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Title: Maharshi's Gosple and Talks - 25
Post by: Subramanian.R on June 23, 2009, 01:02:16 PM
In Talk No. 345, the continuation of Vichara Sagara is discussed.
Bhagavan Ramana continued, after interval.  He said:

"Destroy the power of mind by seeking it.  When the mind is
examined, its activities cease automatically."  [1]

"Looking for the source of mind is another method.  The
Source may be said to be God or Self or Consciousness."  [2]

"Concentrating on one thought, all other thoughts disappear,
finally that thought also disappears.  It is necessary to be
aware, while controlling thoughts, otherwise it will lead to
sleep."  [3]

Devotee:  How to seek the mind?

Bhagavan:  Breath-control may do as an aid but can never
lead to the goal itself.  While doing it mechanically, take care
to be alert in mind and remember the 'I-thought' and seek
its source.  Then you will find that where breath sinks,
there the 'I-thought' arises.   They sink and arise together.
The 'I-thought' also will sink along with the breath.  Simultaneously, another luminous and infinite 'I-I' will
manifest and it will be continous and unbroken.  That is the
goal.  It goes by different names.  --- God, Self, Kundalini
Sakti, Consciousness etc., etc.,   When the attempt is made,
it will of itself take you to the goal.

Here, Bhagavan Ramana mentions three methods or ways.
Destroying the power of mind, that is its activities, Looking
for the source of mind and Concentration in one thought to
the exclusion of all other thoughts.
Talk No. 346:

Bhagavan said:  Freewill and Destiny last as long as the body
lasts.  But wisdom transcends both, for the Self is beyond
knowledge and ignorance.

Talk No. 347:

The mind is a bundles of thoughts.  The thoughts arise because there is the thinker.  The thinker is the ego.  The ego, if sought, will automatically vanish.  The ego and the mind are the same.
The ego is the root-thought from which all other thoughts
arise.   [The verbatim description is given in one verse of
Sad Darsanam.]

Arunachala Siva.