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Title: The Maya and her plays
Post by: Subramanian.R on January 22, 2009, 10:58:37 AM
srkudai wrote in a post: In Him, Maya is dreaming her dream!
The concept of Maya has baffled all including the Advaitins.

Of all the aspects of Advaita philosophy that of Maya is the most difficult to understand, still more to explain.  Some interpret it as
ignorance, others as  dream, others still as illusion, and nothing 
but experience can explainit satisfactorily.  In the meantime, considerable misunderstanding is created by explanations -- the more it is explained, the more obscure it becomes!  Bhagavan Ramana has often said:  Sri Sankara is the one who denied the role of Maya, but of all, he has been labelled as a Maya-vadi!  How can it be? If a man does not believe in Isvara, he is called Nirisvara Vadi.
If a man believes in Isvara, he is called Isvara Vadi.  Here Sankara, who systematically annihilated Maya, how can anyone call it him a

Saiva Siddhantis call Maya as Sakti and is inseparable for Siva.  She is the one who goes from Mooladhara, gets past all centres and merge with Siva in Sahasrara.  Saiva Siddantis are midway between qualified non dualists and Non dualists.  They say the world and the Isvara are unreal till one attains Sivahood.  After merger with Sivahood, the world and Isvara are real!  At the same time, they say Maya is real.  Only when she is not Suddha Maya, with three impurities of ego, karma and asuddha maya, she is unreal.

Bhagavan Ramana says:

Maya is not falsehood, although it has the appearance of it, but the active side of Reality.  It is the maker of forms in Consciousness and form means variety, which causes illusion -- mind you, all this variety is in consciousness and nowhere else.  It is only in the mind.  One Jiva, seeing another Jiva, forgets its identity with it and thinks of it as separate from itself.  But the moment it turns its attention on its own nature as Consciousness, and not as form, the illusion of diversity or separateness breaks as a dream, breaks when waking takes place.  Divine intelligence devise and plan and His Energy automatically and spontaneously acts -- the thought and the act are one integral whole. This Creative Energy which is implicit in Pure
Intelligence is called by various names, one of which is Maya or
Sakti, the Creator of forms or images.**       

(**Source: Dialogues; Guru Ramana. S.S. Cohen. Sri Ramanasramam,

Arunachala Siva.