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Title: Only this is untrue?
Post by: sanjaya_ganesh on May 14, 2012, 02:44:43 PM

A Story Told by Kunju Swami

There was a man from the state of Kerala who had written a biography of Sri Ramana Maharshi in Malayalam (that state’s regional language). Before sending the manuscript to press he decided to visit the Ashram and have it read aloud before Bhagavan.

Because Kunju Swami was born in Kerala and spoke fluent Malayalam, Bhagavan asked him to read the manuscript aloud, and also to look after the author’s needs during his visit. As Kunju Swami began reading, he could not believe what was written. The book stated that Maharshi was married and was the father of several children, and that one day, while living in the South Indian town of Madurai, he closed his eyes and was somehow magically transported to the Arunachala Hill. The book went on like this, containing many fictional accounts.

After the reading took place, the author had to leave quickly in order to catch a train back home. Maharshi was very gracious to him and asked Kunju Swami to be sure he had something to eat before leaving, and see to it that he reached the train station on time.

After seeing off the visitor, Kunju Swami hurried back to the Ashram, anxious to hear what Bhagavan thought of this highly exaggerated manuscript, which was about to go to press. Back at the Old Hall, he found Ramana Maharshi quietly attending to some small chore, completely unconcerned about anything else. Kunju Swami waited as patiently as he could, wondering if Maharshi might raise the subject. But he just quietly chatted with those present and sat silently.

Finally, Kunju Swami could not contain himself any longer and asked: “Bhagavan, how could you allow this book to get printed? It is full of inaccuracies. In fact, most of it is untrue.”
Bhagavan looked at Kunju Swami for a moment then replied: “Oh, I see. You mean only this is untrue, and everything else is true?”

The book was never printed!

--Matthew Greenblatt (Fall/Winter 2002). The Inner Directions Journal. p 38

Salutations to Bhagawan
Title: Re: Only this is untrue?
Post by: Subramanian.R on May 14, 2012, 03:44:58 PM
Dear sanjaya-ganesh,

It is a wonderful story. Sri Bhagavan was relentlessly proving the illusion of the world throughout His 54 years, as and when
occasions arose. In Kunju Swami's own book Living With the Master, this story is not there. However, it must have happened
much later. In the 8 volume Arunachala's Ramana - the Boundless Ocean of Grace, this story has been mentioned.

Arunachala Siva.   
Title: Re: Only this is untrue?
Post by: Vladimir on October 17, 2012, 04:55:39 PM
Exelent! Exelent! I was tald this story last winter in India. It was the cause of my long time uncontrolable laughter. The whole worls instantly became no more than a circus.
It's so much joy to read it again!
Title: Re: Only this is untrue?
Post by: Subramanian.R on October 17, 2012, 05:02:12 PM
Dear sanjya-ganesh,

When the whole world is unreal, this Malayalam book is not an exception.

Fortunately, when the book was sent to printer, he had his own doubts. And he returned it. The book never got published.

Arunachala Siva.