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Title: Is God always beautiful?
Post by: Subramanian.R on July 20, 2009, 05:19:54 PM
Srimad Bhagavatam has told us that Krishna is beautiful.  He
has got curly hairs, emerald green complexion, lotus like eyes,
a nice yellow silken dress, Kaustubam, the jewel on his neck and
a sweet flute on his hands.  Should God always be beautiful?  Bhagavan Ramana says in Arunachala Navamani Malai:  Kuraiyum, Gunamum nee allal?  You are always the good and the bad, what else?

If one reads Siva Puranam and Chidambara Mahatmyam, one finds
Siva,in terrible forms.  He is naked, with snakes all over his
body, white holy ashes smeared in his full form, skull garland
of Brahmas and he lives in cremation ground and smells like
burning flesh!  As Kala Bairva, he is having dogs with him
and smells of toddy and meat.  As Bhikshatana he is again
naked, with a begging bowl with all putrified food and curries.
In Daruka Forest story, he plucks his penis and throws at the sages!
In Nataraja form, he is no doubt elegant.  In Dakshinamurthy form,
he is full of grace.  Siva only smiles but never laughs.  If he laughs,
the worlds will burn away!   

Maha Kali in Dasa Maha Vidya, ten forms of Kali is also like this.
Kali herself is black, stamping her legs on the lying Siva, with
long protruding tongue, skull garlands, near-naked.  In one
of the ten forms, called Dumaki, the smoke-form, she is depicted
as a widow, with long protruding teeth, unkempt hair, angry eyes,
long extending tongue and looking absolutely as the personification of evil! 

Vinayaka has got club feet, pot belly, elephant face, with one horn broken and smiling at devotees, with twinkling in his small eyes!

Narasimha is again ferociuos.  Srimad Bhagavatam says that all
devas too became afraid about his form.  He had the blood oozing intestine of Hiranyakashyap on his neck, lion faced, long nails,
and fireball like eyes and roaring laughter. 

Gods can also be ugly, ferocious, naked, and evil.  After all, it is the good and bad of the humans that are reflected in forms gods.

Skanda is like Krishna.  Beautiful.  But with six faces and twelve eyes and twelve shoulders!

Your lips are sweet, your face is sweet, your speech is sweet,
your sandal paste is sweet, O the Lord of Mathura, you are personification of sweet!

Atharam mathuram, vadhanam mathuram, vachanam mathuram,
KaLabam mathuram, Mathuradipathe.....

Arunachala Siva.             
Title: Re: Is God always beautiful?
Post by: arcsekar on July 21, 2009, 11:35:39 AM
Kali is symbol of Time.Time devours everything.Time never stops. Siva is Kalatheethan-Transcender of Time.
Kali stamping on Siva signifies that Siva act as a speed breaker for Time. Siva is beyond time.

Similarly,the concept behind Vinayaka's form is also available.

Unlike Christianity which differentiate  and separate God and Satan,Hindu religion is all comprehensive and include
Para Sakthi and Apara Sakthi.

As long as name and form is acknowledged, pair of opposites will prevail. Somebodytold Bhagavan Ramana that it is inconceivable that God has eyes, nose ,mouth etc like humans -I only laugh at such a description--

Bhagavan replied -then, you laugh at yourselves
Title: Re: Is God always beautiful?
Post by: Subramanian.R on July 21, 2009, 11:52:00 AM
Dear arcsekhar,

Yes.  Unlike other religions like Christianity, Hinduism does not
distinguish good and bad as sepeate entities and give them names.
In fact even the demons of the Purana days were a mixture of
good and bad. Ravana was a great Siva bhakta.  But he showed
his demonic character while trying to lift Kailas.  Again through
his abduction of Sita.  In Kali Yuga, every man is an admixture
of good and bad.  Bhagavan Ramana says in Who am I?:  "There
are no two minds.  Only vasanas are good and bad.  When the mind
seizes good vasanas, it is good mind and when it seizes bad
vasanas, it is bad mind.  Subha and asubha - Bhagavan Ramana
uses these words.

Arunachala Siva.