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Title: Seeing the Seer
Post by: Subramanian.R on August 20, 2009, 12:22:53 PM
Seeing the Self is only experiencing it.  This happens only
when the dyads like good, bad, love, hate, misery and happiness
are left.  When the triads like seer, seen, and seeing or teacher,
disciple and teaching are left.

Visions of great Jnanis are experiencing the Form or even sometimes
seeing the Form without any vasanas.  This Form can be Siva-
Swarupam or Narayana Swarupam, where there are no vasanas
left behind.  Very rarely persons like Kavyakanta Ganapati and
others saw Bhagavan Ramana as Skanda or Sri Dakshinamurthy.
These visions are not fevered imaginations.  They are the aspect
of Form only.  Sundaramurthy Swami wanted to visit a particular
Siva temple.  He saw the towers of the temple and then went for
bathing in the tank.  When he came out, he saw only a Pure Space.
Then an Effulgence appeared.  And then the Effulgence became
towers, walls and the temple was seen finally.

Bhagavan Ramana always told His devotees:  "See Arunachala
within. Go inside. Go within."  Bhagavan Ramana also told some
devotees to see Him as Formless, within.  Our Atma or individual
soul is called Brahma-bhijam.  The seed of Brahman.  This seed
sprouts and we see the Brahman within.  What is needed is self
attention or Sraddha. 

Bhagavan Ramana gives the same idea in Verse 9 of ULLadu
Narpadu, Sad Darsanam:

All pairs of opposites and all triads shine, taking the support
of some entity.  when that is searched, all will get dropped.
To them, who see the Truth, there is never any wavering.

The word wavering, is originally "Kalangaare KaN."  It actually
means no delusion, no confusion, no disturbance. "Na Chalanam"
that is "no movement" in Sanskrit.

Arunachala Siva. 
Title: Re: Seeing the Seer
Post by: Subramanian.R on August 20, 2009, 12:38:08 PM
Dear srkudai,

Being is ever there.  But for most of us, it is clouded by the
dyads and triads.  Bhagavan Ramana says that if one comprehends
within, that is seeing within, then they will drop off.

Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Seeing the Seer
Post by: Subramanian.R on August 20, 2009, 12:50:57 PM
May be.

Arunachala Siva.
Title: Re: Seeing the Seer
Post by: Subramanian.R on August 20, 2009, 02:15:36 PM
Dear srkudai,

Yes.  It may be called clouded or crowded.  Bhagavan Ramana once
used the word smoked.  Like a chimney, which is full of smoke,
around on covering glass.

We can see this even in ordinary life.  When my mind is concentrated
on writing a post, I do not hear the blaring TV noise, my wife
is watching afternoon programme.  When I finish the post, I
myself look up the TV to see what is going in the TV, where the heroine of the serial is weeping for 455th time in the 455th episode.
Sometimes, when we are not intently listening to some discourse
and when our mind travels elsewhere, we say:  I did not put my
mind there in the discourse.  This happens even when we are using
the mind for some single purpose.  Think of the Bliss when the mind
eventually curls up into the Heart. 

Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar was singing melodious songs in the
Hall.  After two hours, the concert ended.  Devotees gave tambulam
and coconut for the singer and applied sandal paste on his chest.

Kunju Swami asked Bhagavan Ramana:  "Bhagavan! It was an excellent concert.  Did you listen to it fully?"  Bhagavan Ramana
smiled and said:  "What is there to listen?  The fellow (the Self)
inside me swallowed me (my mind), the moment the alapana started!"  This is the state in which He was for most of the time
in Tiruvannamalai.  That is the reason why He did not feel the
cancerous pain even  after four surgeries!

Pokkum Varavum il Podhu VeLi veedu....
Rappagal illa aruL veLi veedu....

                   - Arunachala Akshara Mana Malai.

One saint-poet, I think it is Ramalinga Swami called it as
"Full moon at the high noon!"

Arunachala Siva.