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Title: Bulleh Shah - I see My Father Ramana in Bulleh's poem
Post by: saraskrishna on April 27, 2010, 10:22:41 AM
all my dears.. I wanted to share with you what i came across.  Bulleh Shah's poems are wonderful! any poem, i may pick and read, it reminds me of My Father Ramana..

if you may be interested, search for 'Bulleh Shah poem' in Google.. Most of His works are in urudu/punjabi but we get translations too.  I have pasted few lines from what i read.

Masjid Dha Day, Mandir Dha Day
Dha Day Jo Kujh Disda
Par Kissay Da Dil Na Dhawee(n)
Rub Dilaa(n) Wich Wasda

Tear down the Mosque, tear down the temple
Tear down every thing in sight
But don't (tear down) break anyone's heart
Because God lives there
Baba Bulleh Shah di Kafi
Parrh Parrh Aalim Faazil Hoya
Kaddi Apney Aap noo Parrheya hi nahin
   Studying Baba Bulleh Shah's books over
   and over you want to be a learned man
   but you never study your innerself

Jaa Jaa Warda Mandir Maseetaan
Kaddi Mun Apney Vich tun Wardeya ee Nahin
   you run to enter mosques and temples
   but you never enter into your innerself

Ainwayn Roz Shaitaan dey naal Larda
Kaddi Nafs Apney Naal Lardeya ee nahin
   you fight Satan in vain daily
   but fighting your ego you care not ?

Bulleh Shah Aasmaanin Uddiyaan Phardaa
Jaidha Ghar Baitha Ohnun Phardeya ee Nahin
   Baba Bulleh Shah says this -
   you run after what you've lost
   but push aside what you've got  :(

He said, "Let there be," and it happened.
He made the latent turn into the manifest,
Out of the formless He created the form.
What a wondrous game He played!
What a carefree game He plays!

When He disclosed the hidden secret,
He lifted the veil from over His face.
Why does He now hide from me?
The Real permeates everyone.
What a carefree game He plays!

He said, "We have honored mankind;
None has been created like you;
You are the crown of all creation."
What a proclamation with the beat of drum!
What a carefree game He plays!

He himself indulges in these carefree acts;
He himself feels frightened of himself;
He has taken abode in every house;
And the people keep wandering in delusion.
What a carefree game He plays!

He himself aroused longing to become mad in love.
He himself became Laila to steal Majnun's heart.
Himself He wept, himself consoled himself.
0, what a game of love He plays!
What a carefree game He plays!

Himself the lover, He himself is the Beloved.
Here logic and reason have no part to play.
Bullah rejoices in his union with the Beloved.
Why does He create separation now?
What a carefree game He plays!

God is Love
Bala saraskrishna
Arunachal-allah  :)
Title: Re: Bulleh Shah - I see My Father Ramana in Bulleh's poem
Post by: saraskrishna on April 27, 2010, 02:17:46 PM
i donno much about it Udai.. i just came to know this name couple of days back. and i wanted to share immediately with you.  in fact, i am still trying to remember how i got this name 'Bulleh Shah' in my mind while there are numerous other sufi poets.. i donno, somewhere somehow I had seen it or heard it.. But, I just blindly belive i was guided by something to search for this name..

Few more lines from him, translated...

"If the divine is found through ablutions
surely frogs and fish would find him first
if the divine is hidden in jungles
the cattle would have discovered him by now
O Bulleh, the divine is found by those
with pure and true heart "
"Repeating the name of the Beloved
I have become the Beloved myself.
Whom shall I call the Beloved now?"


"I have got lost in the city of love,
I am being cleansed, withdrawing myself from my head, hands and feet.
I have got rid of my ego, and have attained my goal.
Thus it has all ended well.
O Bullah, the Lord pervades both the worlds;
None now appears a stranger to me."

....Just Love for God is enough....
" God is nothing but everything "
Bala saraskrishna
Title: Re: Bulleh Shah - I see My Father Ramana in Bulleh's poem
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 27, 2010, 04:42:52 PM
Dr.Syed used to recite Kabir's poems to Bhagavan Ramana.  I am not sure
whether he recited Bulleh Shah's poems.

The poems are excellent.

Arunachala Siva.