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Title: ULLadu Narpadu - 180
Post by: Subramanian.R on June 12, 2010, 11:24:44 AM

Muruganar continues in his Padamalai:-

Verse 1206:  That which veils your insight into the Real is the attitude of desiring fruits from actions.  Therefore, you should cultivate an
understanding in which there is no expectation of results.

Verse 2874:  Without exceedingly strong rectitude of mind, the
performance of obligatory duties without desiring their fruits is

Verse 2040:  Except for those who can perform karma as yoga,
for everyone else, karma will end up as infatuation.

Verse 1046:  So long as you have not renounced the belief 'I am the doer', keep in your mind the correct perspective that your responsibilities are yours alone.

As long as 'I am the doer' idea persists, new karma will accumulate and will be experienced by the one who thinks he is the doer.
When this idea ends, no new karma is accumulated.  Bhagavan is
saying that one cannot evade responsibility for one's actions 
until one has the direct experience of the Self, in which the sense
of being an individual person has vanished. 

{See also here Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, entry dated

Verse 2415:  The sense of responsibility, a false feeling, does not exist in the true state of realization of the Self.

Verse 2416:  When this ego-based sense of responsibility is destroyed, the bliss of the Self will surge and overflow.

Verse 2268:  The notion of duties that need to be done [kartavya] cease as long as the sense of doership [kartrutva] exists in the heart.

Verse 372:  Why do you become mentally agitated, blindly believing there are things you have to do [kartavya]?

Verse 3029:  The bondage called 'duty' will cease, [being known]
as a delusion caused by the ego, when the firm knowledge of Reality is attained.

(See here also Talks No. 565)

Verse 515:  A mind that has dissolved in the state of God, and ceased to exist, will not be aware of any activity that needs to be performed.

Verse 516:  Because, when the ego, which has the idea that it is the performer of actions, has been completely destroyed, the idea
that something needs to be accomplished ends.

Verse 1244:  Those who do not see anything as a duty that has to be done, will attain the bliss of peace that yields limitless contentment.     

(All Padamalai verses - Translations from David Godman's book)

Arunachala Siva.