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Title: Health warning to travellers
Post by: Graham on October 29, 2006, 04:08:24 PM
Visitors to Tiruvannamalai and to India in general should be aware of the current epidemics and health dangers that are prevalent today.

There are a number of mosquito-borne diseases that are gaining ground over the efforts to contain them.

1/ Chikun Kunya/Gunya

This is a very debilitating disease now spreading throughout India. The symptoms are a very high fever of 105/106 farenheight, painful or itching body rash and severe pain in the joints.

This virus is self-limiting, lasting about 15 days, but the after-effects can last for months or years.

2/ Dengue fever

This is a far more serious illness, which if not treated properly, can lead to hemorrhagic fever and death. The symptoms are almost the same as for chikun kunya.

You can find details of this disease on the web.

3/ Malaria

This is becoming very widespread throughout Tamil Nadu. There are hundreds of new cases in Tiruvannamalai every year.

If caught quickly there are allopathic medicines which can destroy the parasite, but they are very toxic to the body. There are also herbal remedies which work perfectly and have no side-effects.
Title: Re: Health warning to travellers
Post by: Premanjali on February 03, 2007, 08:14:50 PM
Thank you for the warning message Graham.
At certain times of the day and night, the mosquitos literally appear in little "clouds" - you might think they try to carry you away  :-\  However, I found a local mosiquito repellent product (after arriving in Tiruvannamalai without one),  excellent to keep the little pests away from the skin. It's called "Odomos", comes in cream form, and works like a charm. It's available at most shops and pharmacies in India. Prevention is the best medicine they say :)

Title: Re: Health warning to travellers
Post by: amaravati on February 10, 2007, 03:57:01 PM
Thank you Graham

Would you say it is necessery to take malaria tablets?
And what are these herbs you re talking about
Kind regards
Title: Re: Health warning to travellers
Post by: Graham on February 17, 2007, 06:03:03 PM
Dr. Manickam, a herbal practitioner in Tiruvannamalai has a 100% herbal cure for malaria. It was created by his father and Bhagavan during the Virupaksha days.

This is the text from the 'news and articles/a cure for malaria' page on this site -

A cure for malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases

Dr Manickam, has recently produced a large quantity of an old herbal cure which destroys the malarial parasite and cleanses the body of all malarial cysts. This medicine, if taken for sixteen days is also reputed to provide immunity against the parasite.

Recently it has been given to people suffering from the effects of the chikun gunya virus; the pain associated with this disease vanishes completely upon taking the medication for just a few days.

This herbal recipe was created by Dr Manickam's father in consultation with Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi over 70 years ago. It was formulated and given to those staying at Sri Ramana's ashram with complete success. That this herbal recipe was created by one of India's greatest sages gives it the mark of perfection and complete safety.

The recipe consists of parts from 13 different plants, resins, bark and flowers, some are well-known and others are secret extracts known only to his family. The plants are dried and crushed to a fine powder. The powders are then mixed in precise quantities to produce a remedy that is simply mixed with water, boiled and reduced to 50%, then strained and drunk. This cure has no side-effects, is completely wholesome and is 100% effective, even against old malaria.

The good doctor wants this cure to be available worldwide - at the lowest possible cost wherever possible. He is aware of the difficulties surrounding the current delivery method and is willing to talk to Indian pharmaceutical companies about the possibility of synthesizing this medication for use throughout the world. However, any pharmaceutical companies approaching him should have a track-record of service, otherwise they will be refused.

Dr. Manickam is now dispensing this medication free-of-charge to the local village populace who cannot afford to pay for it, but cannot afford to give it free to everyone.

To download a PDF file complete with some of Bhagavan's herbal recipes and a lot more information about Dr. Manickam, about his father who sat with Bhagavan, and Ayurvedic medicine click here - 207kb
Title: Open tuberculosis in Arunachala?
Post by: musgrave on August 27, 2007, 03:03:43 PM
I have just received an email from someone in Thiru, saying that open TBC is spreading wild and fast, and that there have been several cases in the Ashram lately. I was planning to visit in a month's time, but now I'm really concerned about this, especially as I am pregnant. Does anyone have more information?

Thank you so much
Title: Re: Health warning to travellers
Post by: Graham on September 02, 2007, 03:17:04 PM
Hi Musgrave,

Tuberculosis is common in India, but diagnosis is often guesswork, especially in rural areas where anyone with a persistent cough is diagnosed with TB or AIDS just by looking at them. You should not worry yourself too much about this.

There are 100% cures available in India from the reputable herbal and siddha practitioners - whatever the strain of infection.
Title: Re: Health warning to travellers
Post by: dhanasekar on February 07, 2008, 08:12:31 PM
graham is ur really graham bell