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Title: Bhagavan & Annamalai Swamy
Post by: Nagaraj on December 21, 2011, 03:20:59 PM
AS: Bhagavan, I want to attain mukti. For that you alone are my Guru. I do not seek anyone else. Kindly bestow your grace on me.
BH: The attainment of mukti is not some new achievement. We are all in the form of mukti. Because we forget this and instead wrongly think, "I am this body," many thousands of thoughts arise in wave after wave and conceal what we really are. Mukti will only shine when this thought "I am the body" is destroyed.

AS: How dies one get rid of this thought, "I am the body"?
BH: Since you have prayed to the Guru, totally surrender to him.

AS: The Guru is not in the village where I live. What can I do?
BH: The Guru is within you. Surrender to him there.

AS: What is within me is only my own self.
BH: Guru, Atma, Isawara - these are only different names for the same thing. The essence of each is the same.

AS: After I surrender, will it be possible for me to carry on with my work?
BH: Of course! But the thought "I am doing" will not arise.

AS: If the "I" - thgought is not there, how will my duties get done?
BH: Whatever you get paid for, you do with indifference. Discharge your family duties with the same indifference that you discharge you office work. The things that come and go in your office don't cause you to worry. DO all your jobs and duties with this same detachment.

AS: Difficulties keep coming to me. When will they stop?
BH: If you give up the I am the body idea all your difficulties will fly away.

(Living by the words of Bhagavan)

Salutations to Bhagavan
Title: Re: Bhagavan & Annamalai Swamy
Post by: Subramanian.R on December 25, 2011, 11:55:55 AM
Dear srkudai,

Yes. Annamalai Swami came to Sri Bhagavan in an attitude of surrender.  He lived like a servant for Him, listening only to Him
in the construction work, etc., When Sri Bhagavan said something, that was final for him and he did not even care for Chinnaswami
many times.  Finally Sri Bhagavan gave him relief from work and made him to stay in Palakottu   for meditation and ultimate realization.

Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Bhagavan & Annamalai Swamy
Post by: Nagaraj on December 25, 2011, 04:02:06 PM
Yes Udai, Subramanian Sir,

Its nice to have a Guru like Bhagavan and so nice to be a disciple like Annamalai Swamy.

Salutations to Bhagavan