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Title: Panchadasi - (41)
Post by: Subramanian.R on August 21, 2008, 02:48:10 PM
The Chapter VI continues....

Verse 114:- Therefore, as knowledge of the truth does not
affect the means, such as the mind and so forth, a man of
realization is able to do worldly activities, such as ruling a

Verse 115:-  (Doubt): He may not have any desire for worldly
affairs since he is convinced of the ureality of the empirical
world. (Reply):  Let it be.  Let him be engaged in meditation
or work according to his fructifying karma.

Verse 116:- On the other hand, a meditator should always
engage himself in meditation, for through meditation his
feeling of identity with Brahman arises, as a devotee has
it by meditating on Vishnu.

Verse 117:-  The feeling of identity, which is the effect
of meditation, ceases when the practice is given up.
But the true Brahmanhood does not vanish even in the
absence of knowledge.

Verse 118:-  The eternal Brahmanhood is revealed by
knowledge and not created by it, for even in the absence
of the revealer, the real entity does not cease to exist.

Verse 119:- (Doubt):-  But the Brahmanhood of a meditator
also is real.  (Reply): True, then, is not the Brahmanhood of
the ignorant and the lower creatures also real?

Verse 120:- Since nescience is common, they do not realize
the purpose of their life.  But just as begging is better than
starving, so also it is better to practise devotion and meditation,
on the attributeless Brahman is still better.

Verse 121:-  It is better to perform the works ordained in the
scriptures than be engrossed in worldly affairs.  Better than
this, is to worship a personal deity and meditation on the
attributless Brahman is still better.

Verse 122:-  That which is nearer to the realization of Brahman,
is superior.  And meditation on Brahman gradually becomes like
direct realization of Brahman.

to be contd....

Arunachala Siva.