment moves him not,
His is the Universal Vision.


True wisdom makes us realize
The oneness of life force in the variety of body forms
The oneness of stream in the range of of ripples
The oneness of the sun and the moon in their changes.


The very remembrance of Divine Greatness overcomes
All human differences, differences of time and place,
Differences due to old age and disease and establishes
Unity in diversity of the world.


Beginning less is the universe and beginning less are the souls
Names and forms are different in different ages,
Different are human qualities, ways of conduct and traditions
But in the indwelling Reality is all One.


In a garden full of flowers of many varieties,
A little jasmine may lie unseen but can be smelt by one with keen nose,
Likewise you live in this world apparently unnoticed,
But clearly understood by keen observers.

sub chapter concluded.

Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 22, 2013, 01:41:43 PM


Reality is One but it appears as two to the outward eye,
One is the manifested world and the other is the unmanifested,
One who ever lives realizing the two as one,
Is really the realized one,
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


One becomes two and two may become ten or hundred,
A new thing is created when any one touches another,
Friction among and modifications of
The parts of molecules cause all creation.


Two shining beads only are seen on the neck of a maiden
One can only guess the necklace covered by her sari
Likewise our eyes grasp only a partial view of God's greatness
Complete vision is the privilege of the enlightened mind.


All things in the universe are made by the cooperation
of the Master and His tool,
One is the immortal Spirit and the other is the mortal body,
The machine is comprehensible but the Maker is not,
Each has its own specific sphere.


If the wisdom and custom of the past are irrelevant at present
Would the wisdom and custom of today be relevant in future?
View all things therefore with the eternal principle
That holds good at all times.


Arunachala Siva.         
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: deepa on January 23, 2013, 07:11:26 AM

So beautiful.. I'm sure its even more beautiful and lyrical in the original. Thanks so for translating.

I googled Marula Muniya.. very interesting story.  Reminded me of Hastamalaka.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 23, 2013, 10:08:26 AM
Dear Deepa,

Thanks.  I only know how to speak Kannada and not to read or write Kannada. This English translation is not mine. It has been done
by one A. Narasimha Bhatt, Retired Head Master, Kotekani, Kasaragod, Kerala.

Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 23, 2013, 10:15:50 AM


At all times may there be prosperity and happiness
At all times may there be courageous heart to endure and to push ahead,
At all times may Truth, the Light of Inner Self burning bright,
Victory to Truth and Victory to righteousness.
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


The fruit of victory is truly within and not without,
Unflinching adherence to truth and righteousness
Melts all selfishness and strengthens the self
Victory is the experience of becoming one with all the self.


During famine whatever food you get, you grab and gulp,
Even then you would be thinking of and searching for better food,
Whichever religion you can well comprehend
Use it as a ladder to reach the Supreme Truth.


The playful dance of Eternal Substance is Beauty
The Eternal  Substance that is ever ever steady is Truth
Truth and Beauty are the very core of Brahman and Maya
Ever inseparable as they are.


Sat is Existence, that is absolute Beingness
Truth is the Existence, omnipresent and eternal
Purposeless, signless, and actionless.
Sat is nothing but goodness of good.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 24, 2013, 01:25:14 PM


How near to and how far from sun
Is the dust particle swaying in the sky in the blowing wind?
Truth is a matter of experience, its neither imagination nor argument.
It is attainable only through Self Experience.
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


What is Experience? It is the mind's embracing
Your desired object, in and out and all around
It is experience when the mind grasps the object
Like the skin that holds the blood and flesh in the body.


Husband and wife sometimes live in like separate entities,
At other times they give up twoness and live united as one,
Brahman and soul may be so in the world.
Real truth can be known only through experience.


The Protective Truth you can realize
Not by heart alone and not by intellect alone
Assiduous joint effort of both in proper measure
Would illumine your inner being.


Dissolving one's own self so that he doesn't think of himself,
Making one forget every other thing so that he doesn't desire them
Making the lover and the beloved totally one in love
This beautiful phenomenon is Advaita.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 25, 2013, 01:46:17 PM



Experience of god in self, if you think you cannot
Experience yourself as the slave of God, the Lord of all worlds,
No matter how, somehow the attachment should go,
The sun regains his effulgence  when Rahu quits.
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


The tree is hard at the base and trunk, but in branches
It transcends its wooden state, sprouts and flowers
Man should likewise rise above the soil and stone of body sense
And reach the spiritual afflorescence.


Aspirant state is duality and seer state is non duality
Flowing between the banks the river becomes one with the sea.
Pain of separation is duality and loving union is non duality
Sense of difference is only a sentimental state.


When the Truth of the Vedas become the truth of Self Experience
You would realize the Truth beyond the verbal expression,
Light is burning in your own inner being
It is the effulgence of your own self.


The Truth alone exists and it appears as world in manifold forms'
Self alone can realize this, Brahman is the Supreme Spirit
That protects all. The life lived continuously remembering this
Itself is the supreme state of self.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 26, 2013, 12:35:22 PM


Observe carefully and see every tree calling you,
Lend your ears and hear the same message from every stone,
Listen and hear every soul singing the same song
The whole universe sings the message of Siva.
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


People complain that He cannot be seen or grasped
But why don't they see Him in what they see and grasp?
He moves about the in countless bodies of the universe
Why don't they dive in and see Him?


Stone or soil, palatial mansion or dust or rubbish under your feet
Waving creepers or trees or dry piece of firewood
Beautiful maiden or ascetic or hero of many adventures,
Things inert or alive, all are Siva.


Is it the one that appears as "I" or the one that appears as 'you?'
Is it the 'one' that appears as 'that' without 'It' being or 'I' or 'you'?
No matter what and how, the 'One' alone is all and the One alone
Should be your sole support of all times.


Who knows the intricacies of the Basic Principle
Regulating the rotations, rises and falls of the world Life-Wheel?
The whole universe is fully regulated by the free
Unfathomable Eternal Principle.


Stand in the heart of a forest and look around
Fresh sprigs sprout out every day in every plant,
Likewise, every second and every split second
The Supreme Spirit is born at every place.


The One that exists appears as two to mankind,
But how to appear without existing and how to exist without appearing?
The Eternal Existence and the physical world are really one
Like the roots and leaves of a tree.


Brahman, the Primordial Substance, is one but in different times and places
It wears different guises, Brahman disguises Himself as the Self
Self adorns body and disguises as soul. This universe is
Nothing but Brahman sporting in disguise.


This unfoldment of universe is a playful transaction
The Primordial cause of all this is totally tree
He has spread His wondrous web of love and hate
Only for amusement.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 27, 2013, 02:20:01 PM
This universe is Siva's play:


All universe is God's play and God alone is the purpose of this play
The play of birds, animals, worms, and insects,
The sport of hills and rivers and above all the play of human beings
Infinite are His plays.


That man and this man, you and he, I and he, you and I
Caress each other and each makes the other forget himself,
Each one assaults the other and rouses his anger
He observes all these from behind the veils and laughs
God's pastime is our life.


Sport, mere sport, sheer amusement and pure play,
There is no real victory or no real defeat and no worry,
It's the grand show of the glory of the Eternal Master
It is the display of His magical powers.


He binds soul and soul and weaves soul and soul
With the cords and webs of love or hate
He makes them laugh, enjoy or cry in pain
This is the grand game of God.

The game of the world life is on when the three elemental qualities are in imbalance
The majesty of the sea becomes evident only when the waves rise and fall
It fails to fascinate the onlooker when it is wave less
Movement itself is play.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 28, 2013, 01:37:15 PM
This Universe is Siva's Play:



The entire world is a playhouse, worldly life is a drama enactment,
Kala controls everything, and He causes
The wind to rise, and fall and drives forward
The three elemental qualities in human mind.   


The sky is eternal while the stars are evanescent
The root cause of universe is Truth, while its outward appearance is a mystery.
Man in truth is similar to God but men are in discord
This is a playful display.


All the worldly life is a play ground of Siva
That is Siva, this is Siva, you are Siva and so am I
All worldly situations that kindle our interest, arouse our anger
And make us dance in Siva's play.


All activities of merriment and love, all negative emotions
All poetry and music, all anger and agony
All foolish proclamations, all noble thoughts and silence
All, all, are Siva's play.


This worldly life is an eternal contest between Fate and Man
Life in the world take many twists and turns due to this conflict
The unnatural trend that forces us to seek
Goodness in this distorted world is also Siva's play.


Arunachala Siva.       
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 28, 2013, 05:12:17 PM
To roll on is also play:


Brahman is a river and the worlds are rows of waves
Flowing, rising, falling to rise again is the life of a wave
Falling down and rising again is the very life of a river
Rolling on also is a sport.


The whole universe is a sport, God's sport, eternal sport,
Tears and laughter, conflicts and wayward behaviors are also sports
Making heavy what is light and struggling is also sport
All annoyance is nothing but sport.


All this is a sport, mere sport, everywhere it is sport 
This is a sport of our Foremost Master, sport of all beings
This is a sport of Fate, a sport with wails and clashes
A sport replete with commotion.


Everything is present in the play of the Primordial Power
Known and unknown, imaginable and unimaginable
Dualism, monism and qualified monism, all such differences
Dissolve into one in Him.


Sporting in the world, save yourself and attain excellence
Joyously take part in the sport and witness it
Working as the indwelling driver and manager of the sport
Enjoy the bliss of all the three worlds.


The world is floating like a kite in the sky of time
The seeing mind itself is earth, from where it is flown
Our worldly work is he holding thread and fate is the wind
The play is the projection of the perverted mind
and that is an amusement to Siva.

Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 29, 2013, 09:49:55 AM
Siva Likes Everything:


That man thinks that this one's way of life and activities are incorrect,
This man finds the very presence and looks of that one to be foolish
Each one likes his own foolish pranks
But Siva admires everything.


The world exists in diversity and it disappears when you see all things as one
Diversity in intellectual and physical developments,
In human qualities and worldly pursuits and in allotted duties of every being
Oneness only in meditation and salvation.


There are enough tasty things in the world to tempt your taste buds, but
The world is not generous enough to quench your hunger. If the elements
In the world are not disproportionate,
How can the process of creation go on?


Different are the tastes of tamarind and chilly
The sour tastes of lime, mango and tamarind are different
Human being is different from all other animals
And each man is different in personal qualities.


Kimpurushas form one half of mankind and kinnaras
Constitute the other half. How can a human face
Kiss a horse body and how can a horse face kiss a human body
Heartburning would the lot of both.     

Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 30, 2013, 04:52:57 PM
Siva Likes Everything:



Life in the world moves like the dancing sea waves
Waves rise and fall one after another
No two waves are equal in shape and speed
Beauty lies in variety.


Nature never sings the same tune more than once
One day is unlike the other even though the Sun is one
Even the Sun wears out moment to moment
The sameness we see is superficial.


The wheel has only one hum and one rim
But the spokes in between are many and separate
Likewise, the living beings in the world appear different
Forgetting their same origin and the same end.


When Delhi is languishing in scorching summer heat
Clouds bathe Sringeri with cool showers
Grief and joy have some intimate connection,
Can there be clouds without sultriness?


Numerous scientific inventions are now taking place
But the age old human relationships are crumbling
The gold chain that man has designed
Has become the killing noose around his neck.


Arunachala 'Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 31, 2013, 01:13:06 PM
Marula Muniya Kagga:

Siva likes everything:



Many wonderful achievements have been made by man
Vehicles, machines and achievements in the field of literature and fine arts
But why does the man desiring to rise up to the Sun
Degenerate and sink so low?


When the Cosmic Dancer dances ecstatically
The scientist attempts to examine his physical movements
But by the time the scientist opens his eyes to examine them
The poses and postures of the Dancer change.

(This is about the uncertainty principle of the atoms and protons and electrons)


A man goes in search of the far off shop of Goddess Lakshmi
While Goddess Saraswati's free choultry is nearby
He clings to the darkness of inside, hankeing for
The outer glitter. Is he blind or sighted?


The soul, under the illusion of separateness gets immersed in the world
And suffers pains. The experience of swaying
Sorrow and joy hung by Maya brings self knowledge
And self knowledge dispels all illusion.


Mind and intellect develop in natural order;
New knowledge and fresh emotions take birth;
By the regular and mutual human contact and resulting refinement
In a cause and effect sequence.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 01, 2013, 02:11:51 PM
Siva likes everything:



How can intellect become ripe without passing through the fire of doubt?
Logical thinking is the prerequisite for definite understanding
Putting intelligent questions to brush off blind beliefs
Takes us nearer the Truth.


Can a scientist examine an atom with the naked eye?
Appropriate instrument for the purpose is microscope,
Likewise set an in built instrument in your heart
For realizing the Supreme Reality.


Experts have invented many machines for human use
That are run by blowing wind, falling water, and shining sun
But why don't they harness the power of emotions in human heart
To run these useful machines?


Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 02, 2013, 02:07:47 PM
The Enlightened and the unenlightened:


An enlightened person also procreates and fosters his progeny
Like an unenlightened person. One shoulders the duties with compassion.
But the other bears the burden fearing his benefactor
And hankering for worldly benefits.


An unenlightened one falls into the fire of worldliness
When  shadows of delusion drag him and the hook of attachment pierces him
But the enlightened one extends all help to the world
With 'I am He', and 'All is Self' awareness.


The history of creation and the pilgrimage of the soul
And the intricate rules of righteous actions are said to be beginning-less
But the very roots of these beginning-less delusions fall off
In a self realized soul.


The self realized one may be householder outside, but he is an ascetic at heart
He is like the swan separating milk from water in life.
He sees the universe in a particle of dust
And realizes the whole in a fraction.


Beastly lust devoid of pure love and sense of service
Attractive desires devoid of discrimination
Foolish faith that mistakes aimless wandering for progress
These are the excesses of the ignorant.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 03, 2013, 02:57:14 PM


It is the first seed and the mother root of all that exists
All worlds, all life and all air stem from It.
It fills, supports, protects, and dissolves everything in It.
It exults within you
Thus sang Marula Muniya.


You are birthless and deathless
You are just playing the game of taking birth and dying
You are untouched by good and evil
You are the whole universe.


The understanding ability to identify persons as I
You, He and oneself is common to all persons in the world.
Likewise Brahman, the common thread of consciousness
That runs through all and unifies the worlds


What is God without the millions of living beings?
The strong thread of conscious emotional relation
That enables one being to understand and identify another is sufficient evidence
What more is required?


The One Supreme Reality becomes two for pastime
It divides Itself as Purusha and Prakriti and they
Hide, seek each other, meet together and part company
Thus they are engaged in a pleasant play


Arunachala Siva.         
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 04, 2013, 02:12:55 PM



You are a wave in the pure ocean of dynamic energy
You are a drop in the wave of the river, Sat Chit Ananda
You are a grain of the flower dust of the undying Divine Tree
You are a drop of the immortalizing ambrosia.


Does God exist or not? What does it matter if He exists or not?
Is not something in you continuously telling I, I, and I?
Every form of energy in the world that tells I, I, I
Itself is the great eternal God.


Horns two to the moon with a dark valley in between
But on full moon day, the moon shines as a full sphere.
Realize that the one Self has gone behind the clouds.
And plays as two.


Who is it that eats sweet and bitter things with thousand faces
Laughs and weeps with thousand faces,
Experiences  and makes others others experience with  thousand faces
Who is the sporting One in one thousand?


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 05, 2013, 01:22:52 PM


Sat, Chit, Ananda, name and form
These five are the basic attributes of the soul
Know that the first three constitutes Brahman's nature
The remaining two belong to Maya.


Human being is a mold of the parts of God and soul
God is the burning flame of the entire existence
Soul is the spark that flies off from the fire and falls back
As a carbon bit. May it become fire again.


All that every exists is truly One and only One
That itself is seen everywhere in lakhs and lakhs
That appears as two, the ever firm Truth and the moving Maya
What exists is One and that is immortal.


True existence is Sat, that is the True Being, the Eternal Principle.
It should ever exist and we should be able to understand It.
Who knows what exists and what doesn't exist behind the screen?
Soul is the truth that flashes before us.


Live in the world and engage yourself in all normal activities
Applying the principle and culture of remaining unperturbed
This world then is a mere play to you like a doll to a baby
Is not Siva Himself a house holder?


Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 06, 2013, 01:56:46 PM
Individual soul and God:



Water in flowing river continuously gets refreshed
Other tributaries join it as it moves forward,
Fresh water oozes from the springs in the river bed.
Atman is an inexhaustible spring.


Brahman assumed many different forms and engages in many sports
But remains alone, the same and constant for ever,
He bestows the one knowledge of yoga to the wise
Such  a benevolent river is Brahman.


What use is God who comes not in a living form?
The poor soul needs a companion,
One who lovingly listens to the secret sorrows of the suffering
One who lovingly listens to the secret sorrows of the suffering
Himself is God.


If you wish to live like a reasonable man,
observe the arrangement in the world
The same cow gives both cow dung and milk
Both the invaluable and the not so valuable come from the invaluable
One is the world  but myriad are its forms.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 07, 2013, 12:52:43 PM


Brahman needs this world, would He create it if He does'nt?
The myriad activities of the beings are entertainments to Him
What do those who want to shun the world seek for?
Can't they find it in the world?


It is the One that exists, permeates, rules and protects,
All knowledge, all movements, and all energies flow from It
The sun, the moon, the stars, water, fire and air
All, all flash out from That.


Is Brahman a master mathematician who keeps the accounts
Of many many lives and carefully waits
To recover loans to the last paise?
Is there no other greatness in Him?


Some Infinite Entity lies in the finite womb
And runs all activities in the form of universe
It dons the role of Maya and forgets Itself
And appears exhausted.


Like violinist Seshanna who used forget body consciounsess
Losing himself in the enchanting tunes he played
Brahman experiences ecstatic joy in the smiles and sorrows
Of the world He created.


The same tongue enjoys hundreds of delicious dishes
The same mind sees hundreds of dreams
All your merits and demerits are from the one Maya
Projected by the one Brahman.


When the three, the sun, sand, and the eyes of a horse associate
It sees a mirage in the desert sand
The eternal Brahman, the ephemeral Maya and your eye, angle
Come together and produce the portrait of the world.

sub chapter concluded.

Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 08, 2013, 02:53:49 PM
What is valuable to the Atman?


The firm unshakable mountain looks brave and majestic
The creeper that swings and dances is a playful elegance
Is it strength and dignity? Is it beauty and love?
What is more acceptable? Which of the does the soul value more?


What use is life without anxiety and expectation?
What use is human ability without achievement?
It is then like the life of a crow. Train yourself well
For the onward journey along the road of the world.


Aren't there persons who with their strong seeming love of truth compel others
to speak out slanders on others and laugh under their sleeves?
The desires that hesitate to come to the open induce us
From their hiding places in the mind.


Man is a wonder with half God and half demon
Human heart is a battle field of the two
They stay behind and curtain and outwardly appear
As soldiers in decent dress.


Nature, strength, aims, tastes, manipulations of the bond of Karma
And history of past births vary from person to person,
Therefore the intrinsic worth of every individual is different
Fulfillment when we know this natural order.


Arunachala Siva.       
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 09, 2013, 01:26:20 PM
What is the use of hollow talk?


Are dualism, qualified monism, and monism mere words
Or are they the message of your inner experience?
Or is it the light that shows the right course of your soul
In the pilgrimage of your life?


Are dualsim, qualified monism and monism mere words or experience?
Search your heart and find out. Argumentations
Definitions and explanations may bring you fame
But we require an ethical code to govern our lives.   


Dispassion in relation to sensual pleasures, wealth and fame
Genuine interest in justice and redemption of righteousness
Monism as mental conviction feeling all beings as  one's own Self
These ought to be your goals in life.


Remembrance of God that keeps you fearless in the midst of fears
Beloved wife to share the burden of life,
A regular job for earning daily bread
Life with the above is fortunate.


The light that tears off the veil of Maya and reveals the Truth
Is not sharp intellect, not mere devotion in heart,
A third eye would open when these two eyes become one
And would see the true goal.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 10, 2013, 12:10:40 PM


The river of Vedas born in the vision of universal Truth
Realized by the ancient poet sages branched into three
Due to later interpretations as sorrowing detachment
Rituals devoid of insight and dry logic.


What wonderful interest in life the Vedic sages evinced !
What are we who denounce the world as dust and life a mere air bubble !
How does one play not his part in God's divine play
Deserve to be born as a member of mankind?


Variety of delicious dishes would only torment your stomach
If these aren't digested and assimilated into blood
Mere reading, arguing and devotional practices likewise
Become a burden in the absence of Divine Awareness.


Donkey's body is for carrying loads and peacock's for colorful display
Can the peacock function as a beast of burden?
Can the donkey dance with tinkling anklets? Duties of each being
Are decided on the basis of natural merits.


What is greater? Is it heartfelt experience of intellectual accomplishments?
Who is greater? Is is Siva or Vishnu? Very foolish arguments,
True wisdom dawn when the two mingle in proper measure
As two eyes act as one to see.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 11, 2013, 01:15:12 PM
Dry Disputations lead us no where:


Two legs support one body and likewise a conclusion is formed
On two factors, doubt and its solution. Argument supported
By the above two leads not to any profitable conclusion,
Dry argument causes mere confusion.


Hundreds of different roots and fibers to the creeper of religion,
customs and traditions set and followed by our ancestors
Experiences, physical, mental, and intellectual are many
Mere argument doesn't take us very far.


All visible things are subject to destruction say some people
Still we have to see them till they remain physically viable,
Even after death of a tree, its fruits and nuts become your food
And provide sustenance.


Water freely flows and gets wasted when there is no obstruction
Man's mind devoid of a purpose and destination behaves likewise
What else is a shrine? It is a center of your soul,
Plant your mind in that.


At the end is the Universal Spirit that transcends the sun and the moon
At the other end is your spirit that parrots, I, I, with every breath
Image-worship is an attempt to bind the two
With the cord of contemplation.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 12, 2013, 01:46:27 PM
Dry Disputations lead us nowhere:


Idol worship is the confluence where the Ganga of your soul
Proclaiming I, I, and I merges in the ocean.
Of the countless souls of the universe
It is an alliance forged through meditation.


Let the mind be as if dead even when it breathes through the body
Let the body be as if dead, even when the mind is alive,
When the body and mind merge into one as if outside world is no more,
The Atman shines all alone.


To bring you back from multiplicity to unity
To carry you from imperfection to perfection
To take you from human state to Godly state
Silent reflection is the only way.


Do you fully live in conformity with the lofty principles
You preach and the noble exhortations you make?
Even though there are faults present, perfection can be achieved
At a future point of time through systematic contemplation.


Beauty and sweetness are the gifts of the benevolent breeze
Blowing from the ocean of Godly bliss laden with its cool virtuous spray
Though they bind an epicurean, they act as implements
For the Realization of the Reality in respect of a Yogi.

sub chapter concluded.

Arunachala Siva.       
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 13, 2013, 01:15:29 PM


What is the goal of life? We should know our goal and live to realize it.
The rise from the low earth to the high summit is manliness,
Growing from smallness to greatness day by day, little by little,
Is so much spiritual practice.


A sorcerer may extinguish fire by pouring ghee.
A hatha yogi  may claim that a burnt black body becomes white,
Hurry and haste do not suit the process of desalination
Of salty water.


Life attains fulfillment through the skillful coordination of
Nature and manly valor. Make Nature your maid
And win her by nursing her a little one moment
And suppressing her a little the next moment.


Paths are three for wiping off the soul's tendencies arising from past actions,
One is the unrighteous excessive enjoyment of sense pleasures
      to the point of repulsion.
Second is the path of hatha yoga, starving the senses through severe penance
Third is the royal path of subduing the senses through
  reasonable regulation.


Nature conjures many from One
Man makes the many return back to the One
Multiplicity for worldly life and unity for salvation
In the fully ripe mind lies the right royal path.


He who meditates on the eternal in the midst of the ephemeral
And on Brahman even when living in this world and he who sees the sunlight
Even in shade is the wise. He who lives a well regulated life
Regarding the two as one is the real seeker.


Arunachala Siva.             
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 14, 2013, 10:53:22 AM
Realization of the Truth:



Filthy water from many different sources flows into some river,
Then it moves on and on and finally merges in the sea
So is the fate of souls as no one knows their courses
Whatever direction the soul chooses becomes its path.


The bird flies high up in the sky without touching the earth and water,
The wise one likewise transcends all confusion
And pairs of opposites of the world
And lives unattached.


Spiritual knowledge and worldly wisdom are the two sides
Of your road and you must move on the rails in between
Spirituality and worldly affairs are the two necessary sides
Pursue both simultaneously.


Your daily duties are governed by the circumstances
Of your inner condition and outer surroundings,
Understand the pair of opposites and rise above them,
Then you will realize the Truth.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 15, 2013, 12:57:03 PM
Intellect cannot reach the Supreme Spirit:


Appropriate are physical sciences to the present day world
But how can they explore the realm of Spiritual Truth?
The tongue can taste and enjoy the eatable items,
But can it ever enjoy the sweetness of music?


One who seeks the inexpressible and incomprehensible Truth
With microscope and mathematical theorems taking
It to be like the physical world we see, attempts to stitch
The canvas of sky with a needle.


He who causes the regular cycles of day and night,
He who regulates the natural phenomena of the physical world
Himself causes the excesses in atmosphere.
He himself is Rahu and Ketu.


Why flee from the world? It is sufficient if we correct our sight
It's enough if we do not forget the sun behind, when we see the clouds
It is sufficient if we know  that the sky is behind the rainbow?


Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 16, 2013, 01:51:59 PM
Intellect cannot reach the Supreme Truth:



When this world play is on according to the free will of the Primordial Spirit
How can we foretell how Kala thinks?
How can there be a free sport if time, direction, and movements are restricted by rules?
Sudden commotion is unthinkable.


Glitter is the quality of diamond but diamond itself is not glitter
How can we identify a diamond that does not glitter?
The world that grows and withers and ever continues to live is the glitter,
The steady diamond is Brahman.


The seed of creation is primordial and the substance of creation is infinite
Activity and rest ever alternate in its endless tale
Flower, fragrance, and the world tree of Maya come from That
and the Supreme Self is Eternal.


Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 17, 2013, 02:12:18 PM
Eternal Secret:


Invisible mental power in the visible body pot
Intangible energy in tangible heart and blood vessels,
Likewise is the mysterious wisdom in all living beings
This is an eternal secret.


Observe the cycle of development of the parts of a tree,
Sprout plant, sprigs, grow from a seed.
Then come out buds and blossoms and once again seed in fruits and nuts
Natural is the orderly phenomena.


The world doesn't remain the same even for a moment,
It ceaselessly flows like a river water, renewing itself again and again,
It appears like a continuous current of flowing water.
Similarly this river of creation is constant and changing.


Death is only a change of form according to Indian philosophy
It is good to mind, if it does not run after the things it sees,'
When the old familiar forms  disappear
What's the use of other forms?


The air that you brought in your lungs is your past karma,
The fresh breeze of the sky around infuses fresh spirit in you,
Wouldn't your old evil tendencies take to heels
What fragrant breeze blows from God's feet?


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 18, 2013, 12:53:40 PM
Eternal Secreit:


How can God be helpful and how can one's actions be virtuous
Unless the soul is ripe with discernment and wisdom?
God would be helpful and the past karmic debt would melt off
When the soul is vigilant and wise.


Embryo and foetus develop from a tiny semen drop
That comes to the human body down the generations
Hair, nails, teeth and semen again develop from it.
And a human body systematically takes shape.


Careful application of intellect is the scientific method
To examine the construction and functioning of the body
Self culture is the sole goal to the Spirit beyond conception
And that itself is a penance.


Air is the sporting breath of the Satchit Brahman
It moves freely in and out of all the three worlds,
It makes all other things move but who regulates it?
This is the basic mystery.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 19, 2013, 01:42:15 PM
Supreme State of That:


Egolessness, dutifulness, and ever bubbling happiness
Are the natural principles of every religion
Ever observe these in your everyday life and ensure
The attainment of the Supreme State.


Give up the desire of rising to heaven by weeping and wailng
Devotion of the weakling would be the target of God's ridicule;
Live a sublime life with firm faith in Truth
Sublimity of the spirit itself is heaven.


Would the tears of mothers cure the ailment tormenting their children?   
Its sufferings subside only when the stomach is purged of indigestion.
How can all you pity cure the ailment tormenting the world?
Catharsis of the mind alone would bring solace to the world.


Sage Vasishta's wife shines as a star in the moonlit sky
Likewise shines the lamp of the Self in the deep cave of the mind.
Realize the vision with single pointed contemplation
And draw strength for yourself.


Both dharma and adharma are present in human nature,
Dharma stems from non attachment and adharma from attachment
Clever nature incites adharma in us
Dharma is your own concern.


Why do you wail grumbling that times have worsened?
The sportive world is a series of tests
Endure everything with all restraint under your command
Living like a hero itself is a victory.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 20, 2013, 01:27:57 PM


Do not make the Atman sweat in the heat of difficulties
Caused by the beauty and ugliness, friendship and jealousy
The akin and the alien, profit and greed
Conquering the pairs of opposites is itself salvation.


If the body is awake when the mind is asleep it is samadhi
If the mind remains awake when the body is asleep it is Yoga
Peace would reign when the body and mind do not feel the weight of the world
Non awareness of separateness is itself salvation.


Scientific method for realizing the Supreme Truth there is,
Clean the apparatus arranged by the heart for the purpose
Bliss fills the cave of heart when the seer, the seen,
And the seeing process merge into one.


The tree of family takes birth and grows
Due to the past tendencies that have come with the jiva
The tree shall die when the roots of the tendencies are burnt
The  annihilation of emotional attachment is salvation.


Heart of emotions and head of intellect are the two eyes of the jiva
The third eye of supersensory wisdom opens when the two eyes become one
From that flows unbroken experience of the supersensory Truth
That Truth is itself eternal bliss.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 21, 2013, 02:26:01 PM
Conquering the pairs of opposites is Salvation:


Religious rituals, God's Grace, or virtuous deeds
Anything that loosens the bonds binding the soul is dharma
Backed by detachment, it liberates the soul
Detachment itself is liberation.


A water wave flows on and on and finally gets exhausted
Likewise a man's losing his separate identity living with fellow beings
And melting himself yearning for the eternal Truth
The very root of all this changing world is liberation.


Can there be sea without waves? What is a wave but moving water?
Movement is the very nature of water
Moving on and on, at last the wave loses itself in the sea
The sea itself is salvation to the wave.


Lake's endeavor is to reach the sea and merging in the sea is its fulfillment
Man's endeavor is to live in the world and merging in the Atman is his fulfillment
He has come from the Supreme and going back to It is his goal
Remember this always.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 22, 2013, 12:53:27 PM


The world of senses is superior to the self within
Wealth is much better than self contentment
Sense enjoyment is preferable to self introspection
Peace reigns when such delusion departs.


Craving for house, garden, and wealth springs from the desire of for sense enjoyment
Compassion towards all beings and other virtues spring from renunciation
Harmonious coordination of both devoid of desire born excitement
Brings peace and happiness.


Why do you want the unrest that ruins the peace of the world?
Can you produce happiness from burning grief?
The root of peace within the heart and out in the world
Is the well settled state of one's own mind.


When the moon remains the same without waxing and waning
When the sea waves sleep without rolling and roaring
When the sky pours with no lightning and thunder
Then peace descends on the earth. 

When the sun sheds cool light to the world, giving up his blazing heat,
When the wind gently blows giving up its sluggishness and fierceness
When human heart becomes saturated with divine spirit
Then peace descends on the world.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 23, 2013, 01:52:33 PM



When we realize that the inner wealth is more valuable than outer wealth
And that self discipline is better than state control,
And when peace within overcomes all odds outside,
Mankind would be blessed with abiding peace.


What's the use if you outwardly decorate people with chains of
Socialist order, social authority, and socialized wealth?
When  people become equal in inner wealth of mind and intellect
Then only Mother Earth will enjoy peace.


When the mind within is in imbalance due to natural tendencies
How can the imbalance in outer conduct be prevented?
When we control the velocity of desires with self restraint
There will be hope of peace for the world.


Man is a child of Nature, and how can a child be fully righteous
When the roots of deception are present in Mother Nature?
When the tree is all flowers with no fibers and barks
Peace will fill the earth.   

Stratification of different classes is natural in society,
It's not such a bad situation if ego is pushed down,
Attain fulfillment by offering the maximum possible service
From whatever place God has allotted to you.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 24, 2013, 12:40:44 PM


Solid world outside and unseen mystery breathing within,
Layers of clouds sailing between the two,
If you know these three and offer them their dues
Your own humble place will be heaven to you.


Ego and egolessness are the two springs to life's chariot
While ego accelerates the speed, egolessness makes it run in the normal speed
It is well and good if ego functions, taking orders from the egolessness
Then the chariot ride will be smooth.


Your place in the world is decided according to your past karma
Your duties in the world are decided according to your place
Salary to you is paid so that you can ably discharge your duties
This is the guiding principle of your economics.


Worship, prayer, meditation, pilgrimage are for mind's welfare,
Discussions and arguments for clear understanding
Penance and self less service are taken up
To make the atman radiant.


When the three petalled bilva of devotion to God
Detachment from sense enjoyment and overflowing love for all living beings
Blooms with green petals in an aspirant's spiritual sphere
Blessed become his life.

chapter - concluded.

Arunachala Siva.         
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 25, 2013, 01:13:04 PM


An image is a fixed form of right proportions
Can you limit the limitless within lines?
However a proper symbol is needed for the limited mind to grasp
Appropriate therefore is a concrete form.


The three admired it, but the six ridiculed it as quite foolish
Of course to the wise sage this is somewhat a childish work
But both the Kaggas are liked by the unsophisticated lover of life
Blessed is God's Grace.


The image of Kesava had not filled his eyes
How could Jakkana bring out the attractive pictures and signals
Of the beautiful dignified graceful, happy maidens
Inside the temple of Belur?


If Thyagaraja had not seen the vision of Sri Rama with his own eyes
How could have the graceful emotions flowed out
Through his face in so many moving tunes? 
What he sang was the truth  he experienced.


The etiquette of a sea water drop cooling all the sea,
The manner of a flower worshipping the flower plant,
The grace of a handful of soil adoring the whole earth
Are present in a poor soul worshipping God.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 26, 2013, 12:49:44 PM


Like the cool breeze that comes blowing slowly at its own free will
Sometimes on some summer evenings
God's Grace would would come and blow off your sorrows
Endure everything patiently till then.


What's the reward for the gardener's assiduous labor?
Witnessing new tender leaves and flowers every day
Brahman likewise is ever busy with creation.
He enjoys every moment of happiness.


Surrender to God in every difficulty you face in life
God only makes and unmakes everything
There is nothing except God's omnipotent authority
God alone is your best refuge.


Manly effort and timely restraint are the guiding principles of work
Brave endeavor appropriate to each situation is a must
When the benign Master blesses, over and above these
Victory is certain.


Every soul is different from the other and each has its own past
Live your life like yourself, safeguarding your identity
Make you life purer and purer from day to day,
Bow before God at all times.


Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 27, 2013, 03:15:48 PM

God's Grace would blow like breeze:


Of what use is God who does not physically appear before our eyes?
Who doesn't respond to our call with a favorable reply,
And who doesn't stand by our side as a companion at the time of distress?
Who needs the moon without moonlight?


Doesn't our devotion become hollow if God can't be human,
If He is devoid of emotions and cannot share human friendship?
Is God an unkind entity who doesn't respond to our call?
And who doesn't stretch out His helping hand to clasp ours?


Brahman is a Gardener who digs the beds daily,
Manures and waters the trees and creepers and removes the weeds.
He bubbles with joy seeing Goddess Lakshmi in the fresh
Flowers and sprigs of His garden.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on February 28, 2013, 03:47:53 PM
There is fulfillment:


Let all your actions and contacts in the world be moderate
Even good things would become odd and evil if they transgress the moderate limits
If human endeavor is constant and moderate
Success is sure and certain.


Make your head the search light and search It in your heart,
Heed the words of your hands and legs.
Your eye of wisdom within has dimmed due to cataract
remove the cataract and clean the eye,


It was pure initially but later it fell into a pool of mud and
With its wet body it ran about thinking of family and world
Then it struggled hard and collected itself and regained
Its pristine purity.


feet bound to the ground and unwinged body unable to fly,
Even then can't man turn his face up and down?
The blessed feet of Lord Vishnu would crown the head
The very moment he looks up and stretches his sight to the sky.


The clouds gather together, scatter away and mass up again,
They run about thundering and launching lightnings and melt off,
They harass and bring distress to the earth with overheat
And some day at last they shower rain.


Arunachala Siva.       
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 01, 2013, 12:30:40 PM
There is fulfillment:



Gather all your experiences of all senses and focus them on one point,
Think deeply, reflect and churn them in the mind,
Endeavor with the will power of the awakened soul,
You would then attain the eternal Truth.


You must have a goal lest you should lose track in the world forest,
And lest your life should become a waste, wandering and getting exhausted,
Your life is a circumamambulation around the constant Truth
Search and find out in your own heart.


Worthy of experience is the unbroken stream of rasa,
That flows from outside to inside and from inside to outside
The mysterious rasa can be experienced only
Through ceaseless search.


The Truth is high up on the hill top and you are in the valley below
Even though you possess not the wings of Garuda, the king of birds
You can see the hill top now and then and draw inspiration,
It would strengthen your legs.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 02, 2013, 01:16:16 PM
Who would be victorious?


Where is victory to dharma and where is victory to adharma?
What is victory and what is defeat in the endless play?
All the roads to victory are not lit by dharma
True victory is only to the unattached one.


Justice alone wins they say!  Was not Dharmaraja a witness to that?
Didn't he win the throne by destroying his cousins?
Don't comment on what he enjoyed after such a hard struggle.
Didn't crows eat the rice balls he offered to the manes?


Victory to dharma they say!  What a colossal waste there was till dharma won
Were not innumerable injuries inflicted on the souls of people?
Is victory won by means of threats, cruelty and cunningness
A true victory?  Is it not really a defeat?


Victory to dharma at the end is sure they say,
Why so much delay, why isn't victory quick to come?
Harischandra had become quite old when his kingdom
Wife and son returned to him.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 03, 2013, 01:25:22 PM
Who should be victorious?



Victory to truth they say; if victory to truth is certain
Why do fights and sufferings make it so strenuous?
Doesn't the fruit of victory taste well unless lips become parched?
Are flowers reserved only for bald heads?


What exists, exists for ever and fills every place in every direction
It doesn't wear out, doesn't change, doesn't turn and tremble,
It supports and rules over all the movable and immovable existence
Truth is eternal.


There exists the Truth, the abode of peace, it transcends all dualities,
It is unafraid of all things, auspicious and inauspicious
Happiness and sorrow, fear and fearlessness, unafraid of any person
It remains with your forever if once attained.


A limpid spring lies hidden in the depth of human heart,
When the spades of many varieties of life experiences
Prod and dig a well there, he ambrosia would be available
In the vessels of fine arts.

Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 04, 2013, 03:38:58 PM
Subdue Your Ego:


First I, serve the dinner first to me, and offer the first seat to me,
I and my people first and all others are afterwards
This attitude is the root of all fights and sorrows in the world
Subdue the ego.


You are shouting I, I, I, see your two sides,
Irritated people are also shouting I, I, I,
Riotous revelry is the shouting world of I and you
May the egoistic I wane away.


Can the help that weakens the backbone  of the receiver be called help?
Can the creeper that always depends on other's support stand erect on its own?
Never flaunt yourself but help the weak
To become strong by self effort.


Helping the world is the sole responsibility shouldered by Lord Siva
Why do you usurp the authority of shouldering it yourself?
Let Siva manage it as He wills, know that the world helps you
To wear out your ego sense.


Regard  your home as a choultry and accept food renouncing the sense of ownership.
Conduct yourself, not as a master, but as a guest,
Give your shoulder to the burden and your tongue to the taste
But eat forgetting your ego.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 05, 2013, 02:24:29 PM
Subdue your ego:


Ramanujar asked his disciple standing outside the house,
What his name was, and he replied, 'This is I'
Then the  Sage said, 'Come in child, after the demise of the "I'.
Remember these words.


Who is your enemy in this world, in the other world and anywhere else?
Here he is in the cave of your mind,
He is your ego, a demon of many guises and tricks
Reduce him to ashes first.


Only the one who does all his duties in the world with the sole purpose of
Becoming egoless truly aspires after liberation,
All others orally shout, dharma, dharma, and nourish their ego
Egolessness itself is salvation.


Your virtuous deeds are only to wash off your own sins,
Telling that you are helping  others is nothing but egoism
You may be thinking that looking after your family is a virtuous deed
But can it be an excuse to harm others?


Who has appointed you as the giver of food and clothing?
Would the world become a zero but for your generosity?
Have you come to the world with the authority of Brahman
Only to burgle it?

chapter concluded.

Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 06, 2013, 12:40:39 PM


The joy of singing God's praise and the joy in the company of small children
The joy of sweet music and the joy of compassion,
The joy of serving others and the joy of unselfishness
These are the joys of man.


The joy of growing dawn and the joy of mountain peak,
The joy of ripples in streams and the joy of green vegetation
The joy of flowers and sprigs are the joys of nature
Egoless is the joy of self.


The fragrance of flowers sails on the waves of air,
Melts and mingles in the ocean of Eternity
Likewise the flowers of your life, your good and evil
Live for ever in the Infinite.


Free your soul from all the tangles of the world,
Shed slowly all attachments, even the desire for punya
Work for the welfare of the world but immune to all its bites
And cut asunder all bonds.


An abyss likes between you and the Supreme Truth
Hold on to shrines or lamps whatever comes to your mind
Plant that pole firmly and vault across the abyss
And land on the other side.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 07, 2013, 04:17:53 PM
Joys of Man:



You may be suffering from scabies but is it proper to spread it to the world?
Why do you pour your worries into the ears of others?
Sorrow  and penury are contagious diseases of the mind
Don't distribute them to your neighbors.


There is no body without filth and no mind without impurities
The sweat oozing out now and then is a sign of life,
Becoming filthy is not unusual but not becoming filthy is unusual
Bathe and clean your life.


Sri Rama's life is a shining example if ideal human conduct in the world
Sri Krishna's conduct is a model of human conduct in different matters 
    in different situations
Siva's very appearance is an embodiment of peace and transcendence
Offer your prayers to all the three.


Great preachers exhort us to live a skyhigh ideal life
But the shackles of worldly ways bind us to the world
The river of worldly life thus flows between the two banks.
Of the earth and sky,


There is no time for mutual human love and no one needs moral stories,
Mutual talk is just like business transaction in shops,
Just coming and going have become great events in life
All people are always in a hurry.


Arunachala Siva.             
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 08, 2013, 05:13:47 PM
Pursuing rules and regulations brings you success:


Whatever may be your fortune, take refuge only in Truth
Stick to dharma even though you suffer losses
Pursuing rules and regulations ensures healthy upkeep of the world
It brings success to one's own self.


Ever moving leaves above and firm roots underground
Beauty and strength in equal measure make the complete tree.
Understand this principle of coordination in nature
Then you come to know how to discharge your obligatory
  duties in life.


Simple principles two or three for life divine
Pursuing the truthful occupation to earn the daily bread
Bidding farewell to all worries by rooting the mind in God
And extending friendship to the entire world.


Living alone in solitude, gain strength to live with all the world
Living with all in he world earn strength to live alone
When you can be like the uniglobal dual eyes of the crow
You can win over the entire universe.


The fame of the dead is a dead weight on the world
How can the youth progress when it is weighing them down?
Plough back the old renown and mix it well with in the soil
Let it grow again as a new crop.

Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 09, 2013, 02:49:14 PM


Pray not for death, pray not for life,
The wheel of karma would bring you everything in time,
Stand and wait patiently like a servant expecting
His Master's orders.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 10, 2013, 01:11:59 PM


Desire not life and desire not death
Discharge the duties that come to you from time to time,
Kala, the God of time  is neither hasty nor lazy
Like a faithful servant, he would discharge the obligations of karma.


Even though a man is a child of Nature,
He should tear off the veil of Maya with self culture and self control
He should rise above the harsh dualities of the world and live in peace
This is his unique duty.


Goodness alone is eternal and all else is subject to annihilation
Your wiping of the others' tears, and making them smile,
Your generous gifts and your loving acts
Would live for ever in Brahman.


To one who thinks that he alone is the sole proprietor of his wife and children
And to one who worships, money and gold and property as though they are semi god
And strengthens the bonds of karma committing excesses
His own house becomes a prison.


Burn the roots of desire and if you can't do so
Pray to God to grant you desires,
Grieving and waiting, the scorched soul would languish
The worldly life appears to go one with pretences.


Arunachala Siva.           
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 11, 2013, 04:58:28 PM


Like physical strength, strength of mind also is limited
Carefully choose proper diet for both
Severe fasting, and full night sleepless vigil
May cause their breakdown.


In a fleeting spree of renunciation Partha declared
That the victory gained through cruel killings was unacceptable
Then Krishna in a preaching mood asked him how
Tolerating injustice could be acclaimed as renunciation.


Human attachment is a protective armor like tree bark
But it binds like chain when it becomes too hard
Human valor that grows from hard strength is a
Wish fulfilling creeper and affability is its nectar.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 12, 2013, 01:55:13 PM


Amidst the gargantuan pictures of creation, man's is a secondary creation
Human hands meddle in the works of nature.
He straightens the curved and bends the straight
Man has become a mini Brahma.


This universe of the Creator is an imperfect work
I would make it perfect so thinks the wayward man
With all his fickleness he struggles and makes all things topsy turvy
He acts like a subcreator.


Dharma's abode is human mind, is there dharma in nature?
It is proper for an animal to live just like a living being
Dharma is far greater than the mechanism of Nature.
Hence, man is the crown of creation.


The soul,  freed  from all distorted emotions is God
Human emotions are nothing but the breaths and smiles of God
Human life is replete with dualities but God is non dual
God is in the form of self.


Say, 'salutations to soul', is not God Himself in soul?
Is not life a deathless sport of the Godself?
What is God without the soul and soul without a God?
Proclaim 'Victory, victory to the soul'.


Where lies the boundary of he universe?  Is there anything that is not in the sky?
You are the hub of a wheel that has no rim
The outer appearance of names and forms is akin to the playfulness of the clouds in the sky.
You are the Eternal Omniscient Entity.


Arunachala Siva.,
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 14, 2013, 04:19:45 PM

Rise to the superhuman state:


Standing erect with your head held high, when Fate whacks you
Cross the pairs of opposites with unfailing cheerfulness
Rise from the human state to the Superhuman plane
This itself is the goal of the wise.


One who bravely fights the Fate and reaches the acme of human state
One who becomes fully ripe imbibing all experiences of life.
One who always prays to the universal soul in the heart
And rises above dualties is the Superhuman Self.


Seeing the summit of the auspicious Mount Meru
How many people are inspired to scale new heights?
And walk the path of progress and valor!  Will the spirit of adventure
And spiritual vision they live as beacon lights.


The stabbing memories of the past sins are medicine to the sick soul
But can sorrow offer nourishment to life like milk?
In doing soul searching and giving up all wailing
Lies the proper remedial source.


Dark clouds may blind your vision for a short time
The veil of karma likewise may hover for sometime and disappear
But do not doze when the sky becomes cloudless
This would add to the greatness of man.


If a person conquers everything in the world except his own self
People will nickname his Ravana and will ridicule him
He who eats the world will have to eat himself at last
What is the virtue in it?


Arunachala Siva.           
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 15, 2013, 04:23:53 PM


Fate feeds a being with the fruits of his past karma
Fate makes it a cause to shape the lives of other beings
He sustains the world with dharma
Thus threefold are the functions of Destiny.


Will the ghost of what you have done for today's  happiness and profit
Sleep today itself and take no revenge? What do you think?
It will bide time, pounce upon you at the right moment
And smash you before leaving you alone.


Our earth now is in a pitiable condition not because of the
Dearth of good advisers but because of disobedient people
What is the use of he light shining in the eyes         
When the head is reeling with excessive intoxication?


One single dictator monarch rules all the three worlds
There is no assembly to correct Him as per the voiced wishes of the people
It is no surprise then if such a country is always in turmoil
When the fearless autocrat rules over it.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 16, 2013, 04:14:43 PM

Functions of Fate:



Whoever may be the Creator, it matters now who He is !
Can you reform Him as a person of great virtues?
First make your brothers, the embodiment of virtues
Know that you are also a part of creation.


What can we achieve?  What is our capacity?
Can we change our inborn nature?  We are but its slaves
Our wisdom and desires are bridled with Nature
Carefully observe with your eyes and walk forward.


When every breath that fills the bag of your mind
Shouts, I, I, and I and swells the ego
Where then in room for another breath there?
So it fails to see the Truth.


Arunachala Siva.   

Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 17, 2013, 07:17:57 PM


Truth is infinite and unbearable like the full sun
Only a part of it is ever accessible to you,
Even this limited vision you can enjoy when Vedic wisdom,
Your intelligent and eye sight come together in harmony.


Long before realizing his own true self
Man attempts to uncover and usurp for himself
The secrets of the workshop of universal Nature,
But he fails, in his endeavor and becomes unhappy.


The volume, extent and weight of rainbow above
Can you measure in cubits from earth?
Can a dry logician understand whether the experience
Of the Supreme Truth is monism or dualism?


The movements of the earth and the sun seem to be regular and
Would not their energy get spent as they go on moving?
Their bodies may melt and their feet may falter
Who will be the loser on this account.


In his craze to achieve progress man manufactures  machines and weapons
He forgets the nature of his own true nature
And becomes a sick soul due to the mishap caused by machines
Isn't his sense of victory a delusion?


When I become you and you become all
When the 'I' in me dies by becoming one with all
When nothing appears alien to my eyes
The knowledge is complete.


With movements slow and swift curved and straight
God in His cosmic body dances skillfully moving His eyes and limbs
Who then can measure His speed?  Can the Eternal be measured
By the limited mind?


Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 18, 2013, 12:47:50 PM


Desirelessness and absence of disregard are the ways of Nature's work,
She won't lift her finger but she would be ever vigilant,
She considers nothing as small and nothing as perfect
Everything is ever changeable.


Nature's power is so marvelous and unthinkable
Her attitude and treatment varies from creature to creature.
With her strategy of maintaining differences among things and beings
The world appears always new and novel.


The world is a ball of thread, hundreds and hundreds of meters long
Hundreds of colors and hundreds of tangles
It is unbroken like a garland
How can its beginning and and end be traced?


Making us taste the first half and tempting our eyes and mind,
Nature encourages us to engage ourselves in varied occupations
Thus she holds in bondage and entices us to taste the other half
So increases Her wealth.


Nature throws the magic dust into men's eyes and makes them
Conscious of the similarity among them.  At the same time
She also tickles them with the sense of difference
Then she makes them eat the pill of faulty sense of
Friendship and enmity and drags them into the dance concert.


Arunachala Siva.       
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 19, 2013, 01:37:19 PM

Nature's Pastime - continues....


'Come near me' she invites you and showers kisses on you,
She presents you with flowers, fruits, gems and gold and amuses you,
When you forget yourself in the amusement, she pinches your vital parts,
Very obstinate is Nature.


Appearing to be much pleased she come near and throws enchanting glances,
She tickles you and makes you laugh in ringing ripples,
When you are fast asleep she hurls you in a ditch,
Very obstinate is Nature.


Humor is the seed from which springs the life vegetation
The world is a parade of the universal Maya
Excessive humor is just an amusement of God
This is the Absolute Truth.


Nature is man's mother but won't the child's inner system
Become distorted when her womb turns sour?
The world will be out of danger when man rises above his nature
By his own righteous conduct.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 20, 2013, 12:53:08 PM
World Machine:


The wheels and joints of the world machine may sometimes shake
The seeds of regression may sometimes lie hiding in the fruit of progress
The deceptive three gunas are ingrained in human nature
And therefore, we can't escape suffering.


The creeper that does not rise up and spread on the trellis above
Bites the dust and fails to yield flowers and fruits and likewise
The weak human being who does not seek the God with forms
Wails like an orphan.


Can the earth remain steady when the sun and moon tremble?
Don't the body and mind of man become unsteady then?
Heaven and earth function like bolts to each other
Their movements are sometimes correct and sometimes incorrect.

You are a bird tied to a tree with the string of past karma
You jump, ho? pull and struggle to free yourself
when you pull with all the strength of your sides
Even the string of steel would break.


Where is interlude in time, where is leisure in creation?
Is there a single moment without these eight,
Births and deaths, happiness and sorrow, fortunes and
misfortunes, desire and endeavor?


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 21, 2013, 01:24:48 PM
World Machine:



Time is an endless river but the waves rise, fall and end
Era, year, month, day and hour are different periods
Generations, all communities, all people flow through the periods
This is an account of the endless play.


This living being is a machine within machine
Technique within technique and a volume of arts and aesthetics
Nature turns the spinning wheel and spins the yarn
She is a sage singing divine words.


In the ordinary machine of the body of a living being
Nature has set a device, the wonder called mind
When the soul climbs higher and higher in the ladder of births
The device within attains excellence.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 22, 2013, 12:56:56 PM
The Cosmic Drama:


Similarities among men exist in some respects,
Differences among men also exist in some respects,
The cosmic drama continues perfectly well even when
The jumbled signs cause confusing vision.   


There are rules governing time, pause and rhythm in dance
But are there rules and restrictions in tastes and gluttony?
Who can understand the deep meaning of the dance in which
Fate joins with unruly perversions?


The dancer may be committing hundreds of mistakes
While depicting humor, compassion, love and anger
But how can the spectators detect the flaws if the bodily expressions
Change too fast for them to notice the discrepancies?


One should have abiding interest in the drama he witnesses
The theme may be love or harassment, or friendship or enmity
The world is a drama and you too are an actor
The great God is the spectator.


The Cosmic Dancer is dancing with new zeal every moment
New emotions, new forms and new names are displayed
Before you choose and take up one for analysis
It changes quickly into another


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 23, 2013, 05:28:25 PM
The Cosmic Drama:



With much interest, a child builds castles on the sand
He pretends to cook, eat, sing and enjoy but at the end
He feels like ending the play and kicks off the castle
God's drama is akin to this.


Like a pleasant natured dancing girl determined to capture the hearts of the audience
He dances for sometime with all accuracy in tune, beat and rhythm,
Then suddenly like a  man gone mad, He kicks and smashes everything
This is how Lord Siva dances.


He moves about incognito on the open stage
He moves with all, playing many odd roles
He remains there appearing in all the forms
Meditate on this strange artist.


This life is a drama and the sou is the Director
You, we and they all are the various actors
This universe of play is the stage, and the story of man is the scene
This is all the play of God.


Did you put on the costume and play your role in the drama?
Did you display your skill in the art of acting?
Did the onlookers enjoy the illusion?
Play is suitable only for play.


Arunachala Siva.   

Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 24, 2013, 01:54:10 PM
The Universe, a disguise:


The entire universe is an appearance and the life's drama, a disguise
Red rage, deluding passion, jealousy and pride
Are the language and apparel of the hundreds of characters
All this is an amusement to god. 


Where is interest and excellence in the world drama
If cupid's finger does not tickle your sensitive parts
And hatred and jealousy don't squeeze acid drops into your heart?
Lusty love is the root of creation.


the many forms of the one Absolute Brahman, the fountainhead are disguise
Self becoming soul limiting itself in time and place is a disguise
Self becoming the soul in body is also a disguise
This play is a chain of disguised forms.


There can be an inevitable point space difference between
The knowable movement of the body of Nataraja
The Cosmic Dancer and the eye movement of the measuring observer
In such situation, even the scientific skill becomes futile.


Hundreds of human beings are hundreds of worlds
But hundreds of corpses are as good as one. When alive
The manifestations are many.  With fascinating pictures
Of fantastic varieties man shines as the crown of creation.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 25, 2013, 01:11:00 PM


Pleasure and love are creation, anger and  ignorance are dissolution
This worldly life is a roaring ocean, where peace is the rock refuge,
Movement is Maya, unshakable existence is Brahman
Beauty and terror constitute the world.


Soul and soul are separate like the banks of a river
Soul and soul are different like different rivers
Soul and soul are different like waves of the ocean
Threefold are the differences like this.


What has man created for his life
In his tireless endeavor to achieve progress?
Just as the uprooted creeper becomes a binding chain to the elephant's leg
Man's cleverness has become the killing noose around his neck.


Two things only are true in the play of worldly life
One is the eternal Brahman and the other is His shadow
Singing His praise, and playing the role of His shadow
You become the purest purity.


Arunachala Siva.       
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 26, 2013, 01:39:51 PM
World is Beauty and Terror:


Which are true and which are false in the beliefs of men in the world?
Why do you fear even if your mind becomes agitated?
When the paddy grains in the burning pan roll on and blossom into popcorn
They become tasty and enjoyable.


Life itself is wealth, what other wealth is greater than life?
Do you enjoy the pictures of the world and the sky wide eyed? 
Does your heart echo the voice of the world of life?
These are the great gifts of God.


Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 28, 2013, 03:54:37 PM
The World itself is the Preceptor:


Say not you have no preceptor, the world itself is the world teacher,
Friend, foe, master, servant, wife and children
All these people teach you a variety of lessons.


Nature teaches tastes to the tongue, and colors to the eyes,
Sounds and musical notes to the ears, and fragrance to the nose
She teaches sentiments and aesthetic emotions to the mind
Nature is your first Preceptor.


Nature is the great preceptor who teaches your eyes to enjoy
The beauty of the red rosy evenings and the blue sky
The grace of green wild vegetation and the copper red sprigs
And the wide variety of colors.


Nature is the great preceptor who teaches your eyes to enjoy
The beauty of celestial orbs and of the flying sky-birds
The beauty of the curved ocean and of the round water drops on the tree tops
Such a great preceptor is Nature.


Nature prepares delicious dishes in the kitchen, the world
He teaches us how to cook the most tasty dishes,
He imparts the basic lessons in aesthetics,
Such a great preceptor is Nature.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 29, 2013, 01:33:49 PM

The World is the Preceptor:


Accept the one who dances in joy on seeing the flowers on tree tops
With admiring eyes even though they are unreachable.
And the one who breathes in joy on seeing the blossoming buds,
As your Preceptor.


Home is a moral school like a monastery
It enables one to subdue one's ego without giving up his tenacity
It trains one to learn cultured manners and facilitates social welfare
Household teaches one to build up good character and noble conduct.


Do not think that a servant cannot know his duties
And he cannot read his master's mind.
You are taught your duties through public contact
That you obtain in your daily life.


When life is the supreme Preceptor, why go after other teachers?
Life experiences sublimate and refine your emotions
The fire place of joys and sorrows radiates heat
And purifies your soul.


What have you given to the world and what have you received from it
Which is greater of the two and what is your real worth?
One who eats the food of the world without pondering over these
Is nothing but an animal.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 30, 2013, 12:30:47 PM
Joys and Sorrows:


Wonder of wonders is the inner nature of happiness and sorrow,
Why admiration here and anger there?
Twists that can never be disentangled exist in mind's hair
It is a sure proof of the unknowable existence.


Green leaves and white flowers in the same jasmine plant
Both sourness and sweetness exist in the same mango
Similarly good and evil are the products of one magic machine
One earth and many crops.


The river of time is flowing as one continuous current
Moments, hours, days, months, seasons and years in a procession
Life on earth in homes, communities, villages and countries
Rises and falls repeatedly.


Binding the soul in the bonds of obligations
In forms like father, son, relations and friends, and then freeing it,
The divine mechanism makes the soul undergo the twofold experience
And offers the opportunities for its purification.


When the sun shies here, darkness reigns there,
Joy of victory there and sorrow of defeat here
Why enthusiasm for this? What anxiety for that?
All, all, are the play of Nature.

Arunachala Siva. 

Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 31, 2013, 02:36:45 PM

Joys and Sorrows:



What is the good of Absolute Existence devoid of dynamism?
How to say that a thing is alive if it is static and what is its use?
The consciousness, the intelligence that identifies as you and I
Is the manifestation of the Supreme.


The fragrance of flowers at once mixes in the waves of the winds
And becomes one with the Infinite ocean of time
Your merits and demerits likewise are flowers of your life.
They dwell ever in the Infinite.


Clouds black and white sail in the sky like the links of a chain
Darkness and brightness then envelope the earth alternately
Gloom and glow likewise occur in life alternately
Due to the clouds of Karma.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 01, 2013, 11:52:27 AM


Concepts like left and right, top and bottom
Beginning and end, living and non living
Are'nt bad  ideas but they make life comfortable
It is worldly wisdom.


Sweet fragrance spread out from human bodies
Just as foul odors emanate from them.
There is fragrance in mint leaves and jasmine flowers
But human fragrance lies in the Self.


One sees the play of waves from the shore and enjoys
Another one is happy when waves beat and wash his feet
The third one controls his breath and dives into the sea
The three enjoy  the sea in three different ways.


The same verse with some verbal variations.


Scratching the scabies-infected body with fingers is one kind of happiness
Pouring hot water on that and gnashing is another kind of happiness;
Applying ointments to the burning wounds is some other kind of happiness;
Is not human happiness only this much?:


When people accept God as Overlord and live in peace
When they accept their lot as the fruit of their karma and live their lives
When they reject unrighteous wealth as deadly poison
Happiness will prevail in the world.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 02, 2013, 02:31:46 PM


For what purpose did the Lord bring out this creature?
This human being a hybrid of animal and god?
One moment he soars to the sky, the next moment he rolls on the dust
He never sticks to one place.


Death is not the very end and birth is not the first beginning
They are just the rise and fall of the waves in the ocean of time
The same drop of water can assume many different forms
Running from pillar to post is all its play.


The rich are belching and the poor are envying
The poor are furious and the rich are irritated
One shout gives birth to another and multiplies
Like the breath full of disease germs.


The stench of the vomit of the rich reaches the poor neighbor's nose
The wail if the starving poor pierces the ears of the rich
These are mutually exchanged in the market of Fate
This world is a mocker's market.


The yarn spurn for cloth twists itself into numerous nooses
It tightens around hands, neck and legs and binds
Human being then blinks and blinks knowing not what to do
And cries in utter helplessness.


Arunachala Siva,.

Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 04, 2013, 02:23:02 PM
The world is groping:



Waves after waves rush from this shore to that
And from that to this in the vast ocean
Beings in this world likewise swing from side to side
Reflect deep on this phenomenon.


Rows of waves in the ocean ceaselessly move
From this shore to that and from that shore to this.
What do they achieve by moving ceaselessly from place to place?
This seems to be our ideal as well!


Alas, alas!  Why does the world howl like this?
It looks confused and is unable to find its base.
It appears as though a screaming devil is groping in the gloom!
Is God's creation an orphan?


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 05, 2013, 01:39:48 PM

The World is groping:



What's the fate of people today?  Why are their minds so agitated?
Why don't they realize that their sickness is serious?
Why is mankind so alarmed like a wandering ghost
That has lost its shelter?


Solitary life is life incomplete.  It is a troubled sorrowful life
Life with kith and kin is a warring wailing life
The wise leads an unattached yet seemingly attached life.
The world is but Brahman's prank.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 06, 2013, 01:44:24 PM


Everyday a new birth to man and Nature due changing association
Novelty is ever present in both men and Nature.
On account of the association of qualities and abilities
And differences in them


Everyday the sun rises regularly making
The Infinite time measurable and from the womb of time
The infinite takes birth as living beings.
This is all  the endless play of Nature.


Is the world transitory?  Is it a mere whirling wind?
This world is the eternal abode of ephemeral forms
Fortune is treasured in every hour to one
Whose destination is the Universal Soul.


This finite world is only a finite segment of the Infinite
Unable is the mind to grasp the limitless and the formless
But when  you reflect, you would find the infinite in the finite
As the cloth hiding in the yarn.


Nature, the talented artist does not create the same thing again
Subtle differences she preserves in the seemingly similar things
Do any two clouds look alike even for a moment?
Play is a variety and novelty.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 07, 2013, 01:40:06 PM
The World is vibrant with variety:


The course of earth and the orbits of other heavenly bodies are constantly changing
How then can human conduct move only on the beaten track?
This river of creation is eternal but its water waves
Go on changing every moment.


Man's mind is distracted when he feasts on the bounties of the world
Human actions also cause changes in the world
When, these mutual effects last for ever
How can the world remain the same for ever?


Variety is natural in qualities and abilities of men
Countless therefore are the traits of men
Is it not better then to focus on the good traits of the community
And ignore the ego of stray individuals?


Qualities, abilities, and heredity gifted by Nature
Differ from man to man and therefore 
They should mutually exchange, complement and make good the defiiciency
And be prepared to learn from one another.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 08, 2013, 02:25:44 PM


Life, life, Oh life! when can you ever free yourself!
Live like all, rubbing shoulders with others
Squarely brave the punishments and ordeals that Fate makes you suffer.
remember that ambrosia lies at the bottom.


He fed you and you loved him as your father
Will he become your foe if he canes you while training?
A power that is beyond your field of vision
Watches you from somewhere and guides you,


Mental illness like physical ailment
Arises as a result of your past karma
It can't be cured unless you fully experience it
The mind within is a blazing volcano.


The green mango of your mind gets mellowed
It ripens and its sourness turns into sweetness
In the heat of worries, sensual pleasures, bereavement and penury
It is the ambrosia of the earth.


Bitter decoction, hot tasting powder, sweet linctus
Whatever is appropriate in your case
The physician decides and not you, a patient
Likewise accept the medicine prescribed by Fate.


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 09, 2013, 06:15:53 PM



Honey sweet beverage may adversely affect your intestines
Sweet musical notes may bring tears in your eyes
Outer beauty may clean your soul within
Even play can be cathartic to your system.


When your simmering mind steadily loses heat and cools down
When your spirit of competition dies down after long strenuous efforts
When your tongue becomes a withered leaf after craving for ambrosia
Then dawns a new age to you.

Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 10, 2013, 02:52:13 PM

Live Like All:



Smell of soil in roots and unpleasant odor in tender leaves
Fragrance only in jasmine flower
This is the cuisine in the bravery of Nature
Is not milk produced from grass?


Sour tender mango turn into a bowl of sweetness when it become ripe
But when left in this condition for many days it rots
Thus comes the good from filth and filth from the good
Fruit is one but tastes are many.


Sweet to the tongue and sour to the teeth
Bitter to the throat and hot chilly to the soul
Many are the tastes of the fruits of the family tree
Accept and endure it.


Sorrows and smiles, sighs of anxiety
Intoxication affected by beauty and affection
Tears of friendship and hot sweat of hatred
All go to wash the soul clean.


The river of human nature forks and flows in two streams,
The stream of selfishness and the stream of altruism
One lingers in low swamp stagnates and stinks
The other irrigates the agricultural lands.


Dinner is not worth the name without dishes of strong alkaline ht and salty taste
Life without love and momentous speed is no life
Without human beings with passion, anger, pride and envy
There is no vigor and vibrancy in creation.


Arunachala Siva.   

Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 11, 2013, 02:30:15 PM

Why should we fear death?


This life is no burden and why should we discard it ?
Death is no loss and why should we fear to die ?
One who is equally prepared to live and die
Is the master philosopher.


Just as the noble tendencies of past meritorious deeds survive
The culture earned during this life continues even when the tale of this life ends.
Rebirths benign are boons to the soul
They become stepping stones to Brahman.


Walking legs, walk, walk and collapse exhausted
Talking mouth, talks and talks and become tired and  dumb
Working hands work and work and tremble  failing to work
These experiences in life are a sort of death.


Everyone carries his death within himself
The rows of teeth wear out biting and chewing food
The wheels of car turn round and round and come to a grinding halt
Working organ itself is death.


Why do we exist and why should we exist - oh friend you ask
What else will be if you can't be so, what else do you desire for
If it does not remain so, it has to remain in some other way
Death is merely a transformation.


Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 12, 2013, 05:33:24 PM

One's own nature is his death:


The wheels, bolts and rods of the world machine
The sun and other celestial bodies, the stones and waters of the earth
Are continuously wearing out due to their own nature and work,
One's own nature is death.


Scouring winds cause the weathering of the rocks and water erodes the earth
The sun wears out water and everything wears out every other thing
The sorrows and stings of the mind wear out one's body
Mutual friction in the world itself is death.


If the problems between man and woman, the strings of envy due to wealth,
The cries of high and low are absent in the world
How can Brahman succeed and how can nature's progeny live?
Then this creation is bound to dissolve.


Is death the last scene in the drama of human life?
It is just the interlinking episode, the drama would continue
Being the eternal Actor, He would certainly come back to earth
As man or animal or plant.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 13, 2013, 02:41:05 PM

Difficulties make life sweet:


If the ball doesn't bounce and toss in different directions,
If the players remain perfectly unhurt,
Where is the thrill in the game and what fascination is there to the spectators?
Trials and tribulations make life sweet.


Truth is One at the bottom but hundred crores above,
It is clear at the bottom but multi colored on the surface
Our life is a mixture of poison and ambrosia
The weeds of life exude ambrosia.


As in the outer world so in your inner world too
There are days and nights, the sun and the moon
There are gloom and darkness, clouds and thunder
The golden dawn is also there.


If the Lord of the universe functioning as an Autocrat?
He strictly adheres to a code of justice
Every man is utterly free to eat what he cooked
There is no room for doubt in the administration of justice.


Fate flaunts swords and boons before mankind
To whom He will giver and when is anybody's guess
Pain is no pain but it is the method of measuring your strength
It is the trial of our strength conducted by Fate.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 14, 2013, 02:07:37 PM
Difficulties make life sweet:


Which is the ocean that gods and demons jointly churned?
Both ambrosia and liquor surfaced but mixed with deadly poison.
The churning rod to separate the two in the mixture
Is the power of discrimination in man.


The power that enables one to remember and identify things as that and this
The power that amicably links the seen with the unseen
Power that enables us to identify things as that and this
And eliminate all distances is the Divine Wisdom.


Like the serpent that swallows its own eggs
Nature herself eats her own progeny
The dead become manure to the new crop
Nature would never incur any loss.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 16, 2013, 07:47:57 PM


The good of the community is the rightful fruition of individual life
Social strength nourishes individual growth
The individual and the community are thus inter-related
So the both may enjoy satisfaction.


The one who laughs and the one who weeps have similar organs
But the lines of face and the curves of the neck differ
The personal  traits and talents of each individual
Differ from person to person.


Individual development is the flower, community
nation and the universe are the roots to the plants of righteousness
The individual wisdom enriches the creation , even deception
Is faithful to Brahman


Why does the One Truth appear as many in creation?
The variety of tastes and forms in the world is no waste,
Won't life in the world be poorer in the absence of
Individual differences in talents and traits?


Arunachala Siva.     
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 17, 2013, 01:53:20 PM
From Individual to Community:



Many classes are in creation and many individuals in each class,
Even in one individual his body organs are different
If one can renounce the differences in thought, word and deed
Truth Absolute will alone remain then.


When different individuals come into contact with one another in the world
Each individual may sow the seeds of his own traits in others
A separate individual comes into being then
This world is so a plait of many straws of hair.


If you blow you breath on a worm, it immediately shrinks
It is the mechanism of its internal livers which is the power of nature
Rain and sun outside and convulsive pulsations within
Every creature is a work of art.


Arunachala Siva.       
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 18, 2013, 11:12:41 AM


Forget not the individual values:


The body politic that does not forget the values of individuals
The individuals who don't forget their national obligations
The balanced view that the balance remaining after loss itself is profit
Are all conducive to the welfare of the world.


Nature counts each and everyone and she wastes nothing
Her's is not a blind mold, but she in everyone has preserved
A device that enables him to look after himself,
She forgets no one.


Countless objects, Nature produces in Her mold
Is anyone among these  indispensable and invaluable to Her?
Does she reckon the value of each and every individual in mankind?
What do you say, oh, individual?


Arunachala Siva.,
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 19, 2013, 03:53:31 PM

Forget Not the Individual Values:


Can the community ever grow if it allows no room for individual development?
Nature has marked a price to every being on the earth.
If the nation as a whole forgets to count it,
Is it not a loss to the whole nation?


The marshes of many areas and many underground springs,
The springs and streams of many forests and hills,
The waste water of many places come together and flow as a river
Individual capability is likewise the basic factor.


Sage Ashtavakra and Sri Krishna had similar physical frames
Except the bodily distortions of Ashtavakra, other features were similar
But did the Gopi  damsels glance at him even once?
An individual counts only on the basis of his own merits.


A fine shawl from the yarn woven in warps and wefts
There will be no shawl if you tear off the yarn
Don't think that an individual is not needed for the good of a country
A country can be good and great if only every subject is so.


Individual greatness is the ornamental mark on the forehead of universe
It inspires individuals to evince interest in various matters
Will not the world become lifeless if such merited individuals are absent?
Individuality is great and sacred.


In a bunch of hundred plantains sweet
It is said that Brahman had hidden ambrosia in only one
Men may be many but the prosperity of the nation is assured
Only when merited individuals endeavor.


Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Marula Muniya Kagga:
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 20, 2013, 11:35:20 AM

Maya is moving about:


As the loving eyes of mother and father's kind advice
As the lilting laughter of wife and the affection of son,
As interest in music, arts, poetry and sciences,
Maya is moving about.


She overwhelms us as lover, wife, sons, friends, wealth, home and fame
For sometime it looks as though human life is the abode of joy
She enchants our body and mind and suddenly stabs us in the back
Forget not thou the principle of forbearance even for a moment.


Who can measure Nature's garments and know Her shape and size?
Could anyone measure the sari of Draupadi on that day of yore?
the loose end of Her sari, Maya waves very moment
With a new grace.


In the forms of mother, child, father and brothers
In the forms of the beloved, friend and foe
In the fortress of such relationships, detestable and exemplary
Maya makes you captive.


The butcher looks after the sheep well and sees that it grows fat and fleshy
When it is fully grown, he nicely beheads it and sells the meat
Similarly Maya lovingly nourishes and looks after you
But one day, she suddenly pushes you into the ditch of degradation.


Arunachala Siva.