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The full specifications of the CD
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Purchase Information

The CD is now available for purchase from Arunachala Ashrama in the USA, in the UK and from Sri Ramanasramam. For details on how and where to purchase the CD please click here - Purchase Information

Arunachala-Ramana CD

A unique multimedia CD, designed to provide existing devotees and those new to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi with a unique source of information and high-quality photographs. This CD has taken 18 months to construct and has gone far beyond its original parameters. No effort has been spared in the making of it and the CD contains over 1,400 specially prepared photographs and 1,350+ pages, there are also audio files and video previews.

The files on the CD are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format for cross-platform compatibility, the retention of high-quality images and font styles - including Tamil and Sanskrit. These files can only be read with Acrobat 4.0 or higher. Acrobat Reader 4.0 for PC and Mac are included on the CD. The video previews are in MPEG-1 format.

CD Contents

* All of the photographs in the files are prepared in EPS format; this means that detail is not lost during conversion into the compressed PDF files, and zooming into an image actually increases the detail. When the photographs are printed out through Acrobat on any good quality printer (Postscript or otherwise), the detail in the original image is produced in the print.

** These files have been prepared in a format that enables them to be printed out on either A4 or Letter size paper on any desktop printer.


UK and within Europe £8.00 (UK) including postage and packing.
USA & Canada $13.00 (US) including postage and packing.
India Rs.300 including international postage and packing
Outside Europe £10.00 (UK) including postage and packing.

It is now also available from Watkins Book Shop in London

Please remember to include details of your postal address with order.

PDF Format

PDF is short for Portable Document Format. A method developed by Adobe Systems to enable information to be transferred between different computer platforms without any modification to either the systems or the files. Acrobat automatically resizes the pages to fit your screen and allows you to zoom right into images and text without loss of detail.

This has become very popular in the past two years due to refinements in the programme used to compose the files and a lot of comprehensive computer manuals are now produced in this format to accompany software on CD's.

PDF has very important advantages over most other methods of passing electronic information. In a nutshell, whatever you see on a magazine page can be reproduced in PDF and you don't have to install additional software or fonts to view the file as it was originally designed. It is also gaining ground rapidly as the best way to provide data-sheets via the web, primarily because of its ability to display images and text in the way the designer wants, whatever the system used to view the files.


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