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Title: Bhagavan's Aruna Vijayam - 3
Post by: Subramanian.R on September 01, 2009, 01:30:59 PM
While Bhagavan Ramana was at Iluppai Tree inside the Big Temple,
Uddandi Nayanar, Pazhani Swami and Annmalai Tambiran, used
to feed Him, with avilable milk, cold rice and plantain fruits.  They
used to make a liquid porridge and gave Him in a tumbler.  Bhagvan
Ramana used to take only one gulp of it.  Even that He did not swallow
on some days.  Pazhani Swami used to scoop it out of His mouth,
while washing His teetha in mornings!  Once Uddandi Nayanar pleaded Him to come and stay in the Mango Grove in Gurumurtham,
where there would be less crowd and disturbance.  Thus Bhagavan
Ramana was moved to Guru Murtham.  Before that while in Iluppai
Tree, Annamalai Tambiran, used to chant Kaivalyam and other such
books.  While listening to them, Bhagavan Ramana used to wonder:
"O Is it that state that is described here, that I have found myself in!"   T.M.P. Mahadevan says in his book:  Here is a Jnani who attained the state of Brahman, without even knowing the name Brahman!

In Guru Murtham, Annamalai Tambiran chanted Tevaram and Tiruvachakam.  Uddandi Nayanar also used to chant Tamil Vedanta
songs.  Pazhani Swami also used to read some Tamil devotional
books, brought from a local library.  In Guru murtham, there
were a lot of ants, which were biting Bhagavan Ramana. By slanting
on the wall for ever, He had a mark of his back left on the wall!
The devotees arranged for a wooden platform for Bhagavan Ramana to sit there.  Annamalai Tambiran's love and devotion for Bhagavan increased with his moving close with Bhagavan.  He started showing camphor arti for Him everyday?  Bhagavan Ramana observed this
and then one day wrote on the wall:  "The service for this, is only this!"ie. only taking care of Him and His basic needs and not
arti etc.,   On knowing that Bhagavan Ramana knew Tamil and can read and write it, the devotees became more curious.  It is the nature of the worldly people to ask:  What is your name?  From where do  come?  It is not a wonder.  Sankara too asked Hastamalaka the same questions!

Among the devotees, was one Venkatarma Iyer, who was working in local Taluk office.  He asked Bhagavan Ramana about His name and place.  Bhagavan Ramana wrote down:  Venkataraman, Tiruchuzhi.  The devotee was surprised.  He did not of course, know where Tiruchuzhi was.  Bhagavan Ramana then took the Periya Puranam and showed Sundaramoorthy's song on Tiruchuzhi, Siva, Bhoomi Natheswara.   After a few weeks Annamalai Tambiran left for his
Math.  Uddandi Nayanar also left.  Uddandi Nayanar left Rs 100/-
as Guru-offerings, with local people, since Bhagavan Ramana and
Pazhani Swami did not want to touch the money.  This great
devotee also left Bhagavan Ramana after a few weeks.

The readers may kindly note here that the Pazhani Swami mentioned
here is not the famous Pazhaniswami who was a Malayalee and who
had read out Adytyma Ramayana to Bhagavan Ramana.  He was also
helped by Bhagavan Ramana in his last minutes of life, but since
his mind swiftly went out through the eyes, that he had opened,
Bhagavan Ramana's Hrudaya Vidya was not successful.  Malayalam
Pazhani Swami came to Bhagavan to Guru Murtham a little later,
and was with Him since his death.

Arunachala Siva.