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Sri V. Ganesan:
The scriptures say, "Pramadav vai mrtuyhu", meaning inattention is death. This obviously means attention is life. Inattention means, giving importance to the non-self, that is, the body, mind and world. Attention means paying total attention to the Self. Bhagavan puts it beautifully, "Attention paying attention to attention is attention". He further states, "Such attention paid to the Self, leads one to wisdom".
Turning our attention inwards is true attention. Whereas, turning it outwards to the body, mind and world is inattention. For, at that moment of giving importance to the outside, we completely lose touch with the Self. Every such moment of loss of attention to the Self lands us in ignorance, uncertainty, and confusion. These draw us towards death. Not knowing the Self is inattention. Consciously turning inwards to the Self is attention. Jesus Christ said, "To live with me is like living near the fire; and, to be away from me is to be away from the kingdom of God." Here, "To live with me" means attention. While, "to be from me" is inattention. Bhagavan too, once quoted Jesus Christ, "Give up this life, if thou wouldst live!" "this life", refers to inattention. Life commands one to turn inwards, and thus, be the Self through total attention. Another great saint said, "Pay full attention to life and not to the modes of living!" Outward attention drains our spiritual energy, whereas inward attention enriches us with peace, quietude and bliss. Hence, Bhagavan repeatedly emphasized, "Plunge within", "Be the Self!"

This constant movement from the past to the future, creates an illusion as if it takes place in the present. If pointed attention is paid to the present, we will realize that no movement at all takes place in the NOW! To be in the NOW, actually and factually, is to not manufacture thoughts of the past and future. This means we should remain without any form of mental, vibratory movement. Vibratory movements are noises echoed in the mind. The
present, the NOW, is total stillness and silence. Giving up thoughts of the past and future is surrender. To remain in the NOW is thus, true surrender. Burning off of all movements towards the past and the future, in the flame of the motionless NOW, can take place only in the silence of the Self. The silence of the Self, absorbing the noises of the mind into its silence, is surrender. Surrender is the supreme state where past and future, the two unreal states, dissolve into the one totality.
Source: Drops from the Ocean

Dear Devotees,

When you practiced Self-inquiry you must have arrived at the vital understanding and gained the cleat insight that the moment we turn our attention to the Now, you feel the presence and peace. Understanding will surely dawn that entering the Now is to at once become aware of the 'I Am'. We understand that the Self or the ever existing Truth is ever-flowing in the Now, and never in the false, imagined and mere psychological time of the past and future. If we are able to understand it, compulsive striving away from the Now ceases, and the joy of Being begins to ensue and even flows into everything we do. Therefore, it follows that the Self-realization is not a time-bound end of the sadhana or the practice. It takes place only in the Now. In the "Now" alone is the true reality, it knows no difference between a moment and eternity, both of which belong to the realm of unreal time. It is as it is!

Dear devotees, "I Am, Now" is the Self and the only Life. Let our attention be on the Life and not mere living and the life situation.

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Verse  3:

படையார் வெண்மழுவா பக
    லோன்பல் லுகுத்தவனே
விடையார் வேதியனே விளங்
    குங்குழைக் காதுடையாய்
கடையார் மாளிகைசூழ் கண
    நாதனெங் காளத்தியாய்
உடையாய் உன்னையல்லால் உகந்
    தேத்த மாட்டேனே.

Siva who has a white battle-axe as weapon!
Who caused to shed the teeth of the sun-god!
Who is the Brahmin, who is seated on a bull!
Who has in one ear the shining men`s  ear-ring.
Our Lord who is the master of Bhutas in Kāḷatti surrounded by mansions which have beautiful entrances!
Who has all things including myself as his possession!
I would not definitely praise any other god esteeming him as great, except yourself.

Arunachala Siva.
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« Last post by Subramanian.R on October 16, 2018, 07:50:08 AM »
Verse  2:

இமையோர் நாயகனே இறை
    வாஎன் இடர்த்துணையே
கமையார் கருணையினாய் கரு
    மாமுகில் போன்மிடற்றாய்
உமையோர் கூறுடையாய் உரு
    வேதிருக் காளத்தியுள்
அமைவே யுன்னையல்லால் அறிந்
    தேத்த மாட்டேனே.

The master of the celestial beings who do not wink!
Siva who pervades everything!
One who helps being my companion when I am undergoing sufferings to relieve me from them.
The who has grace with forbearance.
The one who has a neck like the big sable cloud.
The one who has Uma on one half!
The one who has visible forms!
The fullness in Kāḷatti!
see 1st verse

Arunachala Siva.
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« Last post by Subramanian.R on October 15, 2018, 10:30:03 AM »
Tiiruk Kalatti:

Verse 1:

செண்டா டும்விடையாய் சிவ
    னேயென் செழுஞ்சுடரே
வண்டா ருங்குழலா ளுமை
    பாக மகிழ்ந்தவனே
கண்டார் காதலிக்குங் கண
    நாதனெங் காளத்தியாய்
அண்டா வுன்னையல்லால் அறிந்
    தேத்த மாட்டேனே.

Siva who has a bull that ruins all things.  Siva!  My dazzling light divine!
Who rejoiced in having Uma who has tresses on which bees swarm, on one half!
The chief of the hosts of Bhutas who has devotees who have obtained a vision and are warmly attached to you.  Our Lord in Kāḷatti! The one who dwells in the great cosmic space. I would not praise any other god, esteeming them as god, except yourself.

Arunachala Siva.
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« Last post by Subramanian.R on October 15, 2018, 10:24:44 AM »
Verse  11:

முத்திமுத் தாறு வலஞ்செ யும்முது குன்றரைப்
பித்தனொப் பான்அடித் தொண்ட னூரன் பிதற்றிவை
தத்துவ ஞானிக ளாயி னார்தடு மாற்றிலார்
எத்தவத் தோர்களும் ஏத்து வார்க்கிட ரில்லையே.

On the Lord in Mutukuṉṟam round which the river Muttāṟu which grants salvation goes from left to right!  With these songs which are the prattle of Nampi Arūraṉ, who is a slave to the feet of the Lord and who is like a maniac.  To those who are able to praise the Lord, whether they possess knowledge of the ultimate realities, whether they are steadfast in their love towards god, without wavering, whether they be doing any kind of penance to obtain knowledge of the ultimate realities, there will be definitely no sufferings.

Padigam on Tiru Mutukunram completed.

Arunachala Siva.
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« Last post by Subramanian.R on October 15, 2018, 10:21:05 AM »
Verse  10:

எத்திசை யுந்திரிந் தேற்றக் காற்பிறர் என்சொலார்
பத்தியி னால்இடு வாரி டைப்பலி கொள்மினோ
எத்திசை யுந்திரை யேற மோதிக் கரைகள்மேல்
முத்திமுத் தாறு வலஞ்செய் யும்முது குன்றரே.

The Lord in Mutukuṉṟam where the river, Muttāṟu which grants salvation, goes from left to right, and dashes against the banks when the waves are rolling on all sides!
What is the thing that others than devotees will not pay, if you receive alms wandering everywhere without excluding any place.  Kindly receive the alms from those who give it with love.

Arunachala Siva.
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Verse 9:

செட்டிநின் காதலி ஊர்கள் தோறும் அறஞ்செய
அட்டுமின் சில்பலிக் கென்ற கங்கடை நிற்பதே
பட்டிவெள் ளேறுகந் தேறு வீர்பரி சென்கொலோ
முட்டி அடிதொழ நின்ற சீர்முது குன்றரே.

The Lord in Mutukuṉṟam who has a undying fame of his feet being worshiped meeting you in your presence!  When your loving wife who is thrifty performs charity in every place,  is it proper for you to stand before the entrance of every house for a small quantity of alms, begging, give me alms what is the nature of yours who rides with joy on a white staying bull which cannot be controlled.

Arunachala Siva.
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« Last post by Subramanian.R on October 15, 2018, 10:12:31 AM »
Verse  8:

அந்தி திரிந்தடி யாரும்நீரும் அகந்தொறும்
சந்திகள் தோறும் பலிக்குச் செல்வது தக்கதே
மந்தி கடுவனுக் குண்பழம் நாடி மலைப்புறம்
முந்தி அடிதொழ நின்ற சீர்முது குன்றரே.

The famous Lord in Mutukuṉṟam where the female and female monkeys went in search of edible fruits for themselves on the mountain side and, being prior in time, they worship his feet.  Is it proper for you and your devotees to go wandering to every house in the three times -- morning, noon and evening to receive alms?

Arunachala Siva.

Question: Robert, it seems that it comes down to the mind or the ego trying to dis-identify with itself, and trying to identify with the mystery. Is that enough to produce the shift?

Sri Robert Adanas: That's enough to produce the shift. When the mind begins to wonder about itself, it becomes weak. So the more you ask the question, the weaker the mind becomes. If you make statements, you keep saying to yourself, "I am God, or I am Consciousness, or I am Absolute Reality," the mind likes that, because it wants to become God. It wants to be God, so then the ego thinks it's God. And you walk around with a chip on your shoulder. But when you go the other way, when you ask, Who am I, where did the mind come from?" the mind becomes weak, it doesn't like that. As you said, it begins to see the mystery and becomes weaker and weaker. It devours itself, so to speak. But of course the ultimate truth is, there is no mind, so do not concentrate on the mind doing anything. But ask, To whom does the mind come?"

Dear devotees, there is no doubt that the above wonderful insight into Sri Bhagwan's Teaching of the Self-inquiry is very helpful to all those who are following this Teaching.
I wish to only say that it is very helpful indeed on this Path if the mind is not taken to be real. But only saying that there is no mind will not do. The state of "no mind" means that one does not seek to change anyone or anything of his own volition anymore, does not react to anyone or anything anymore, does not live in the psychological times of the past and future anymore but dwells in "here and now", and thus gradually learns to be quiet and remain as the mere witness.
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« Last post by Subramanian.R on October 15, 2018, 10:07:58 AM »
Verse 7:

சென்றி லிடைச்செடி நாய்கு ரைக்கச் சேடிச்சிகள்
மன்றி லிடைப்பலி தேரப் போவது வாழ்க்கையே
குன்றி லிடைக்களி றாளி கொள்ளக் குறத்திகள்
முன்றி லிடைப்பிடி கன்றி டும்முது குன்றரே.

The Lord in Mutukuṉṟam where in the front yard of the houses of the women of the Kuṟavar tribe, female elephant feels compassion as the lion had carried away the male elephant for its prey!  Is that life, a life when you go to gather alms which the bad women place in your bowl in the public places, when the low dogs are barking?

Arunachala Siva.

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