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Title: What is there in Tirupavai?
Post by: Subramanian.R on March 14, 2009, 02:13:13 PM
Both Manikkavachagar's Tiruvembavai and AndaL's Tirupavai,
are having the undercurrent of Saranagati or surrender.  Bhagavan
Ramana used to say: "If you cannot do self enquriy, then you do
surrender and keep quiet."   But these two compositions are viewed
in various angles by devotees, as the six blind men seeing the elephant.

One day, a rasika of music came to a Sri Vaishanva scholar and said:
"What is there in Tirupavai, sir?  It is all splendid music.  I use to lie in bed at 6.30 AM (!) in Dhanur month and listen to M.L. Vasantakumari's rendering of Tirupavai, while I am half-asleep.
O What a music sir!  All thirty songs are in thirty different ragas!  Wonderful!" 

Next day, a great Tamil pandit came to that Sri Vaishnava scholar and told him:  "What is there in Tirupavai, sir?  It is all delightful
Tamil poetry.  AndaL herself says 'I am singing thirty songs in Sangam
Tamil.'  Wonderful!"

A third one came to the same Sri Vaishnava scholar and said:  "What is there in Tirupavai, sir?  AndaL delightfully explains how to prepare sweet pongal on the Dharnur month mornings.  Take best raw rice,
best jaggery, best cashews, cardamom, and dry grapes, nicely fry them in ghee.  And then pour generously pure cow's milk ghee.
It will be delightful like Brahmananda, sir,  "Mooda nei peythu muzhangai vazhi vara..."  She says, pour ghee as if a film of ghee
would spread on the sweet pongal and then take it shamelessly that
the overflowing ghee trickles down your elbow!"

So every one looks at Tirupavai in their own angle.  Like Brahman or
Siva or Narayana, Tirupavai or Tiruvembavai, is many faceted!

Arunachala Siva.