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Title: Bhagavan, Sakti and Sivam
Post by: Subramanian.R on July 09, 2009, 04:04:20 PM
Many devotees have asked Bhagavan Ramana as to why
He has not mentioned anything about Sakti, but has eulogized
only Sivam, Siva, Consciousness.  Bhagavan Ramana has said:
"What to say about Sakti?  It is the Sakti, Divine Power which
is acting within me."

In Madurai, Bhagavan had the death experience and attained
the Atma Jnana.  Viswanatha Swami has sung in Sri Ramana

Om Srimad Dwadasantha-mahastale labdha vidyodayaya Namah:

Salutations to Him, who has gained enlightenement in the most
holy Dwadasantha Mahastala, Madurai.

Dwadasantham means Twelve Centres.  Apart from the six
centres starting from Mooladhara to Sahasrara, there are
six more centres above the skull.  These are the centres
in which Sakti, the Divine Power activates.  Goddess Meenakshi of Madurai, is supposed to stand on the 12th Centre as per
Sakti tattva.  At this holy centre, Bhagavan Ramana attained
the Self Knowledge.  So, it is Goddess, Sakti who helped Him.

Okay.  How she has helped Him?  Labdavidyothaya, He got
self knowledge with her help.

What sort of help was it?

Om Mahasaktinipatenena prabuddhaya Namah:

Salutations, to One whose awakening was perfect and permanent owing to the descent of the supreme power.

Mahasakti Nipadam is the descent of divine power.  This
descent of divine power was not young Venkataraman's but
hers.  It is she who decided that He should become a channel
of Her Grace.  The Upanishads says:  "He whom the Atman
chooses, he alone attains the Atman."  So, it is Sakti's work
as acknowledged by Bhagavan Ramana in His conversations.

Then, why did He not remain in Madurai?  Why did He rush
to Tiruvannamalai in six weeks and reached that holy place,
on 1st September 1896?

It is because, now it was Siva's call for Him to come to
Tiruvannamalai.  Why did Sakti agree to this?  Because,
it is in Tiruvannamalai, not in Chidambaram, or Kalahasti, or
Tiruavrur, or Tiruvanaika or Kasi, that Uma and Siva are in
one Form.  The son has naturally to go to a place where
Uma and Siva are in single form. Ardhanari, as Unnamulai
and Annamalai.

Om Pitru padan vesine Namah:

Salutations to One who seeks the Father's Abode , the Father's

Bhagavan Ramana wrote in His parting note in Madurai:
I am going in search of my Father!  He did not even mention
as Tiruvannamalai.  But Tiruvannamalai is the only place where
Mother and Father are in one form.  He is Skanda, Somaskanda,
Muruga, the son of Siva and Uma.  Naturally the son goes to
His parents' place.

Thus Sakti and Siva acted in full cooperation, on Young Venkataraman's life and pilgirmage and in His Atma Jnana.

Arunachala Siva.