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Post by: ramanaduli on June 13, 2009, 02:54:38 PM
Dear Subramaniyan ji

Even though I have been to Pamban swaigal temple, I do not read all His poem. They say He wrote 6666 songs. At firtst time I have come to know about the Panchamirta songs from your post when you had a power cut. Yesterday I went to temple, for my surprise it is His 80th gurupuja day. So there was a speech on this particular panchamirta songs and some little ones were performing bharatnatyam for these 5 songs. The songs are like thrupugazh with lots of chanda.
The gentelman was explaining beautifully. He gave lots of information. I want to tell one thing here. He said in Chidambaram, there is one street called Venkaiman street. There only Siva came like a old brahmin man and signed Thruchitrambalam for Mannikkavachakar's Thruvachakam.He said  many people go to Chidambaram but no body visit this street. It is the first time I heard about this.
If any body has visited this street.


Post by: Subramanian.R on June 13, 2009, 03:44:31 PM
Dear Ramanaduli,

Very nice.  Today my wife has gone to one Murugan temple,
in Koramangala, in Bangalore to attend a bhajan where they
are going to sing Paripurna Panchamirta Varnam between
4 and 6 pm in different batches!  In Bangalore, they celebrate
the Guru Pooja of Pamban Swamigal today.  He attained
Maha Nirvana on Vaikasi [solar calendar], Krishna Paksha
Panchami, where the star Sravana coincides today, as it
was on his Maha Nirvana Day.

Pamban Swamigal is as erudite as Arunagiri Natha.  He

1. 5 Songs of Panchamirta Varnam, describing abhisheka
to Muruga, with milk, curd, sugar, ghee and honey.  I am
reading the meanings of these five songs.  They are quite
picturous.  While singing also, these songs have got power
of music.

2. Sri Kumara Stavam, about 48 names of Skanda, each
denoting a separate aspect of Muruga.

3. Pahai Kadithal - Song for vanquishing enemies.

4. Nava Deva Malai - 9 songs for the commanders of
Skandar's army.  Like Veerabhagu etc.,

5. Sastra Bandham -  This is just one song, of 55 letters where every letter when read from beginning to end and end to beginning are same!  Barring a few letters in between.  It is supposed to be written on silver or golden Spear, Vel and puja should be made!

6. Mayura  Bandham.  Contains 100 letters ALL short consonants, alpa prana in Sanskrit, kuril in Tamil.  This has to be written
on a silver or gold drawing of Peacock and should be prayed!

This Siddha is a terrible word-player. 

The last song of Panchamirta Varnam describes who are
all dancing with Skanda, after the war.  I would very much
like to translate and give the meaning at least.  It is quite
tough.  Let me try.  About 40 gods are dancing!

The street which you mentioned in Chidambaram, I have
not visited.  But I shall keep in mind.  Thanks.

Arunachala Siva. 
Post by: ramanaduli on June 13, 2009, 06:20:03 PM
Dear Subramaniyan ji

Thanks for the post. Few days back I wrote about the Shanmukha kavacham the man who was in problem asked by his friend to chant and he did. As the result
he became out of the danger and proved that he was  not guilty. As my daily routine, when I chanted this kavacham, I found that day was vaisaki visakam.
Normally I do not read this kavacham daily basis. When I realised I thanked to Murugan for giving the book infront of me that day. I prayed for my daughte's
official problem. It was His grace she herself rang up saying did I pray for her coz. everything went off well. So I thought why not chant another 5 days, (so it becomes 6 days.) I finished 6 days. Perday it takes 1 hour for 6 times. It was His will. I did. Really it is a miracle. My daughter's problem is solved now.
So I thought it is better to go to samadhi and I found about His guru puja. From the speech (chorpozhivu) the gentelman told He was a ASU KAVI. means as they got enlighted their words all have life. And He spoke about Gukai Namasivayar from Thruvanamalai. It was a order of Unnamulai ammai to visit Chidambaram.Gukai Namasivayar obeyed for the divine will but He told whenever He felt hungry, she should come to serve the food. Unnamulai ammai also
accepted. On the way to Chidambaram, He sang one padhigam, as He was hungry. Immedietly Unnamulai served food. Because He was asu kavi. Appar, janasambar are also asu kavikal. It was Murugan's krupa, I had  a nice evening.The Panchamirta songs are sung by Thrichi Loganathan's son. His pronounsiation is very clear. The temple is built by His devotees only. They have written swamigal's words. He prays to Murugan, ENNAI THALINALUM THALLU ANAL ENNAI NAMBI VARUM ADIYARKALAI THALLADHE. what a unconditional love for His devotees. I always think, I do not have that much bhakthi to talk to God, at least if I tell swamigal He may request God for me.


Post by: atmavichar100 on June 08, 2013, 10:44:36 AM
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Post by: atmavichar100 on June 10, 2013, 08:09:05 AM
Has Pamban Swamigal met Bhagavan Ramana ? I could not find any such incident from the public domain . If anyone has any particular incident to share please do so .
Post by: Subramanian.R on June 10, 2013, 09:49:54 AM

Dear Atmavichar100,

I don't think that pAmban Swamigal had met Sri Bhagavan.  Among Muruga bhaktas only VaLLimalai Swamigal had been
with Sri Bhagavan for some time.

Arunachala Siva.