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Title: The Collaborator of a Guru - 5
Post by: Subramanian.R on April 15, 2009, 06:54:00 PM
Again a new trend has been started by Ramana Maharshi, a path
of inner quest arising in Hindu India but available to the new age type
of seeker outside the orthodoxy of any religion.  Does the pattern
hold with Him too?  Has or had He a special lieutenant?  And if so,
who?  To say, as has been done by various persons, that so and so
is 'the Maharshi's Vivekananda' over looks the fact that pattern is
always repeated with diversity.  It would not be likely that there
should be a similar type of helper/collaborator in two successive cases. A number of people have been instrumental in spreading the
Maharshi's influence  -- Kavya Kanta Ganapati Muni to the more tantric types of follower, the poet Muruganar to Tamil Advaitins,
Prof. T.M.P. Mahadevan to the academic world, first Paul Brunton
and then Arthur Osborne to the West.  But none of these fill the role.

With the Maharshi also, let us first raise this question.  What was
the nature of His work?  He was not establishing a new religion for
a whole community but a path of inner quest for seekers.  Therefore
no organization of society was needed.  It was the Path to be followed
by each one in his own heart.  Therefore, no institution was needed.
But it was and is centred at His Asramam at Tiruvannamalai, and therefore some organization, some 'temporal power' was required.
This was built up (and here the traditional pattern become evident)
by His younger brother, the Saravadhikari.  The temporal power was
kept quite seperate from the spiritual.  And the wisdom is now apparent.  Had the two been combined, the Maharshi's Asramam would have become unable to function when He was no longer
physically present to direct it.  But since He had made it run independently during His lifetime, it would continue to do so when His bodily presence was removed.  Before leaving the body, He 'allowed' a will to be drawn up in his name stating that his Asramam
was to remain a spiritual centre and to continue to be run by the Sarvadhikari and the latter's descendents.  This shows that He appreciated the need for it.

The answer to the question, is therefore, that the Maharshi also did have a collaborator but only in the domain of 'temporal power'.  In
the work which was its function on earth to perform this domain had no very great importance.  But it was also not completely without
importance or He would not have established it and made provision
for its perpetuation.

(Source: Be Still, It is the Wind that sings. Arthur Osborne.)

Arunachala Siva.