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Title: Some amazing experiences by great people who lived with Bhagawan Sri Ramana
Post by: talluriravi on March 25, 2012, 12:13:05 PM
Recently I have completed reading amazing experiences of some great people Kunzuswami (Book: Living with the Master), Suri Nagamma (My life at Sri Ramanasramam) and Anammalaiswami (Living by the words of Bhagawan). All the three books took me to the life at Sriramanasrama between 1930 to 1950. I have gone through various emotions reading these books..I will share some excerpts from "Living with the Master" that moved me completely..I have been reading and experiencing those repeatedly..I will keep posting excerpts from others..
Thanks a ton to Kunjuswami for sharing his experiencesas "In Living with the Master"..Thank you Sir..

Page 49 - Power and Peace
" A Devotee asked Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni about the greatness of Sri Bhagavan. He said " Aspirants in the spiritual field experience power and peace. When they get that power, they will tour different parts of the country, write books, indulge in song and dance, unaware of themselves and their surroundings. When the Buddha secured power after doing tapas, he established his religion. Adi Sankara's wanderings, writing of Brahma Sutra Bhashya and establishing the mutts were the outcome of this power. It was this power that propelled Swami Vivekananda to Chicago, and made Mirabai, Tukaram and Chaitanya forget themselves in their song and dance. But Sri Bhagawan was above all these people. He did not exhibit his power nor expend it. He was like the great Lord who has swallowed a mountain! Sri Bhagawan got merged in that still unchanging self. Controlling everything, he was peace personified. Sahaja Samadhi was his natural state."

On Page 29 : Disguise"- abbreviated..
In Arunachaleshwara Temple, a kalyana mantapam had been built, and for the first time the Dussera celebrations too place in it. Apithakuchamba, the, goddess was beautifully decorated. Palaniswami enjoyed seeing it and wanted Bhagwan to see it. Sri Ramana went alone in disguise. He wore Palaniswami's towel and put a namam on his forehead like a Vaishnavaite and went to the temple around 10 pm. Eventhough this disguise did not incovenience others, Sri Bhagawan was very embarassed and pained at even this small deception.He decided to have darshan of the goddess and return quickly. Suddenly one of the priests said, "All of you please come here. "Brahmanaswami is giving darshan as Vishnu"so saying that he took the garland off the goddess and put it on Sri Bhagawan. The other priests also rushed in. Sri Bhagawan found himself in an awkward situation. He wanted to return immediately. A priest put a lot of Prasad on a leaf and gave it to Sri Bhagawan.

Page 26 "Concerns os the Head of the Isanya Mutt"- Abbreviated
Once when Sri Bhagawan decided to fast and become a pranava body, he was on his way to the jungle near Pachaiamman temple. At that time, the head of the Isanya Mutt, Sri sathappaswami was coming in a cart in the direction of Sri Bhagawan. Delighted at seeing Brahmanswam, he got down the cart and said "Swami I never thought I would see you here. It is my good fortune that I have your darshan today. For a long time, I have been planning to take you to my mutt. Now here is a golden oppurtunity for me. With a great feeling he urged Sri Bhagawan "You must come to our mutt". As Sri Bhagawan was disinclined to go anywhere, he tried to ward him off. But the tall and hefty Sri sathappaswami bodily lifted Sri Bhagawan and put him in the cart. Sri Bhagawan was bound by the fetters of his love. The head of the mutt was overjoyed at being in the company of great Jnani. He offered Sri Bhagawan a special seat, fed him and treated him with great reverence and devotion. Sri Bhagawan did not like all this special attention and said " I cannot accept all these things let me go". Sri Bhagawan said that he could live as he pleased and begged him to spend some more time with him.
We must be eternally grateful to Sri Sathappaswami who bound Sri Bhagawan with the silken thread of love and prevented him from going into the forest where he would have remained unseen.