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Title: The concept of Time
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 27, 2009, 10:02:56 AM
In Siva Purana, which is one of the 18 puranas, there is a beautiful
description of Time.

The basic unit of life is the 'nimisha', the instant.

Fifteen 'nimishas' make one 'kastha', thirty 'kasthas' one 'kaala',
thirty 'kaalas' one 'muhurta' and thirty 'muhurtas' one day.

Thirty days in a 'maasa', a month, which is one day for the gods
and ancestors.  Six 'maasass' take one 'ayana', two 'ayanas' a year.

One human year is a day and a night for the celestials, 'uttarayana,'
being the day and 'dakshinayana' the night.

Three hundred and sixty five human years make a divine one.

Four are the 'yugas' in the land of Bharata, the krita, treta, dwapara,
and kali (dark).

The pristine 'krita' lasts 4800 divine years.  The less perfect treta,
3600 years, the half corrupt dwapara 2400 and almost the entirely
evil kali 1200.

A Chatur Yuga, one cycle of four yugas, is 12000 godly years long,
12000 X 365 human years. 71 'chatur yugas' make a 'manvantara',
14 'manvantaras' one 'kalpa'

A 'Kalpa', of 1000 'Chatur Yugas', 12 million divine years, is one
day for Brahma, the Creator.

8000 years of Brahma make one Brahma Yuga. 1000 Brahma Yugas
make a 'Savana'.  Each Brahma lives for 3003 'Savanas'.

A day of Brahma's has got  14 Indras, his life 54000 Indras.

One day of Vishnu is the lifetime of Brahma.

One day of Siva is the lifetime of Vishnu.

Siva is Timeless in Time, Kalakala.  He has no beginning no end.

All Brahma Jnanis like Bhagavan Ramana are timeless in time,
they live in eternal present, NOW.
Saint Manikkavachagar sings in Tiruvachakam:  "How many
crores of Brahmas and Vishnus were born and dead, O Siva!"

(Source: Siva Puranam)

Arunachala Siva.