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Payment can ONLY be accepted in US Dollars, UK Pounds Sterling or Rupees

Payment by Cheque/Check

Purchasers who hold US Bank accounts and can issue US Dollar checks should purchase the CD through Arunachala Ashrama in New York only.

Checks should be made out in favour of Arunachala Ashrama.

Purchasers who hold UK Bank accounts and can issue UK Pounds Sterling cheques should purchase the CD from the UK address below.

Cheques should be made out in favour of Arunachala Ashrama.

Please do not send cheques drawn on Banks outside the US or UK, as these incur a transaction charge exceeding the value of the cheque .... please be warned - CD's will not be despatched if such cheques are received.

Payment by Money-order

Purchasers can pay by International US Dollar Money Order for the US, or International Pounds Sterling Money Order for the UK - these are expensive to obtain for small amounts of money, so we don't advise it unless absolutely necessary.

Payment by Cash

Purchasers can send Cash by mail in either US dollars or Pounds Sterling to any of the addresses below.

Payment by Visa Card

Purchasers can pay electronically with a CHARGE CARD through http://www.Paypal.Com
Our account name is & #151; Arunachala Ashrama
Our e-mail address is & #151;

Purchase price

Within the EEC - £8.00 (UK) including postage and packing.
USA & Canada - $13.00 (US) including postage and packing.
India to addresses Worldwide - Rs.300 including registered postage and packing

Everywhere else - £10.00 (UK) or $15.00 (US) including postage and packing.


Purchase Addresses

USA & Canada

Arunachala Ashrama,
66-12 Clyde Street
Rego Park
New York 11374

Tel: (718) 575-3215

Email: Arunachala Ashrama

UK - Europe

Christopher Pegler
28, Perryfield Way,
Surrey TW10 7SP,
Tel. (44) 0208 940 0139

Email: Christopher Pegler


The Book Depot
Sri Ramanasramam
Tiruvannamalai 606 603
Tamil Nadu

Tel: (91) 4175 37292

Email: Sri Ramanasramam